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by titanicpiano14. 08/21/19 14:59
Alarm whenever logged out from Broker
by chsmac85. 08/21/19 14:36
What are you working on?
by 3run. 08/21/19 13:28
file_write var array ?
by laz. 08/20/19 17:18
Updating Assets<Brokername

by Sabre. 08/20/19 15:40
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Jobs Wanted
8 hours ago
Looking for more projects!
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Zorro Scripts
9 hours ago
Hi Optimus,
Regarding question 2, I followed the manual and created a batch file

It took some testing as each environment was a little different but with 2 lines of code it works.
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10 hours ago
Awesome results! laugh

I wanted to share my obstacle avoidance (no pathfinding) for my current project (clickable image).
[Linked Image]

Best regards.
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Starting with Zorro
12 hours ago
I can now add, that the increasing runtime problem in TRAINMODE is caused by the length of the INPUT array.

If you only use 10 or 20 inputs it is still fast enough, you will normally not recognize it, try it with 200 or 400 and you will see how slow it gets...

It would be nice, if someone could check this again, to rule out that it is my pc.

I'm still writing with the support, they don't believe it at the moment...

Just edit the Asset List and hit TRAIN...
AUDUSD AL0 | Bars 72751 | Bar 1000 | 1687.30 ms
AUDUSD AL0 | Bars 72751 | Bar 2000 | 4019.43 ms
AUDUSD AL0 | Bars 72751 | Bar 3000 | 7046.14 ms
AUDUSD AL0 | Bars 72751 | Bar 4000 | 10052.15 ms
AUDUSD AL0 | Bars 72751 | Bar 5000 | 13112.27 ms
AUDUSD AL0 | Bars 72751 | Bar 7000 | 19015.53 ms
AUDUSD AL0 | Bars 72751 | Bar 8000 | 22016.81 ms
AUDUSD AL0 | Bars 72751 | Bar 9000 | 24695.24 ms
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The Z Systems
17 hours ago
I run z12 on both a real and a demo acc. Each account trades on a different VPS.

FXCM is the broker.

I recently started both and noticed that the trades are way too small relative to what I had normally.

I checked the assets.csv file in the log golder and noticed that the margin cost is shown way to high.
Interestingly the Demo acc shows higher Margin cost than the Real acc.
I set the Broker patch to "0" in the z.ini file. Still the same.

How come the trade sizes are so low and does it have to do with the assets.csv list or the Brokerpatch setting?
Z12 trades 5k and 7k tickets on a 50k demo acc with 25k capital slider. This seems very low given that with a 12k capital slidee setting, tickets used to be 10 times higher.

A side question on leverage.
Recently, FXCM reduced my leverage on FX from 1:400 to 1:100. If I dowmload the AssetsFXCM list (via "Assetlist"), will it be updated accordingly with the new Margin requirements? And can I run a backtest and determine the required capital based off of that? In other words, will the backtest take into account the new lower leverage?

Thank you!
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