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Imgui Lite-c Development
by txesmi. 01/23/20 23:26
Warning: Data both split and skipped!
by StefanCGN. 01/22/20 19:10
Add safety string functions ("strcpy_s", etc.)
by AndrewAMD. 01/22/20 15:25
Simulate complex commission costs [Test]
by AndrewAMD. 01/22/20 13:05
Any Old Timers Still Around?
by Eagle. 01/21/20 21:51
What are you working on?
by rayp. 01/21/20 16:57
Sandbox cross over project...
by rayp. 01/21/20 16:55
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Yesterday at 23:26
You are welcome

Originally Posted by 3run
pass NULL for p_close

nice to know wink
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Starting with Zorro
Yesterday at 10:25
Hello all, I've been having an ongoing issue while running Zorro that I can't figure out. There seems to be a discrepancy between what Zorro is presenting as my Equity & Profit/Losses and Reality. I ran a Live Z7 system in the fall of last year but pulled out because I was hemorrhaging money while Zorro kept saying it was actually making a profit(???)

After that I started a Z7 DEMO in the beginning of January, and I'm getting the same confusing in-congruence.

I've attached screenshots of the Start & End of this January Demo run to show what I'm talking about. As you can see in the first image, I started with an Equity of $12909.
The second image now shows that I have an Equity of $12664, and yet the next number in the Result Window (the Profit #) is showing a '+33102' ...
I have no idea where this "+33102" is coming from or what it's indicating, because it's pretty clear to me that I've lost Equity considering I started with $12909 and now have $12664... right? Shouldn't that +33102 instead be -245?

Now I should point out I do have a BALANCE of ~$14931 in my account, but I still don't understand how "+33102" would work with that Balance number?

I've been running all my stuff on Mt4 from an FxChoice account.

So what am I missing? Is it something obvious that I just am totally ignorant about(am I just being an idiot)? or is there something wrong with my broker's API? or something else?

Thanks for any Help!
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Starting with Zorro
01/22/20 19:10
Ohhhh, somehow my nicely working par-file got screwed up.

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Zorro Future
01/22/20 15:25
Thank you!
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Zorro Scripts
01/22/20 13:05
Follow up: if you need to use Virtual Hedging, you will notice that the above method does not work. This is because if virtual trades are placed during run(), then pool trades are not placed until the end of run(). This means that if you enter long and exit long in the same run() call, no actual pool trade is placed.

Whereas if you place any trades outside of run(), pool trades are placed instantly. So the fix is to use call() to place the "fee" trades, like so:


#define ALGO_FEE "FEE"


void incur_fee(int flags, var amt){
	if(amt<=0) return;
	if(Live) return;
	printf("#\nIncurring fee of %0.2f",amt);
	Commission = amt - 0.01;

void run(){
		print(TO_ANY,"\nOnly [Test] mode supported.");
		Hedge = 5;
		Verbose = 7|DIAG;
		Capital = 100000;
		BarPeriod = 1440;
		LookBack = 10;
		StartDate = 2017;
		EndDate = 2019;
		printf("\nsetting up dummy asset...");
	if(!Init && !is(LOOKBACK) && ((int)Equity)>0){
				printf("#\nEquity: %0.2f",Equity);
				var fee = roundto(random(10.00),0.01);
				printf("#\nfee = %0.2f",fee);
		printf("#\nFinal equity is: %0.2f",Equity);
Note: the above code requires the latest Zorro beta.
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The Past
01/21/20 21:51
I'm still around, work keeps me bound, but I try to find free time to continue my game projects. Not sure anyone would remember me, ha~

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01/21/20 16:57
Started a fun project.
If someone is interested feel free to check "Projects" section for more details.

[Linked Image]

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01/21/20 16:55
Hi everybody.

Iam working just for fun on some "cross over sandbox" project.
I played a lot xbox One the last days and felt to start some project, without the preasure of making a new game.
Playing around and testing some stuff, having fun with acknex. wink

For now iam really happy with the results of the last weekend...
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

First of all i made a basic 3rd person controller. The camera already takes care of obstacles and moves.
For collisions (except of cars) cube models are used with the passable mesh attached.
Later i want the player to be able switching between different characters.
Also cars are functional already. I based my work on the great Knights on Wheels demo.
Fuel, damage, smoke and other stuff implemented. It was very funny to setup and enter different cars in my own acknex project grin
It took a while to script it, but now its fun.

The hud i took from DeadTaste (my old 1st person/topdown project...maybe this script becomes deadtaste v3).
Compass is from ver1. So i guess hud will look like energy ammo and fuel stuff.
The speed display is still from Knights of wheels demo.

The map / terrain is pretty big. For now its just flat with some hills, not much done. But already tested
the full size with plants and trees via a seed map with good 60fps in fullscreen. So far so nice. Maybe next
we ill invest some further work on the map lets see.

