Posted By: Aku_Aku

New AUM - 05/29/20 10:03

I liked always the AUM. That is a great knowledge vault, with fantastic projects, useful tips, stories, questions and answers. So, great.
What a pity there is no new issue of that.
Was this project shutdown or can I hope to see a new issue of that?
Posted By: CodeMaster

Re: New AUM - 05/29/20 10:53

AUM is the first place I look for an answer when I get stuck in a problem. It would be great to see a new release.
Posted By: 3run

Re: New AUM - 05/29/20 11:06

Hey guys, this was previously discussed here
New Aum and few things
Posted By: Aku_Aku

Re: New AUM - 05/29/20 11:55

Thanks for the direction. It seems to me too old. frown
Posted By: George

Re: New AUM - 06/05/20 21:50

Hey guys, thank you for the kind words about the magazine. From what I know, Aum is on hold for now. JCL has more info about that.
Posted By: Aku_Aku

Re: New AUM - 06/06/20 10:10

Thanks for the info. We are waiting you back and your AUMs.
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