advance decline (ADO) code examples?

Posted By: bondz

advance decline (ADO) code examples? - 12/09/18 18:21

I wrote the following code (on version 1.74) in order to display an indicator for the advance decline ratio. However, what I get back on the display is an 'infinitely' long number which display as a straight line. I tried dividing and multiplying by a infinitely small decimal, but nothing seemed to work. Is there a code for this somewhere? Thanks for your help in advance.
Here is what I wrote (it works, but the display is wonky)

vars ado = ADO;
var ado1 = (ado[0] + ado[1]) - (ado[2] + ado[3]);
vars ado1ser = series(ado1,1);
Posted By: 3dgamelight

Re: advance decline (ADO) code examples? - 12/09/18 18:52

I guess ADO is a function pointer, you mean:
vars ado = series(ADO());

Posted By: bondz

Re: advance decline (ADO) code examples? - 04/15/19 23:09

thanks laugh
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