Here you can see some beta wip of the cars in Action

I also played around with a weather system. For now script can randomly produce really bad weather, rain or
a sunny day. Day night change working ok for now too. On bad weather or in deep night player cant see very
far. Rain takes influence on the car behaviour ( grip ).
Normally it starts raining after the clouds came etc. but it started randomly to rain while i took the video grin

A fast view of the day night change

Maybe ill work on this project further. Of course, like always, in the Zombie direction. Some kind of open world
zombie project.

Thanks to 3run i have nice explosions. I combined them with my ragdoll-force-apply-script. Now cars can fly
away from explosions. But still working on this no vid yet.
Crashing other stuff already works. Trees and rocks using the physic sleep function when not active.

edit: Because of the bad res of the Videos you may hardly see the rain wink
edit2: Would be nice if somebody could tell me or give me an example how to get more textures in terraintex3 shader.

Greets to everyone!
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The Z Systems
01/19/20 11:08
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Automated Trading
01/18/20 09:25
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Starting with Zorro
01/17/20 14:29
I added the brokerCommand(SET_LOCK,1) / brokerCommand(SET_LOCK,0) statements and tested it succesfully with 7 parallel Zorro instances coupled to a single MT4 instance. It works very well. Thank you so much for your support!
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01/14/20 19:15
Feel free to ask any questions! :>
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Atari lite-C
01/13/20 04:16
Ah ... I think I found it. It is the CLIPPED eflag.

if (!(my.eflags&CLIPPED)) //if I am not clipped...
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Automated Trading
01/13/20 03:42
I'd like to use SPX options historical data to backtest a simple strategy of buying 3x weekly Mon, Wed, Fri expiration options at 1 standard deviation from ITM.

Which Zorro script should I start with as a template to hack around with?

And what structure do I need for the historical data - all strike prices per day, or only closing price per day? Do I also need historical delta, theta, IV etc? Is there a sample data set at Zorro that I should use for this?

Many thanks! laugh
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Starting with Zorro
01/12/20 08:36
I don't think that your PC has infected the Zorro setup, since you would then get a virus positive, no trojan positive. It is a false alarm. But still, better run a thorough malware check on that PC, and delete the suspicious setup and download it again. You never know.
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Starting with Gamestudio
01/10/20 19:45
Thanks for your response I figured it out by moving the camera and key inputs to separate functions and using the proc_client command, camera and controls move independently on client machines now laugh

//Player 1
proc_client(me, MP1_CAM); //camera
proc_client(me, MP1_KEY); //keyboard controls

//Player 2
proc_client(me, MP2_CAM); //camera
proc_client(me, MP2_KEY); //keyboard controls
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Starting with Zorro
01/10/20 12:53
As to my knowledge, Oanda does not charge for trades at all. Only for swaps and spreads.
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Zorro Future
01/09/20 16:44
I'd like to cast a vote for a solution in the MT4 bridge, to prevent mix up of comments and magic #'s when trading multiple strategies.

Thank you.
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Starting with Gamestudio
01/09/20 14:37
Originally Posted by 3run
Originally Posted by txesmi
it's a brave decision grin
I have to agree grin Consider this engine to be dead.

Maybe JCL made too much money with Zorro grin
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The Z Systems
01/09/20 04:23
Cool. Thank you
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Morbius' Virtual Answering Machine
01/08/20 13:28
  • Be a part of the greatest gamejam of all time
  • Write code with an engine nobody uses anymore
  • BBQ and beer (or softdrinks if you're underage)
  • in a city that doesn't exist
  • it may be your last opportunity to meet great people and forum legends (if anyone remembers them... then they become myths and soon will be forgotten)

Register now:
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Zorro Scripts
01/07/20 21:37
Declare global series() and fill them in run() using TimeFrame then access them in tick() [Assuming you are after for closed bar values].
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Hilbert's Hotel
01/06/20 23:21
I think we are on the same page. I don't think you have to choose a side between religion and science. I believe they are complementary. But you're also right that ignorance has taken a hold of many people, including some religious people, and including some non-religious people. I think we all benefit from having open discussions, especially when we disagree on something. That's the only way to see other perspectives. That doesn't mean we have to agree on everything, but being open is important.

My name is actually Michael Klaus Schmidt, and my father's name was Klaus Schmidt laugh He was not an archeologist though, but that is a pretty amazing discovery!

Thanks for reading my article. I am glad you enjoyed it.
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Zorro and the Brokers
01/06/20 19:58
Oh, I should have been more specific. I meant a link that is can use to get initial free zorro s subscription
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Ask the Developers
01/06/20 16:31
Danke. Nein, es gibt kein hartes Polygon-Limit, aber je komplexer die Hülle, desto problematischer die Kollision. Deshalb gibt es ja die WMB-Modelle mit vorberechneter Kollision.
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