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we all want 3dgs to be great tool for game creation but we need to have some other way to attach bones to model/vertices, not manually. BIND SKIN like in maya would be more then great and seriously needed. maybe "please" will help...

JCL We recently got a visit by MAX and MAYA representatives in black suits, sunglasses and with violin cases. They asked us politely not to implement too many features in MED for not taking away their customers and destroying their business. They had convincing arguments, so we complied and promised to always answer on such requests: "Do it in MAX/MAYA and then import it in MED". #214060 - 07/02/08 12:16 PM

Will this be changed in the future?

JCL Yes, certainly, but not very soon. This is in a part of the compiler that I haven't understood yet. #208633 - 05/28/08 03:43 PM

This is a known bug.

JCL It was on the bug list, but quite down below. #178195 - 01/21/08 08:41 AM

Wer checkt diese Shaderprogrammierung denn?

JCL Kein Mensch zwingt Sie jedoch, mit Shadern oder ueberhaupt mit Gamestudio zu arbeiten. Es gibt schliesslich auch andere schoene Hobbies, wie zum Beispiel das Sammeln von Bierdeckeln. #17159 - 09/18/03 05:27 AM

JCL The shadow disappearing on close-up is a known problem of the A6 clipping algorithm. At the moment there's a quite complicated (and slow) algorithm which determines whether the shadow is visible or not. We intend to replace it with a simpler and faster algorithm in one of the next updates. #32259 - 08/25/04 03:00 AM

keep in mind: this post was made 2004!
again on stencil shadows in 2006:

JCL This is a known problem. It's _not_ due to the camera inside the volume, but due to the precalculation whether a shadow shall be visible or not (for frame rate reasons). This precalculation sometimes fails and we'll replace it in a future update by a simpler method. At the moment there's no workaround. #76365 - 06/05/06 04:36 PM

and let's not forget the terrain shadow promise:

JCL Static shadows and dynamic shadows are completely different things. Terrain shadows are of course possible with any hardware, and have nothing to do with the shader templates. They are on our high priority list as you can see in the forecast page. #94937 - 10/24/06 11:56 AM

hi.... can you make a better shadow? because the shadow haves a problems.

JCL I think we won't replace Z buffer shadows. We'll need them as punishment for people who don't read the manual about how to do better shadows. #236439 - 11/14/08 09:18 AM

Da es im Forecast auf Medium steht, kann es evtl. sogar noch Ewigkeiten dauern bzw. auch ganz wegfallen. Mach also lieber keine großen Planungen damit für ein Projekt.

JCL es, we won't give a date for features. #74184 - 05/18/06 10:05 AM

my qeustion is why doesnt bmap_lock doesnt work whitout firt load a level

JCL Not knowing your problem I can't answer this question.

I think his problem is that bmap_lock and other bmap_ methods don't work before a level has been loaded.

JCL I don't think so.

The copy and paste editing tools don't appear to be working in SED editor.. Or is it just a problem my end..

JCL I guess on your end.

JCL Wenn ich Populist wäre, müsste ich mich jetzt sofort hinsetzen und das Feature programmieren. Gut, dass ich kein Populist bin. #215942 - 07/14/08 10:23 AM

JCL "Lag" is a normally a notion from network games and means the time between input and reaction due to the message travel time. So I'm not sure what you're talking about here. Maybe bad frame rate? Your 3D card is fine and the engine has no such thing as lag. If you suffer from lag, I recommend doing some sports, such as table tennis. wink #223717 - 08/26/08 10:30 AM

If i set fps_max to 30 the movement isnt smooth anymore. How to make it smooth on 30 fps? p.s. On 60 fps it works fine.

JCL I can officially confirm that 30 fps is indeed half as smooth as 60 fps - if that was your question. #224772 09/01/08 08:36 AM

JCL Probably the secret of the high frame rate of professional games like HL2 is that they don't permanently move all entities up and down.

JCL We want to maintain a clean, decent, American family suited forum look... which means you may post zombies or chainsaw massacres, but no erotic.

JCL When you leave the protected room of engine functions and wander into the open field of the Windows API, don't complain about the cold wind of real programming blowing into your face. #240277 - 12/10/08 12:15 PM

JCL When you want to post something into a discussion, it might be a good idea to understand the issue.

The undocumented UNTOUCHABLE flag for panels won't work

JCL That's why it's undocumented I guess.

JCL Judging from the compiler source, macro stringification seems to be already implemented but not to work. As soon as I've understood the Chinese comments in the source, I have a chance to make it work. #295572

I get an editor warning error message "WARNING W091 Region disaligned". There is NO mention of what it is or how to solve it in the manual.

JCL I admit that I don't know this either #322352

Michael Where did the "Show Normals" button go? #329285 - 19/06/2010 02:49

JCL I believe the "Show Normals" button took his leave about 2003, and is now enjoying his retirement at the beach in Acapulco. #329555 - 21/06/2010 10:20

Is there ANY hope that bmap_save can be overhauled [...] so that it is capable of saving NON-Power-of-two sizes?

JCL I'm not making those rules. But if you promise not to tell, I'll check if we can step around them.

Silence When I try to add a sound to my level in WED all's it says is empty.

JCL Hmm - maybe you could tell a little more detailed what your problem is. Or just try recording a sound that says: "It's full". - January 2010

JCL Hmm, I don't know either what this error message means

JCL Yes, with exactly such a function it will be realized. However we can never tell our time schedule, as this is under severe penalty.

[...] my question is what could cause dplay_id to not be sent/updated property?

JCL An earthquake, possibly.

JCL Sorry, for animal protection reasons we're not allowed to fix fish shaders.

is it possible to disable [...] those [error] messages

JCL Warning message are there for a reason, so disabling them is normally a bad idea.

JCL No update in 10 years is a strong indicator that the product is already perfect. #474962 - 15/11/18 10:48 AM

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