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What are you working on?
by Jerome8911. 12/15/19 11:38
Profit shape 9 years own Z1
by ags. 12/15/19 09:34
Bmap creation - wrong Alpha values
by txesmi. 12/13/19 14:58
by preacherX. 12/11/19 11:01
Error Message 010: invalid stops
by Volker. 12/11/19 08:25
AssetFix & Assets.csv
by MatPed. 12/11/19 07:03
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14 minutes ago
Thank you for the feedback. I guess the units are really too dark in comparison to the environment, I will definitely fix that.

A short video clip of the game:

During the first few seconds you can see how cover works in the game and in the latter half of the video a bajonet charge.
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Automated Trading
2 hours ago
Wow, more than 100 downloads of the chart but no comment... this seams to be a complex question crazy

Anyway, i read a lot the last weeks and developed the script further. I concentrated my efforts in the last 3 years time period, where the first script was very flat.
The key for me was in the development phase, and specifically the optimization range of each variable. In the first script i was using Zorro as a gun machine and shooting to evrithing...
Attached the much better results, 14 training cycles 86weeks / 46 days. Same 4 original algos with small changes and much thoughts on optimization range usage.

Attached the report and new equity chart, starting papertrade tomorrow 16.12.2019 to see if this is not overfitted...

A key for my changes in the way to optimize the variables and usage of the script was in the recommended book Trading Systems, from Jaekle/Tomasini. Now i'm starting with Ernest Chan, Quantitative Trading, let's see if i find something interesting in this one too.
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Zorro Scripts
12/13/19 20:51
Originally Posted by sdh309795gaas
As Zorro has a python bridge now, I will try to create a hassle free solution to update / create t1 and t6 files with just a few clicks.

I plan to share the complete 2019 package in January.

By the way, I'm not the guy behind statsmage!

Great to hear that
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Atari lite-C
12/13/19 14:58
Your are welcome. I am glad of been of help.
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12/11/19 20:27
Small demo vid:

Maybe this weekend i will upload a new version, but only with some small bug fixes and features.
English text and working taskbar+flying - objects, if two screens are used in Windows.

If i have enough time / and fun i also want the sheep to awake, if the window it sits on is closed/minimized/moved.
Let's see.

Started to rewrite all from scratch. Maybe ill finish it. Its like the science version of DoE. working title is DoE 2020.
Sprites are now dynamicly created at runtime with behaviour / event script (small script language for unique screen behaviour) etc.
For example a single DoE app can handle more than one moving sprite at once now.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

Features already working
() "unlimited" moving sprites / skin files in one DoE
() much better "framerate"
() unlimited frames (GIF)
() "unlimited" size of sprites
() realtime gravity ( if apply_gravity() is used ) in all anims
() very simple script language for unique sprite behaviour
() syntax highlight
() autostart of unlimited unique skin files on startup
() interaction between skin files / sprites
() english text
() click and play / fast edit of skin files
() smooth drag and drop of moving sprites
() hotkey to show hidden app

Small wip Videos

Creating a flying and a walking Skin

DoE in action

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A8 Engine
12/11/19 17:10
I found a company that offers porting services for games. I asked them about my game made in Gamestudio, and they said they would need access to the engine's source code to do something like that.

I'm assuming you would already know about any methods out there that could do this, and that you have chosen not to pursue them ... but ... in case you have not, is this even possible? Is it something you would consider doing?
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The Future
12/11/19 11:01
Haha, I was indeed doing it... I'm now working for two years with Unity and never get aware of the translate function! ^^

However, but even now

my.y += 10 * time;

is still shorter than

transform.Translate(0, 10 * Time.deltaTime, 0, Space.World);
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Starting with Zorro
12/11/19 08:25
I believe we are getting closer here smile.....I have removed the assets which cannot be traded and adjusted the parameters to my best knowledge. The issue with the invalid prices disappeared and the only left seems an issue with the Margins. I have attached settings which I am using for your considerations. Thanks for your patience.
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Starting with Zorro
12/11/19 07:03
Unfortunately is not so easy... What you say is true only if the server API or MT4 report all the required data in the correct way. Unfortunately this is not the case 99% of the times. Usually the data are partial or wrong and has to be manually updated to correct simulate the broker enviroment during tests. This is not a Zorro's fault, but the process to adjust the asset could be tricky and generate a lot of unuseful efforts. I am wasting a significant amount of money and time in this!
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The Z Systems
12/10/19 12:02
ok, it still takes trades in both directions. no phantom trades
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Zorro Future
12/10/19 00:27
Hi, jcl, let me try to describe this problem more clearly.

