Converting fbx file to mdl7

Posted By: Dark_Light

Converting fbx file to mdl7 - 09/22/19 22:53

I found these instructions for how to do this,

Convert to Med With Vertex weights + UV mapping + texture + animation + bones
Out Blender -> fbx binary
Out Blender -> wavefront .obj
in fbx to -> Autodesk converter
out converter -> FBX 2010
import to MED -> for FBX 2010
Export from MED -> Bones & Keyframes ACSII .txt
import to MED -> wavefront .obj
import to MED -> Bones ACSII .txt
import to MED -> add in Frame manager 1 frame, import in Frame manager Keyframes from ACSII .txt
Save as MDL7

but it never works for me. I can either import the fbx file with animations but without textures, or import the obj file with the textures but without animations.
When I import the bones ACSII file, the bones are much larger than the model. I've been searching online for solutions, and I've followed instructions on which export settings to use, but still nothing works.
If someone could please help, I would really appreciate it. I've been trying to get this to work for a couple weeks, and I'm at the point where I'm willing to pay someone to do this for me.
Posted By: Dooley

Re: Converting fbx file to mdl7 - 09/23/19 15:37

I always do my animations in MED ... not sure how else to do it.
Posted By: Dark_Light

Re: Converting fbx file to mdl7 - 09/23/19 15:50

The model I have already has animations, but it was made in Blender, so I’m trying to convert it to mdl.
Posted By: Rondidon

Re: Converting fbx file to mdl7 - 10/01/19 13:01

Try to ask JCL himself in "Ask the developers". I have the same problems with FBX, too .. not sure if it`s a bug.
Posted By: RPGfan

Re: Converting fbx file to mdl7 - 11/25/19 08:57

I use CARRARA: export FBX (v 6.1) and in MED import from FBX format (2010) ,but be carreful with deformation of bones if the original vues: face, over, left or right, not propelies organized, by example with CARRARA the vue "Over" correspond in fact with a model in vue Left rotated with 90°...
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