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Directa Broker - 11/30/20 17:22

DIrecta team have a test and demo environments, you just email them and ask what do you want.
They have api team very professional and available to satisfy the customer or new application connected to them.
They have already connected hundreds of third parts applications (Multicharts, Excel, MS.VS, etc...)
You could contact them here:
phone: +39 011 53.01.01
Here all wiky explanation about their API: 1

Will you add Directa please?
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Re: Directa Broker - 05/06/21 08:00

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Re: Directa Broker - 09/22/21 11:47

DIreta support LMAX API:
Posted By: Grant

Re: Directa Broker - 09/22/21 12:43

Looking at your posting history (, I see that you post all kinds of API requests to small/local/unknown brokers.

Why not a) write your own connector, b) pay the Zorro devs to do so or c) switch to a broker which is already supported? With so many MT4/5 brokers, it can't be that hard to find a good one.
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Re: Directa Broker - 09/23/21 16:34

Thanks Grant.
Order like : the stop limit order , OCO, brackets , If I connect the MT5 to zorro, are this type of orders correctly placed on MT5 by Zorro?
Posted By: Grant

Re: Directa Broker - 09/24/21 07:30

Not OCO, but Zorro supports the GTC type as a possible workaround. It also depends on the broker if those order types are supported.

I would suggest to read the manual and try things with a demo account.
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