Support for Crypto Currencies with Zorro (non-S)

Posted By: botsj

Support for Crypto Currencies with Zorro (non-S) - 12/22/19 11:01


I'm new to trading systems and currently learning how to use Zorro.

I am interested in developing trading systems on crypto currencies. The main focus is on the development phase. As I'm a proffessional software developer who's interested in cryopt currencies and has some experience with the finance sector (indicators, stocks, options etc. are not new to me) I'm not starting from the very bottom.

I just came across the "Zorro / Zorro S comparision" which tells me, that crypto brokers are only supported with Zorro S. That important detail has brought my activities to a full stop as I currently can't affort spending 35$ per month for the license. Once the system is working and profitable the situation is different of course.

Does it make sense and is there a way to develop strategies for crypto currencies with Zorro non-S version?
How to get the training data if the crypto brokers are not supported?
Is there an external way (e.g. separate python script, ...) to acquire the training data?

Posted By: AndrewAMD

Re: Support for Crypto Currencies with Zorro (non-S) - 12/22/19 13:16

You're always free to develop strategies. It's your code. You can backtest and train your strategies with the free version.

You can source data however you like. Zorro comes with an example pre-packaged CSV to T6 conversion scripts, so you can convert any data to Zorro's binary format. (The script is a template - you should modify it to suit, as few CSV's are equal.)
Posted By: botsj

Re: Support for Crypto Currencies with Zorro (non-S) - 12/22/19 15:16

Thanks for the response. I'll have a look at the script and give it a try...
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