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Calculating with price series
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Instrument Price Zorro Chart
by felixfx. 10/21/19 12:51
Error E355: Startup failure
by Dooley. 10/21/19 06:47
Today real live account blown - my experience
by Clifford_B. 10/19/19 17:09
Building Diversified Portfolios - New Paper
by SnoopySniff. 10/18/19 16:23
Indices & metals easier to trade than FX???
by SnoopySniff. 10/18/19 10:08
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Starting with Zorro
9 hours ago
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Starting with Zorro
11 hours ago
by being automatically set by the chating software, are you saying that its already compiled within Zorro so there isn't a #include file somewhere to modify this?
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Atari lite-C
17 hours ago
Ah ... got it! I missed a parenthesis in one of my scripts. Odd that it did not mention which one!
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Starting with Zorro
10/19/19 17:09
When I first started out trading was like a casino to me. I was not algorithmic trading and it was very emotional filled with highs and lows. Very exciting. I used to trade the news stories and go long or short based on the result. This was 12 years ago before retail traders had some of the tools they have now. It was a learning experience. The news came out and it was positive but the stock went down. it was being manipulated and I was on the wrong side of it.
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Jobs Wanted
10/19/19 09:53
[Linked Image]
Fantasy Forest
Indie game art services. Affordable, professional.

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10/18/19 16:23
Looks interesting. But I am too simple minded for that. :-D
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Starting with Zorro
10/18/19 10:13
Guess you could write an export from zorro which you can import to MT4. Don't forget to publish. Would be interested as well. :-)
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Starting with Zorro
10/18/19 10:08
I wouldn't say that it's easier to trade. It's just a different instrumentent but basically the same. It can be bullish and bearish. I guess you will find out, as I did over time, that testing results can be very dedulded and there are many factors which are influencing the results. So, as you are at the very beginning, I would say your script just fits better indices & metals but that can change any time. Take time. Don't hurry. Get rich slowly.
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10/17/19 07:00
[Linked Image]
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Zorro Scripts
10/17/19 06:21
Hi friends!
I wonder if you have seen a script which allows to export Ducascopy minute data over a specific time interval - say the lasy week or day - I need a script which will do this automatically for 28 pairs each day.
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Starting with Zorro
10/17/19 00:56
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Zorro Scripts
10/16/19 20:59
SBguy, I've looked all over for this script you worked on. I have the same conversion from IVol to tackle and can't seem to get it right. Did you end up posting this script anywhere?
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Jobs Wanted
10/15/19 17:00
Smart Guy Texture version
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

If interested don't PM, send your requests or hellos to
or Contact me through Skype
ID: deathstalkerarts
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The Z Systems
10/15/19 10:52
Hi energetic,

I sent you a private message.

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Starting with Zorro
10/14/19 18:39
You have to set Start/EndMarket explicitly to the times you need, or Zorro will use default values. You better do it for most of the vars yourself, not to waste time debugging unexpected results.

Doing this, you should keep in mind that:

1) Start/EndMarket are in "local market time" (while vars like StartWeek/EndWeek and Zorro's internal time are UTC)
2) setting StartMarket>EndMarket (e.g. start:1705- end:1700) which is the case for FX and futures - will not work out of the box. You will have to code around.

3) values you specify in these vars are EXCLUSIVE of that time, i.e. setting EndMarket=1700 will NOT include the bar ending 1700.

4) StartWeek/EndWeek work in 1hr increments.
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Zorro and the Brokers
10/14/19 15:09
Not at this point, since it seems a temporary issue.
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Zorro and the Brokers
10/14/19 14:03
Not for every trade. You can check the effect of the capital slider by backtesting.
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Zorro and the Brokers
10/14/19 14:01
It happened also to another user. Oanda is informed about the problem, but we have no details yet. It seems to affect only some accounts. Contact Oanda support.
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10/13/19 09:40
I have just seen the other ImGui::ListBox implementation that uses a label getter function for each list item. I think it is the key to not get lost on char* arrays allocations by using engines native methods. It allows to a 3dgs user the use of TEXT structs to hold arrays of char arrays. It can use any custom data struct at the end.

// C++
DLLFUNC var imgui_h_list_box (const char* label, int* current_item, bool(*items_getter)(void*, int, const char**), void* data, int items_count, int height_in_items) {
	bool res = ImGui::ListBox(label, current_item, items_getter, data, items_count, height_in_items);
	return res ? _VAR(1) : _VAR(0);

// liteC
var imgui_h_list_box (char* label, int* current_item, void *items_getter, void* data, int items_count, int height_in_items);
TEXT *txtList = {
	string = (
		"eoeoeo 1"
		"eoeoeo 2"
		"eoeoeo 3"
		"eoeoeo 4"
		"eoeoeo 5"
		"eoeoeo 6"

BOOL _label_for_text(TEXT *_txt, int _index, char **_label) {
	*_label = (_txt->pstring)[_index]->chars;
	return TRUE;

static int _currentItem = -1;
imgui_h_list_box ("##TEXT list box", &_currentItem, _label_for_text, txtList, (int)txtList->strings, 10);


I have got another newby question related to the memory and dynamic libraries. As far as I read last days the executable binary and the dinamic library use two different memory areas. I read that the main law is that the allocator have to be the releaser. In the case of using the engine functions into a dll, the allocated memory shall be into the memory asigned to the engines dll, so it is managed same as it would be allocated in liteC, isn't it?

I did some test and I do not receive any errors, so, my question is: Is it safe to add newly created STRINGs into a dll to a TEXT struct passed from liteC and realease them all in liteC?
26 696 Read More
The Future
10/11/19 18:53
Jump to new posts Re: A9 [by Dooley]
Originally Posted by Firoball
You all misunderstood. It's "A NEIN", not "A9".

That makes perfect sense! laugh
9 1,249 Read More
Atari lite-C
10/11/19 18:51
Oh, good idea. Yes, that pointer should totally have an if statement... Thanks fro the advice, I will do better next time laugh
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Zorro Scripts
10/11/19 17:32
Yes, it does use mini-batch gradient descent, which I believe is by far the most common NN setup.

However, I was also shuffling before each epoch. So a standard random upsampling (in my case random sampling 651 samples form the minority class) is just as effective for balancing both locally and globally. And the OOS results were comparable using either standard upsampling or Zorro's balancing algorithm.

The strange thing is that when training with Zorro's algorithm there was a very large overfitting on the training set, but no sign of overfitting with the usual upsampling method. With unshuffled data, the NN could reverse-engineer Zorro's algorithm just as I did which not desirable. I'm not sure what is going on with the shuffled data, but the usual upsampling would seem to be better based on this experiment.
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Zorro Future
10/11/19 14:12
One alternative approach might be for 32-bit Zorro to launch a child 64-bit python process and communicate with it using IPC (such as networking) and a protocol.

It would be a lot of work to implement this, though. It might be better to wait for Zorro 64-bit to be released, but I'm not sure what kind of a timeline we are looking at.
207 269,556 Read More
Automated Trading
10/10/19 05:48
Ah yes, you are right on both counts! Its not the balance but the price (sorry for confusing these) and the installed MT4 dll file was obsolete for version 2.15. Now everything works like a charm.
Thanks jcl!
2 87 Read More
Atari lite-C
10/10/19 03:44
Looks like I was able to solve this by doing it slightly differently...

key_forward = file_var_read(key_filehandle);

It was strange, and I can't explain why I was getting other errors, but by saving the key as a variable instead of a string, it seems to fix all the problems.
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