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by gamers. 02/19/20 07:16
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Ask the Developers
2 hours ago
I might sound dumb, but for me, having (f.e.) .fbx files on the desktop doesn't work either. Only placing them directly in C:\ with a folder named with english letters helps. And another thing is, to make sure that loading .fbx files are 2010 not higher.

Best regards.
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Starting with Gamestudio
2 hours ago
Thank you so much @3run & @txesmi
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Starting with Zorro
Yesterday at 16:59
Ok. I suppose you haven't modified BrokerPatch in z.ini. The next step: Compare a recent trade in the 3 logs, the Zorro log, the MT4 experts log, and the MT4 journal. If you get wrong results, one of the 3 must be wrong - or all 3. Post the relevant sections of the logs here.
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Zorro Scripts
Yesterday at 02:39
Is there any existing function or mode where I can set the `enterLong()` and `enterShort()` as normal buy and sell for Binance? just like how Z10 rebalancing.
My current scripts are using default so when I enterLong on binance it shows the PnL on control panel which I don't want to.
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Morbius' Virtual Answering Machine
02/19/20 19:23
Ok, das ist dann ja echt zu vernachlässigen...
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Starting with Gamestudio
02/19/20 15:25
Fantastic! Thank you so much 3run.
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Zorro Future
02/19/20 14:30
Thank you
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Starting with Gamestudio
02/19/20 07:16
Wow, thanks for your support. That was amazing solution.
@3run & @Ayumi
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Starting with Zorro
02/18/20 18:41
Originally Posted by Petra
I understand from the manual under "bars" that a totally wrong bar period will result in not enough allocated bars. I dont know what consequences that has on prices but suppose that many things will then not work.

The manual states "Set BarPeriod at the approximate average bar duration, in order to allocate enough bars for the lookback period." While I don't exactly understand this, since LookBack = 0 in the SpecialBars.c script can we not assume that there are always enough allocated bars?


You code seems to allow the renko bars to have a multiple of their bar range, are you sure this is correct? I always thought that Renko bars must not exceed their bar range.

Yes, I am new to TA. I assumed that the bar size should be the greatest multiple of the bar range within the price move, but probably they should all be the same size as you explained.
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Starting with Zorro
02/18/20 17:18
Found it.
Many thanks.
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Starting with Gamestudio
02/18/20 07:20
So, you want to input box for only numbers, between 0&100. Here is another way. Not the good one but at least it can give some idea;

#include <acknex.h>

STRING* defstr="#100";
STRING* test_str="";

//is input box open
int is_input_box_on=0;

//test variable
int test_num;

function textx_startup()
			draw_text("Enter any number",1,1,COLOR_GREEN);


function on_f1_event() 
	//clear all strings



	char this_char = 0;
	while(this_char!=13)//wait until press enter

		this_char = inchar(defstr);
			//if is numeric
				//if isn't numeric don't do anything

	//convert string to number
	//turn of the box

	//if bigger than 100
		printf("Error: Value is bigger than 100!");
		//try again


function main()

void on_esc_event()
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Starting with Zorro
02/15/20 13:22
Its "Curves". Look in the manual under exported file formats.
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Lite-C API Wishlist
02/15/20 07:36
Nevermind if you still have an error then here is a fix for Comctl32.dll missing file error. Firstly you need to run a virus scan and then the error can be solved by running a system restore. For the detailed methods find the below link helpful which I found online

Fix Comctl32.dll missing file
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Starting with Zorro
02/15/20 06:50
if (!is(LOOKBACK))
That seem to do the trick!

Thanks everyone for helping out!
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