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folder management functions
by 7th_zorro. 04/16/24 13:19
lookback setting performance issue
by 7th_zorro. 04/16/24 03:08
zorro 64bit command line support
by 7th_zorro. 04/15/24 09:36
Zorro FIX plugin - Experimental
by flink. 04/14/24 07:48
Zorro FIX plugin - Experimental
by flink. 04/14/24 07:46

by Ayumi. 04/12/24 11:00
Sam Foster Sound | Experienced Game Composer for Hire
by titanicpiano14. 04/11/24 14:56
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Bug Hunt
2 hours ago
It's just that you're seeing the wrong message. The marketVal value is actually readable. This is a request to clear an invalid log message.
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The Future
3 hours ago
This is a request to add to the zorro function. There are file-related functions, but no directory-related functions.
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Jobs Wanted
6 hours ago
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Zorro Future
13 hours ago
When using a mix of assets and algos, the manual suggests the following.
Select asset first, then algo.

// initial settings
LookBack = max((1440 / BarPeriod) * MANUAL_LOOKBACK_DAY_SETTING, LookBackNeeded);

    algo("trend"); trendAlgo();
    algo("reversion"); reversionAlgo();

However, it is often convenient to choose algo first.
For example, if you write an algo that you want to trade selectively from multiple assets.

// initial settings
LookBack = max((1440 / BarPeriod) * MANUAL_LOOKBACK_DAY_SETTING, LookBackNeeded);

for(auto it : myAlgoContainerMap)
    algo(it.first);  // name of algo

        it.second->run();  // process function of algo

In this case, the number of times the asset is switched will also increase in proportion to the increase in algo.
When the asset is switched, lookback data may also need to be moved(or copied).
I'm asking you to review whether this can be a factor in performance degradation.

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Zorro Future
Yesterday at 09:36
I set the execution settings in visual studio as follows, but the script could not run in zorro.
"c:\zdev" is the zorro installation folder.
And my script dll is located in the "c:\zdev\strategy" folder. "$(TargetName)" refers to that.
Command line parameter "-run script_name -stay" must run the script.
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Zorro and the Brokers
04/14/24 07:48
Dear Zorro community

DSEC Capital just open sourced an experimental plugin for FIX connectivity, including a FIX simulation server. Based on QuickFix.

Code is on GitHub:

Feedback and collaboration highly welcome.
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Starting with Zorro
04/14/24 07:46
Dear Zorro community

DSEC Capital just open sourced an experimental plugin for FIX connectivity, including a FIX simulation server. Based on QuickFix.

Code is on GitHub:

Feedback and collaboration highly welcome.
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Atari lite-C
04/12/24 11:00
No, that doesn't work.
Direct X functions can only be used via certain (material) events or by initializing your own D3DInstance.
(Have a look to draw_begin or Gamestudio SDK ->Plugin SDK-> Using Direct3D functions).
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Jobs Wanted
04/11/24 14:56
Looking for new projects!
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04/10/24 16:09
SGT_FW stands for Simple GUI Toolkit Framework.

SGT_FW is a GUI toolkit with a framework. It can use for creating application in Lite-C language provided by 3D Gamestudio.
This toolkit provides new objects and statements with OOP like syntax and approach, to make easier the development the 2D surface of applications.

You can view, browse or download to play with that from here: SGT_FW main
Most of the code is half-done, is in experimental state. So, don't be surprised if something doesn't work. Also don't be surprised if something does work.
This time there is no documentation, feel free to ask questions.

With this project I would like to contribute to the work of this great community, and to thank for all the help what I got from here.

I guess, some people of the community finds it to interesting.
Good luck for it!
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Automated Trading
04/09/24 12:21
Thanks Andrew for the feedback - will certainly try that out.
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Zorro Scripts
04/08/24 14:04
Just pick a number, that’s the handle. I like the number 1.
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Zorro Scripts
04/08/24 11:41
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The Z Systems
04/08/24 10:11
In Zorro, you train and test the same file.

If you click Test and it says it’s missing par files, you need to train the script before you Test.
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Starting with Zorro
04/06/24 08:11
Wow, that is great free use of LLM without paying for the service, I am quite sure, Claude3 is much better. But Custom Agents API is already coming out. Which will increase the accuracy of the answers.

In addition, I use Mathematica, and Wolfram with OpenAI, so Claude3 will not have any advantage in my case, But Thank you for sharing the information.
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Starting with Zorro
03/31/24 08:51

I made a handy project template for developing and compiling directly from the VSCode IDE.
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Third Party Tools
03/28/24 03:01
Sorry I forgot:

Package also contains a help folder which gives some hints on how to reduce polygons of a mesh in >meshlab<. Meshlab really does a good job in polygon decimation.
The package also contains a folder with lots of .blb files for Winblob.

