Blender MDL7 Exporter

Posted By: tagimbul

Blender MDL7 Exporter - 09/27/17 22:46

blender mdl7 exporter with instalation inforamtion:

tutorials and more einformation comming soon
for question ask here or send me a PN
Posted By: tagimbul

Re: Blender MDL7 Exporter - 10/04/17 11:59

animation list bug is fixet =)
Posted By: txesmi

Re: Blender MDL7 Exporter - 10/17/17 11:08

I gived the nth try to blender with your tool in mind and I am not able to uncompress the rar file with 7z I use. It usually has no prolems with rar files but it fails with yours. Could you upoad the exporter in zip format, please? Thank you.
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