Z13 with Interactive Brokers

Posted By: nkarolus

Z13 with Interactive Brokers - 12/04/19 20:02


i am trying to get the Z13 strategy to work with Interactive Brokers. I have set up everything according to the manual. The backtests are working fine.
When I try to run the strategy I always get the message: Not enough capital!
I have tried it with a real and a demo account with different slider settings, but always get the same message. At least the demo account must be sufficiently
funded with 83000 USD and a slider setting of 5000.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot....
Posted By: Petra

Re: Z13 with Interactive Brokers - 12/06/19 12:39

I think not that this is enough for options trading, you need more than 5000 margin for a SPY option.
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