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IB Demo Via Gateway Cause Zorro to Freeze
by AndrewAMD. 07/24/21 13:46
Few update suggestions
by 3run. 07/23/21 08:47
FXCM Login Error
by jcl. 07/22/21 08:25
New Zorro version 2.40.1
by dpn. 07/21/21 19:39
MT5 bridge plugin
by jcl. 07/21/21 15:52
FXCM - CFD Price can not be loaded
by jcl. 07/21/21 08:40
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Zorro and the Brokers
Yesterday at 13:46
No no, you set up the "Client Portal Gateway", which is for REST. The IB plugin uses the TWS API, not the REST API.

You need either "Trader Workstation (TWS)" or the "IB Gateway" (completely different gateway).
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Ask the Developers
07/23/21 08:47
VSCode doesn't fully support LiteC syntax.

What I'm doing atm is:
-Use official C extension from Microsoft
-Define 'include path' to match GameStudio's 'include' folder
-Create 'launch.json' in order to compile the script (acknex.exe and args (filename, -diag, etc))

But this doesn't help with syntax, so I'm getting this kind of issues:
[Linked Image]
This happens with all 'alike' PANEL, TEXT, VIEW, MATERIAL, etc.
It can't auto-format the thing, because it expects ';' at the end of the line (like in C).
This also messes up the reset of the script file, so intellisence won't work correctly.
If you could create official LiteC syntax extension to VSCode, it would work out of the box.
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Zorro and the Brokers
07/22/21 08:25
Thanks. That's a crash in a DLL process, not in the script or in the Zorro process. So I suspect that one of the new FXCM DLLs is not compatible with one of the modules or background processes on your Win32 machine. If it happened exactly at 23:00, it could have been triggered by a server event at that time.

You can try to fix it by reinstalling a fresh Windows version on that machine, maybe 64 bit instead of 32 bit. Otherwise do not continue FXCM trading on that PC.
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Zorro Future
07/21/21 19:39
Originally Posted by dpn
Honestly, I have not updated the bridge, thinking it did not change since version 2.40.0.
I will try to update it as soon as possible and will keep you informed.
Thank you JCL

MT5 bridge updated: All is OK, now.
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Zorro and the Brokers
07/21/21 15:52
That fix would work, but better use the newest MT5 bridge from version 2.40 or from the link in the bug list.
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Zorro and the Brokers
07/21/21 08:40
It means that you have still a wrong asset list.
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07/19/21 22:17
Eher halblebig, zombimässig
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The Z Systems
07/19/21 14:51
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Starting with Zorro
07/19/21 12:35
We can't say it often enough: Using file names with special characters is always a bad idea. You may use underscore, but no dots, slashes, spaces, or similar. It that's not the problem reason, look in the t6 file with the History script or the History Viewer. You can then probably see what's wrong, such as invalid time stamps or wrong order.

If all fails: We also have a data conversion service.
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Starting with Zorro
07/19/21 12:30
No. IB has no historical data of expired options. But for US stocks you can purchase it from us on the download page.
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Starting with Zorro
07/19/21 12:27
There is no direct command to suppress bars. I can think of two solutions:

-After the 5 minutes have passed, skip all bars until the next hour: Bar += 60/BarPeriod. This is a hack and I don't know if it works, but you can try it.
- Produce a special history that only contains the first 5 minutes of any day, and afterwards only one bar per hour. That's normally the best solution since it saves memory.
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Starting with Zorro
07/17/21 22:01
so you need to convert it to a t6 format, follow the steps:

1) Edit the script CSVtoHistory by giving to the String format the following value:

string Format = "+%Y.%m.%d %H:%M,f3,f1,f2,f4,f6";

2) save and run the script by clicking test

3) select the csv file

and then you are good to go, you will have an output of the same csv as a T6 file
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Zorro Scripts
07/17/21 18:12
What is this good for?

I manage data from different assets in R and wanted to reference this data by asset name.
So when I want something from R, I must pass a numerical vector but also the information which asset I want to work with.

I could have done it like this:

1. Step: Pass the asset string with Rx()
2. Step: Pass the numerical data with Rv()

As the R-Bridge is painfully slow, I wanted to reduce this into one single call. This is my solution:

#ifndef <r.h>
	#include <r.h>

int maxstr2int = 0; //

//works just like stridx() but pushes the strings to the R session as well:
int str2int(string mystring)
	mystring = strx(mystring,"/",""); //I think getting rid of "/" is always a good idea
	int index = stridx(mystring)+1; //+1 because the first element in a vector in R has index 1, while in C it has index 0
	if(maxstr2int == 0) Rx("Zstrings <- c()"); //create Zstrings Vector in R (it doesn't exist yet if maxstr2int == 0)
	if(index > maxstr2int)
		maxstr2int = index;
		string Rstring = strf("Zstrings[%d] <- '%s'", index, mystring);
	return index-1; //By subtracting 1, we get the same return value as with stridx() 

function run() 
	if(!Rstart("", 3))
		print(TO_ANY, "\nError - could not start R session!");
	while(asset(loop("AUD/JPY","EUR/GBP","GBP/CHF","USD/CHF"))) //just some assets as strings. This will work with any sting (up to 1000 characters)
		int index = str2int(Asset);
		//Access the Strings in R:
		string Rstring = strf("print(paste('String in R:', Zstrings[%d]))", str2int(Asset)+1); //Error when directly passed to Rx()
		printf("\nString in C: %s - Below should be the same:", strxid(str2int(Asset)));
		Rx(Rstring, 3);
		wait(5000); //Output way out of sync, if we continue too fast. You should really use DebugView when you code hybrid scripts with R
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Starting with Zorro
07/16/21 20:22
It was my assets config.

The one I was testing was @ES#, which is the E-Mini S&P Futures contract. I copied the settings from the IB example. The PipCost was set to .025 and should have been 12.5. Makes sense.

Thanks Andrew!
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Starting with Zorro
07/15/21 07:44
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Zorro and the Brokers
07/14/21 14:49
That was it! The beta version was causing the issue. I forget why I had that one installed. Thank you!
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Third Party Tools
07/13/21 21:30
Hi Folks !

Corvitextu is now under development again. A better .tga dll will be implemented. The old one, only loading tga files from time to time correctly or at all, will be replaced. Certain new functions will be added like creating seamless borders between two different textures and others for my project "create a perfect stone texture without visible borders".


Best wishes for all of you !
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Zorro and the Brokers
07/13/21 18:14
Thanks for the quick action!
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Zorro Future
07/09/21 08:23
I guess I will just run processing intensive R-tasks on the M1. I doubt that Zorro itself would run 3x faster than on x86, but if so, it would be nice to have.
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Starting with Zorro
07/08/21 14:06
Since where the conversation in heading is quite clear, may I suggest that either Petra or Spirit provide an answer?
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Jobs Wanted
07/08/21 13:59
Looking for new games to score!
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Jobs Wanted
07/08/21 09:57
Looking for nice projects!
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Starting with Zorro
07/08/21 06:46
Yes. Adapt your asset list to your account, not only when going live, but also for backtesting.
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The Z Systems
07/07/21 10:21
You did not mention the broker used. The most probable reason is that you have a wrong position sizing and/or capital settings. The second issue is that your broker has a different liquidity provider than the one used to train the z system. I found relevant difference of the same TS traded on two different brokers, but trained on the same data.
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07/06/21 18:00
Is there a command reference or tutorial for ShadeC-EVO?

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