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StochRSI output
by jcl. 07/06/22 14:30
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by titanicpiano14. 07/05/22 15:02
C++ scripts
by jcl. 07/04/22 13:02
History & HistoryFolder
by DdlV. 07/01/22 14:57
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Starting with Zorro
Yesterday at 18:55
You need t2 ask/bid data for simulating partial fills at different sizes. Trade ticks won't do.
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Zorro Scripts
Yesterday at 14:30
As to my knowledge, tradingview uses the standard stoch formula. Nonstandard indicators had to be written by script. But this is normally trivial. The example in the tutorial is a particularly complex indicator.
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Starting with Zorro
07/05/22 17:47
Wow, that's it. Thanks so much for your fast and great support. Appreciate!

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Jobs Wanted
07/05/22 15:02
Looking for new projects!
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Zorro Future
07/04/22 17:01
That would be DO_CANCEL,0. We'll implemet it on the next review of the IB plugin.
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Zorro Future
07/04/22 13:02
Thanks, this will be fixed in the next beta. Please continue to test.
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Starting with Zorro
07/02/22 12:32

It seems I can't select FXCM from the broker drop-down, see screenshots below.
My accounts list does feature the login data. I have extracted the file, too.
I also get the "Error 062: Can't open can't open C:\Users\xyz\Zorro\Plugin\FXCM.dll", the FXCM.dll file is in the Plugin Folder, however.
What am I doing wrong?


EDIT: Solved. Extracted into correct folder.
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Zorro Scripts
07/01/22 14:57
Thanks @jcl. Addressing your comments using the labels above:

1) Not exactly so. As noted earlier in the thread, History is initialized by Zorro under certain conditions. The request is that History _always_ be initialized to the value of HistoryFolder.

2) Thanks!

3) True. Except for the Z Systems. They respect HistoryFolder, which is great! Please don't change that. But if I want to Test, say, Z1 using different Broker datasets referenced via HistoryFolder, the Performance Report should say which HistoryFolder was used - rather a critical piece of information...

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Editors & Templates
07/01/22 13:35

Has anyone there already added a wagon or trailer in the car.c template for him to drag with physics and wheels?
Or know how do this?

Like the image.

[Linked Image]

I Appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance.
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Zorro Future
06/30/22 10:18
I've put it on the list.
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Zorro and the Brokers
06/28/22 17:02
Thx for this prompt response! I hope that one day I also can contribute to this great project
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Jobs Wanted
06/27/22 13:50
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Starting with Zorro
06/26/22 09:59
Problem is this is already on 1 min bars and I don't have more precise data than that. In that case it would make sense to have the real trading session be consistent with the backtest system. It might make little to no difference, but the problem is I can't simply find out.

But yes, manual exit checks once per bar are of course an option to make it consistent.
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Zorro and the Brokers
06/25/22 21:27
Or maybe you created your api key on your real account but you'r running in demo mode on binance testnet
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The Z Systems
06/24/22 09:58
It means that you manually close the remaining open leg, if any. Then start Z13 again. It will recognize that no position is open, and then sell the next combo.
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Zorro and the Brokers
06/22/22 01:03
@Grant. Never used zorro on a vps before. Ill consider suscribing to a vps rather than vpn. I have a nanace verified nance account. Still need to verfify my tx though. Holding up that paper and stuff. Stuff gets wierd gradually.
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Starting with Zorro
06/18/22 13:50
Set up Zorro to bridge with R with RQuantLib and use contractVal to calculate contract greeks.
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06/18/22 12:11
Originally Posted by NeoDumont
Hallo Damocles !
Die Bilder sehen Spitze aus ! Sehr einladend, bitte weitermachen. Da ist nix zum Kot...
Die Bilder ermutigen mich die Arbeit an meinem World editor weiterzumachen. Ich unterbreche das immer wieder mal, weil ich glaube daß ihn sowieso niemand benutzen wird. Außerdem sind mir die Pandemie und die Kriege ziemlich and die Nieren gegangen. "The world is in the hands of fools"
Derweil programmiere ich lieber Grafik tools und einen Adventure Creator für den Atari 800XL. Mit Vector Grafik für viele Bilder auf einer Diskettenseite :-)). Einfach für Retro adventures. Es hat nie einen besonders guten Adventure Creator für den Atari800XL gegeben. Darum also.

Gruß !

Ja, seh es als Hobby, der Weg ist ja das Ziel. Am meisten Spaß macht es ja ein neuen Feature wie man es sich gedacht hat (oder aus einer neuen Eingebung heraus) funktional zu machen, und es funktioniert. Man kann halt immer etwas dazu lernen. So lange man keine Auftragsarbeit oder Milestones hat, kann man das in Ruhe angehen.
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Zorro Scripts
06/18/22 11:28
2.48 has no compile.bat. You need 2.49.
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Starting with Zorro
06/18/22 10:58
Thank you JCL for your help!
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Starting with Zorro
06/17/22 16:10
If the virtual hedging modes submit the pool trades always as one order, I might be able to work with that. I probably have no control per script over the execution of those, they will always be market orders (I assume) but I could add a brokercommand to turn them into limit orders on the plugin side perhaps.

By the way, the FTX plugin on github also has another bug I think. BrokerHistory returns T6 candles with their starting timestamp when Zorro expects the ending timestamp, doesn't it? So every minute candle is effectively shifted by one bar.
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Zorro and the Brokers
06/17/22 15:56
OK, now I understand.

Thanks for your help JCL!
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Starting with Zorro
06/15/22 09:49
There is no variable for the plot background, but you can achieve a similar effect by plotting bars in a transparent color.
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Zorro Future
06/15/22 08:53
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Zorro Future
06/14/22 01:34
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