Ally Invest Can't Connect

Posted By: beo

Ally Invest Can't Connect - 04/03/20 22:22


I've read and believe I am following the Ally Invest instructions correctly for logging in.

Login is the account number. Password is the concatenation of the 4 app auth tokens.

Console reads (too bad I can't copy paste it):
Login 0 Ally Invest..
Can't connect!

Okay. Rerunning the application appears to allow a connection. Now I see:
!Bad XML data.
SPX500/USD 01-01 00:00:00 to 04-03 22:09:55 failed
!Bad XML data.
!Bad XML data. - SPX500 history unavailable!
Error 056: Can't download SPX500 2020 history

Changing the dates does not seem to help.

Downloaded and compiled the plugin. Not really sure where to go from here.

What's next?
Posted By: AndrewAMD

Re: Ally Invest Can't Connect - 04/03/20 23:14

Your asset in question is a CFD. Ally does not have CFD’s.

Ally only trades stocks, options, and ETFs. Not CFDs, not forex, not futures. For forex, use Oanda. For stocks, ETFs, futures, and options, you can also use IB.
Posted By: beo

Re: Ally Invest Can't Connect - 04/04/20 02:00

That was it! Adding SPY as the ASSET seemed to do the trick. Thanks!
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