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FXCM: "Can't connect to price server"
by jcl. 06/19/19 15:47
Data Execution Prevention Strikes Again
by Dooley. 06/19/19 15:38
by jcl. 06/19/19 14:59
Bring the old grin back!
by Michael_Schwarz. 06/19/19 07:56
Help with calculation
by Qw3rty. 06/18/19 08:01
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Starting with Zorro
32 minutes ago
In plots, all axis numbering appears on the left by default, while when using the AXIS2 parameter, the second axis on the right is used.
Is there a way to reverse this default behavior and have all axis numbering appear on the right by default and AXIS2 numbering appear on the left?
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Zorro Future
37 minutes ago
You can try copying the FXCM plugin over to your old version. But for this you first need to get it running. Maybe some DLL is missing on your PC. Contact Support.
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Atari lite-C
45 minutes ago
Just to follow up,
After installing and publishing the game with A8, it does work with DEP settings on.
It has some other issues I will have to address, but it runs smooth, and was easier to update that I expected!
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Starting with Zorro
1 hour ago
There is no line macro in lite-C, but the rest of the assert macro should work.
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Ask the Developers
8 hours ago
Thank you very much!
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Automated Trading
Yesterday at 14:21
Lots = floor(notRoundedNumber/100)*100;

I mean, as far as I understand, your script will have to have the respective asset selected for the enterLong command to know which one to buy. So setting Lots before calling enterLong should do the trick, no?
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Starting with Zorro
Yesterday at 14:14
Awesome! Thank you.
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Starting with Zorro
Yesterday at 08:01
Thank you both for the replies. That makes sense.

I have gone through the manual as needed but not thorough enough I guess.
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Automated Trading
Yesterday at 05:41
Jump to new posts ZeroMQ [by Grat]

I create interface for ZeroMQ. Status is early alpha

a) download libzmq.dll and put in zorro folder
b) install zorroZmq.h into include
c) zmq_client.c into Strategy

[Linked Image]

test server in python:
import time
import zmq

context = zmq.Context()
socket = context.socket(zmq.REP)

while True:
    #  Wait for next request from client
    message = socket.recv()
    print("Received request: %s" % message)

    #  Do some 'work'

    #  Send reply back to client
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User Resources
06/17/19 19:39
gibt es die Atrium Demo von "HeelX" und "Kartoffel" noch irgendwo zum Download?

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Bug Hunt
06/17/19 13:00
Sorry, my 'include' folder redirection (set up via mklink) was incorrect, so I was compiling against the much older version of the variables.h, etc.

IT is recognized now, all fine.

would it make more sense to set TradeBarClose to the number of the current bar (rather than 0) while the trade is still open? Consistent with how TradePriceClose is set to the current price during the lifetime of the trade...
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Starting with Zorro
06/17/19 06:05

if I use __cdecl not __stdcall work without problem

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Starting with Zorro
06/17/19 05:38
In the Lite C is no work typecasting from SHORT to VAR directly
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Morbius' Virtual Answering Machine
06/16/19 23:12
A grill on fire in the middle of the street? Here you get a fine. Lucky of you
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06/15/19 18:54
That is strange ... I don't understand it, but if it works laugh use it!
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Zorro Future
06/15/19 08:05
Aaaa, this is a my mistake, I thinking the FCE tick() is calling from construct:

while(algo(loop("OPEN","CLOSE"))){ ... }

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06/14/19 20:42
It was down for a day or so, then came back with a different format.
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Starting with Zorro
06/14/19 13:15
oh yes, now I've seen it, thanks;)
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Zorro Future
06/14/19 12:11
Hello jcl,

I did switch to the light theme yesterday (UBBT77), on forum it worked OK, and it looks great.

Yet, the email notifications are still coming black text on black background. frown

Tried to find if there's another theme setting for email notifications, but couldn't find one. It might be a bug in the software, that notifications don't follow selected theme. Or yet another, but system-wide setting?
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Starting with Zorro
06/13/19 21:04
No ideas?
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Starting with Zorro
06/13/19 16:24
This is a macro for debugging purposes.
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Jobs Wanted
06/13/19 15:57
Looking for new game projects to score!
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Zorro and the Brokers
06/12/19 20:07
Originally Posted by dh85
Many thanks for your feedback. I'm using Zorro's Z12 strategy for which I cannot change the underlying code. Is there any way to ignore this error in the plugin?

Either ignore it or kindly ask the plugin author to suppress the message.
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Third Party Tools
06/12/19 17:39
OK, Folks!

I noticed, that PCXANIM still crashes sometimes, when trying to save an animation bmp (sprite). A more stable version can be downloaded now. Simply replace the old PCXANI66.exe with the new PCXANI68.exe, leave anything else as it is.

Sorry for the inconvenience !


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06/10/19 16:39
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