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Special Bars Script
by jcl. 09/21/20 06:37
What are you working on?
by rayp. 09/20/20 17:18
retrain - data?
by Grat. 09/20/20 09:45
Single advise model for portfolio
by jmlocatelli. 09/19/20 22:24
New Zorro version 2.30
by danatrader. 09/19/20 08:25
NeoDumont's open world treadmill project
by NeoDumont. 09/19/20 00:30
Key_Pressed Variable
by Dooley. 09/18/20 22:46
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Bug Hunt
2 hours ago
It should work also with ticks, you only need then to use the tick() function instead of run() for determining the end of the special bar, and shift all series manually.
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Starting with Zorro
2 hours ago
The script collection contains a script for multi-asset Renko.
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Yesterday at 17:29
After a while i went back to earth design and crossed the script with my 3rd person script i was working on for a while (inventory etc).
So back to scary melee horror again. The content building takes a lot of time, but iam happy how good old acknex looks and things going.
Performance is very good for now thanks to instancing of models. I wanted realtime shadows from players flashlight. In order to do this i had to deactivate GPU bones anm in shadeCevo. So enemy amount is very limited now, which fits the scary horror style, no big problem.

After running out of gas and a blackout, players wakes up in a medical chair and cant move.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Even if i worked weeks on space maps...i wouldnt call it waste of time. Learning by doing wink

All ai's are 100% new from the 3rd person work. Like one enemy that jumps to/walks on ceiling.

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Yesterday at 17:18
Back on the fps work
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

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Starting with Zorro
Yesterday at 09:45
Thank's, I try
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Zorro Scripts
09/19/20 22:24
I've developed a code to trade based on candle patterns using advise functions with PATTERN method. It runs fine on a list of assets, creating a specific set of rules for every symbol in the list.
But, as I'm looking for candle patterns across all symbols, I would like to create a common set of rules for all assets.
Is it possible? And how?
Thanks in advance,

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Zorro Future
09/19/20 08:25
Congratulations to the new version, especially from multitrain everybody will benefit, speed is amazing.
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09/19/20 00:30
Ok !

Some info and a screen about my open world treadmill project.

I wrote a small spreader tool, which spreads grass positions over a 8192x8192 (terrain tile) size. The grass positions initially have a z-position of z=2000 quants above the terrain. A lite-c routine then puts them all down on the terrain surface via tracing down (done with c_trace, there is an example in the GS manual). While all grass positions on the surface are found they are also written into a seperate .dat file. This one then can then be used to create certain surface vegatation (or other stuff like rocks etc.) direcectly from a text .dat file.
The spreader routine checks for double positions, and avoids mdls placed too near to each other or above each other.

Please note, the screenshot you see is from one tile of the treadmill/tile world. All other tiles can be covered with this method also. It's also a very early screenshot and not very perfect concerning graphics.

[Linked Image]

Best wishes !

Wear that mask, keep some distance and live disciplined (although its not easy, I know :-))


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Atari lite-C
09/18/20 22:46
For keymapping and controller buttons there is the key_pressed(x) command that lets you place a variable x to help rebind keys to different commands. So I can assign x as 17 and it key_pressed(x) will be activated when the W key is pressed.

I'm wondering if there is anything similar for using joysticks and triggers.

I know joy_raw and joy_rot hold the joystick and trigger inputs. But if a player wanted to rebind the way joysticks work, is there any command that would allow me to swap one input for another?

Something like joy_direction(x) that would allow me to assign joy_raw.x, or joy_rot.x as the x variable.

Right now, it seems like I would have to check for each possible input in each frame, unless there is some way to pass joystick inputs to some kind of variable, like key entries and controller buttons are.
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09/18/20 15:19
Originally Posted by Quad
scrap the non-opensourceable parts(Lite-c), and let it be free(free as in freedom)
+1 better too late then never.
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Starting with Zorro
09/18/20 14:30
TRADE* EnterTrade(int side)
if (side == _LONG)
return enterLong(myTMF);
return enterShort(myTMF);
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Starting with Zorro
09/18/20 14:29
Super, thank's
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Starting with Zorro
09/18/20 12:10
I assume then you need to use

PL_FILE - export the chart to a .png image, rather than opening the chart viewer. The file name is composed from the script name, an optional asset name, and the LogNumber.
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Bug Hunt
09/18/20 10:56
I think the tick is needed for blitting the text into the bitmap.
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Starting with Zorro
09/18/20 08:32

I learn the use MT4 broker plugin. I begin with easy but I found first problem:

function run()
	LookBack = 0;
    BarPeriod = 1;
    printf("\nSS: %d SC: %d",SET_SYMBOL,SET_COMMENT);  // show SS: 132 SC: 180

    brokerCommand(SET_SYMBOL,"EURUSD"); // also I trying the "EUR/USD" - the same
    brokerCommand(SET_COMMENT,"Pokus 1");


I trying send the COMMENT to chart with symbol "EURUSD". Plugin I have load in chart symbol "GBPUSD".
Comment every time show on the chart "GBPUSD" not "EURUSD"

Where I have bug?

