Trading options with Z13

Posted By: YG8

Trading options with Z13 - 01/02/20 14:23

I want to start trading options using Z13, is there anyone who could suggest a broker? By the look at it i guess IB is the only one offering options, at the same time the manual says that only Z8 should be traded with IB.

Also, any idea on how much I should expect to have to put up as margin?
Posted By: jcl

Re: Trading options with Z13 - 01/03/20 10:33

IB is an often used broker for Zorro systems with options, stocks, or ETFs. The margin of Z13 depends on which combo you're trading.
Posted By: LabRatNo9

Re: Trading options with Z13 - 01/24/20 12:41


first off,

DON'T trade options if you do not fully understand them.
They are a powerfull instrument ( derivative )!
You could do some homework on
and when that fully understood

There is no free (easy) money in the market.
Thinking so, not comming fully prepared, will set you up for large losses.

that said:

here's the link to IB's margin policy ( beware you will need a calculator )
Posted By: YG8

Re: Trading options with Z13 - 04/30/20 07:39

Tnx for the feedback LabRatNo9, I started watching some videos from TastyTrade wich are also very good!

As I am reading the manual for Zorro, am I correct to assume that there are no stop loss used on the Z13 system? Only a volatility filter that determines when the market is too volatile and not suitable for trading.
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