Now I am using Binance which has 3 trading accounts:
- Spot: its API endpoint for new order is /api/v3/order
- Margin: its API endpoint for new order is /sapi/v1/margin/order
- Futures: its API endpoint for new order is /fapi/v1/order

An API key can be created to trade for all the above 3 accounts via setting its "API restrictions", like:
- "Enable Margin"
- "Enable Future"

I found that the balance displayed in Zorro is only the balance of Spot account and using "TradeTest" Script to test "Buy Short", it will failed with messages:{ "code":-2010,"msg":"Account has insufficient balance for requested action."}.
And I also created separate keys which were only enabled for Spot or Margin or Future trading.
But they are the same. It seems Zorro Binance plugin only support the Spot API, the same with the Binance Zorro plugin' doc:
> Only long positions are supported; for short trades the account must already contain a sufficient position of the asset. Otherwise an error message like INSUFFICIENT FUNDS is issued.

Has Binance Zorro plugin already implemented the Margin API and Futures API?
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Starting with Zorro
12/09/19 20:09

I am using profit in a TMF to adapt stops in dependency of actual profit of a trade. For this I want to optimize the thresholds using the optimize-function. As it buys always only one lot only, the profit during training is different than in real trading.

How can I handle profit to overcome this issue?

Current part of TMF looks like this:

 if(TradeIsOpen && TradeProfit > level) {
		TradeTrailLock = 0.3; 
      TradeTrailLimit = max(TradeTrailLimit,TradePriceClose);
 TradeTrailLimit = min(TradeTrailLimit,TradePriceClose);}
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Zorro Scripts
12/09/19 13:52
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Starting with Zorro
12/09/19 13:10
Then it's probably not yet supported in your Zorro version. Update to a newer version. Use features only when you find them documented in the local [Help] manual.
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Starting with Zorro
12/09/19 13:07
And check it before. The quality of downloaded asset parameters depends on the broker API. Some send no parameters at all.
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Atari lite-C
12/09/19 09:41
You can try ent_getvertex to get the mesh after Click (get the vertex i.e. by vec_for_vertex /vec_for_screen/mouse_pos/mouse_pos3d...) .
Or…you also can check out AUM 93, Plug and Play Section, Kung Fu Master to see example Code.
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Zorro Scripts
12/08/19 03:43
I got a similar problem with R. I'm converting all numbers in my struct to vars and send them as a vector all at once.
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The Z Systems
12/06/19 12:39
I think not that this is enough for options trading, you need more than 5000 margin for a SPY option.
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Starting with Zorro
12/05/19 16:58
Actually, it turns out that Google Drive has a REST API that you can access with Zorro’s http functions. That can work pretty well.
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Zorro and the Brokers
12/05/19 01:31
This is a problem that I encountered early on with the way SierraChart's stores its bars.

For backtesting, one typically wants the [A,B) interval or (A,B] interval covered by the bar to be designated by time B.
That way it is less likely that you will peek into the future during your backtest. At the time B, you are allowed
to observe bars labelled with B or before.

However, because SierraChart is repeatedly re-drawing the bar on the chart as it it is forming, they want to publish the bar
to the internal ACSIL DLL code with a more constant time stamp. At least this is how I rationalize the observation
that they use the "A" timestamp (beginning of bar) everywhere instead of the "B" end-of-bar timestamp.
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Starting with Zorro
12/04/19 16:45
I would use a bar period of 1 minute and append at any bar for any asset the currend candle to a dataset.
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Zorro Future
12/04/19 16:35
You do not need such a flag. Use a TMF that sums up the profits of non-phantom trades. Or use a trade loop. The statistics variables contain only the most often used statistics, but you can get any profit variant by script.
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Zorro Scripts
12/01/19 15:27
Hi, everyone,
Has anyone developed a script to import MetaStock quotes?
Thanks in advance.
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Zorro Scripts
12/01/19 06:42
Double slash //
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12/01/19 02:57
I want to play this on my phone.
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