Model Editor Tutorial

MED - Model Editor

Hello and welcome to the Model Editor(MED) tutorial. This tutorial will guide you through creating a terrain, a basic textured model and an animated actor from scratch. If you are already familiar with 3D modelling, this tutorial might still give you some tips and tricks about MED and models and how they should be prepared. If you are a beginner and starting from scratch, don't worry: MED is a great tool to start with! Altough MED lacks the features of multi-thousand dollars highend modelling tools, it has all features that enables you to create all sorts of models without using another 3D package.

I am Enes Karaca from Turkey. I am currently a student and a freelance programmer, studying computer science and engineering. I have been using Gamestudio since the summer of 2006, I read alot of helpful tutorials back then, and I hope you find this tutorial helpful!

Here is what we will be covering in this tutorial:

Table Of Contents

1.1 MED introduction
1.2 Workspace setup
1.3 Viewports and Navigation

2.1 Creating a basic model
2.2 Skinning the model
2.3 Finishing up and preview

3.1 Creating a simple robot model
3.2 Adding bones and attaching vertices
3.3 Adding animation frames and animating

4.1 Creating a terrain in Med
4.2 Terrain textures
4.3 Other ways of creating and editing Terrains

5.1 Ending.