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Automated Trading
03/24/24 20:20
Hi there,

Wonder if anyone has come across this issue and knows a potential solution?

I have a Zorro S subscription and have followed the Black Book strategy for the introduction of WFO. However, whenever I train with
NumWFOCores = -2
the test is cut short after the first cycle with the Error 062, see example below:

Factors stored in StochRSI_O.fac
Run StochRSI_O..
Read StochRSI_O_1.par
WFA Test: StochRSI_O  2010..2018 (10 cores)
Assets AssetsCur.csv
Read StochRSI_O.fac
Error 062: Can't open StochRSI_O_2.par (rt:2)
Error 044: Data\StochRSI_O_2.par not trained  
Loss -1.62$  MI -0.0245$  DD 20.73$  Capital 41.29$
Trades 25  Win 60.0%  Avg -0.7p  Bars 16
AR -1%  PF 0.96  SR -0.03  UI 100%  R2 0.00
Time 00:01:18

I can get around this by removing the NumWFOCores line, and letting Zorro train on a single core, however, when training my own strategy, this is unhelpful as I'm using a lot of assets/strategies together.

My full script for what I'm training is below, but note I also get this issue with the sample Alice Script from the BB.

Thanks in advance for any help given laugh

function tradeMeanReversion() {
	int startHour = optimize(8, 0, 23, 1);
	int openingWindow = optimize(8, 1, 23, 1); // max 24 hours
	vars Prices = series((priceH()+priceL())/2); // Series of **average** price data
	vars Cycles = series(StochRSI(Prices, 14, 10, 5, MAType_SMA)); // StochRSI cycles
	vars Ratios = series(ER(Prices, 20));
	var RatioThreshold = optimize(0.4, 0.2, 0.8, 0.1);
	var Threshold = optimize(15, 5, 25, 5); // threshold for entry
	var Exit_Threshold = 50; // threshold for exit
	Trail = Stop = optimize(10, 4, 20, 2)*ATR(100);
	LifeTime = 150; // set max lifetime just incase
	MaxLong = MaxShort = -1; // one open trade at a time
	Spread = marketVal();
	Slippage = 1;
	//RollLong = RollShort = 0;
	Commission = 0.35; // Set costs to FX Prop firm highest rate for testing

	// close all position at 16:15 local time
	//if(at(1759)) {
	//  exitLong("**");
	//  exitShort("**");
	// move the starting hour to 0, any time before the starting hour needs to have 24h added to it before, 
	var hour24 = hour();
	if(hour24 < startHour)
		hour24 += 24;
	// Time of day opening filter
	if((hour24 >= startHour) && (hour24 <= startHour + openingWindow)) {
		// noise filter
		if(Ratios[0] > RatioThreshold)
			// SHORT Condition
			if(crossOver(Cycles, 100-Threshold)){
			// LONG Condition
			if(crossUnder(Cycles, Threshold)){
	if(crossUnder(Cycles, Threshold)){
	if(crossOver(Cycles, 100-Threshold)){
	plot("Cycles", Cycles, LINE+NEW, RED);
	plot("Threshold+", 100-Threshold, 0, GREY);
	plot("Threshold-", Threshold, 0, GREY);
	plot("Exit Threshold", Exit_Threshold, 0, GREY);
	plot("Efficiency Ratio", Ratios, NEW, RED);
	plot("Threshold Ratio", RatioThreshold, 0, GREY);

function run() 
	NumCores = -2;
	set(LOGFILE+PLOTNOW+PARAMETERS+FACTORS+TESTNOW+ALLCYCLES); // Add factors to the list to generate a FACTORS file
	// setf(TrainMode, BRUTE);
	BarPeriod = 60;
	LookBack = 150; // set lookback explicitly so all optimised strategies start at the same time
	if(Train) Detrend = TRADES; // equalise long and short profit for training
	StartDate = 2010;
	EndDate = 2018;
	NumSampleCycles = 4; // oversample the price curve 
	NumWFOCycles = 10;
	NumCores = -2;
	ReTrainDays = 147;
	if(ReTrain) { // true when training started during live trading
		UpdateDays = -1; // Always download price data from broker
		SelectWFO = -1; // only retrain the last cycle
	while(asset(loop("EUR/USD", "GBP/USD")))

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Starting with Zorro
03/23/24 21:41
As I indicate in the title, my question is why does Zorro only support up to 72 cores? The question is given that I want to purchase a Workstation with 128 or 192 Threads to perform optimizations or training.

Along with the previous question, I have the doubt of whether optimization with the genetic algorithm takes advantage of Multi Thread or is it only when WFO is used?
Is there a way to make Zorro use 192 Threads?
Maybe by running 2 instances with different optimizations you can take advantage of 144 Threads (72*2) or is this not correct?

Thank you.
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