WED World Editor - Tutorial


Welcome to the Level Design Essentials tutorial that will walk you through the preliminary usage of the Gamestudio World Editor (WED).

This tutorial was designed to provide only a general outline for using Gamestudio's WED program. Level design typically encompasses a planning stage prior to the development of a level. This important aspect required in the process of level design has been excluded here as the nature of this tutorial will simply be to provide an introduction to using Gamestudio's World Editor. This tutorial will walk you through the basics of creating your first structures, lighting, and applying textures and shaders with WED. For further enrichment and depth into utilizing WED, refer to the manual for technical details. The only things you will need is any installation of Gamestudio/A8 and a few hours of your time! So what are we waiting for? Let's begin!

About the author: David Yee has been using Gamestudio since 2000 and is an aspiring game developer. Currently a web master for a local community church and technical support for Accelerated Software Corporation, he continues to pursue his interests in software and game development.