Model Editor Tutorial

Finishing Up and Preview

It was very exciting to create your first model, and you can't wait to see how your model looks like in the engine. Don't wait, save your model and just go to File->Engine Preview from the main MED window:

It looks much better than it looks in the MED's 3D viewport with shading. You probably can't wait to start modelling anothe model of your choice but here are some tips that may help during your work with MED and general modelling:

Before starting to create a model, have some sort of reference. Don't just randomly start modelling and wait it turn out something good. Have either a photo or drawing reference. At least think about what you are going to be creating in detail.

Save your model after every important action. You can't know when the program or the operating system wants to play the crashing game.

If your model has some parts exactly same, like wheels of a car, unwrap them only once. After finishing the model, only unwrap one of this parts, delete the others and copy the unwrapped part there. This will save you alot of work.

While painting textures paint them large. Getting a good looking large texture is easier then getting a good looking small one of the same texture. Even if you need a small texture, paint it large. You can scale them down later. And never delete the source files of your textures, you may want to make very small changes on the future, if all that left is the small plain texture, it is very hard to do so. If you had large, layered source texture, it could be piece of cake.

When creating UV maps, try to use UV space as efficent as possible, even if some parts of the texture is not visible on the model, it is still loaded on to RAM.