Thank's Milan


This command is not implement / SET_SYMBOL / int the zorro.mq4 - because mql4 fce comment("string ") can be use only for current chart
First problem is problem MQL
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Zorro Future
09/17/20 14:28
You can easily create this behavior using a TMF.
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A8 Engine
09/17/20 11:39
Ahhh okay. See.. The things you miss when you don't keep up with something tongue

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A8 Engine
09/17/20 00:46

So, I know 3DGS/A8 has been pretty "static" for a while now, and who knows what the future holds for it. However, I've decided to pick it up again anyway. Why? Well, I like the all-in-one game creation setup, and I know it's still capable of creating fun games; certainly the kind I'd be wanting to make with it.

I can't find my original A7 info, unfortunately, so I'll have to repurchase a new license. I bought the Extra edition for now. Can always upgrade later as necessary/appropriate.

Anyway, I'm wondering if there's any good tutorials out there that have been created in the last several years? Preferably in English. I've searched around for some, but only find all the same ones that I remember from last time I used 3DGS. Anything new since then maybe?

Time to dive in and re-learn lite-C and how to work with the tools.

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Starting with Zorro
09/16/20 18:37

- I have a gap in the symbol.t6


2020.09.16 08:30 1,29013 1,29013 1,29013 1,29013 0 105,066666
2020.08.06 11:48 1,31694 1,317 1,31659 1,31666 0 105
2020.08.06 11:47 1,31698 1,31712 1,31693 1,31693 0 97,86667
2020.08.06 11:46 1,31719 1,31723 1,31692 1,31698 0 92,73333

- I have all M1 data in the MT4 for this symbol

I trying many way, how to repare this:
a) delete file symbol.t6 and run script download.c / working
b) run script without delete file and run script download.c / not working
c) run script withoud delete with and run script download.c with option OVERRIDE / not working

version 2.30 - if running the trade AOS - not save new candle into symbol.t6 ( 2.32 also not )

I trying found any SW function ( I not happy with this )

I have a Idea:

bool checkHistory(){

// becouse I not found the fce how to add new data in the middle symbol.t6
// load data into dataset
loadMaster(); // work OK

loadMissingData(). // prepare second dataset


// save complete dataset

return true;

bool loadMaster(string InName){
    masterRec = dataLoad(MASTER,InName,7);
    if(!masterRec) { printf("\nCan't open %s",InName); return false; }
    printf("\n%i bars",masterRec);
    return true;

Is a correct way? I exist any simplest solution?

update 2020/09/17:
+ load data from t6 working
- still I cannot found how to download exact M1 bar from the MT4 frown
ee this

zorro code:
    var dSend[10];

and this is I know, how to read in MT4
         	switch(command) {
                case GET_HISTORY:
                    Print("Command ",command,": ",arr[1]," ",arr[2]," ",arr[3]);

but I don't know, how to get returned data / respond(cmd,arr,4) / in zorro


First M1 candle: (4) = 7:0 (20-01-02 07:00)
GAP: (4) = 48:47 (20-01-02 21:48)
Master (252776): (4) = 21:49 (20-01-02 21:49)
Master (252777): (4) = 21:48 (20-01-02 21:48) < -- 21:47 mis
Master (252778): (4) = 21:46 (20-01-02 21:46)
Master (252779): (4) = 21:45 (20-01-02 21:45)

Finish M1 candle: (4) = 21:48 (20-01-02 21:48)

thank's Milan
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Starting with Zorro
09/15/20 21:39
thanks a lot!
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09/15/20 15:36
I tried to join the discord, Said the link was invalid. Please repost
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Zorro Future
09/13/20 12:59
I have an idea for optimize() to use multiple CPU cores.
For every test parameter set, you can open a new Zorro process to test and get results back.
And you can limit the process numbers, Just like WFO using NumCores
Could you do that?
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Zorro and the Brokers
09/13/20 05:30
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The Z Systems
09/12/20 18:15
If we have live Z-system, and we want to adjust the capital to reinvest (following the square root rule,) does the CBI become invalid?

I suppose since the backtest will reflect the trades based on the initial unadjusted capital, we will have to generate a new *.dbl. Can this be updated without stopping a live zorro session?
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Starting with Zorro
09/12/20 07:23
Probably referring to this trash software ...
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