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Posted By: JerryS

Code Repository - 06/02/16 19:17

One of the best ways to learn is by looking at examples of others' code. Is there an online repository of lite-C Zorro code?
Posted By: boatman

Re: Code Repository - 06/08/16 21:54

I assume you've seen jcl's blog There is plenty of source code available at that site. There is also some on my website - see link in my signature.
Posted By: dr_panther

Re: Code Repository - 08/28/16 11:13

I am very new to Zorro too. I am collecting useful snippets, to create a "cheat sheet". Feel free to comment or suggest improvements, but please keep in mind I am i a very early stage.
Posted By: MatPed

Re: Code Repository - 08/28/16 12:34

@dr_panther, Nice Job! Thank you
Posted By: gtell

Re: Code Repository - 08/31/16 20:40

Very nice, thanks for sharing!
Posted By: O990l6mh

Re: Code Repository - 11/07/16 22:06

Thank you very much!
Posted By: toc17

Re: Code Repository - 01/25/17 16:53

Useful for newbies like me.
Thanks a lot!
Posted By: ezaffa

Re: Code Repository - 01/27/17 14:49

Thank you, I'm also a newbie and really appreciate!
Posted By: jyd

Re: Code Repository - 03/09/17 23:45

@dr_panther, Thanks for sharing
Posted By: LDM

Re: Code Repository - 08/05/18 06:39

@dr_panther, Molte grazie! Thank you
Posted By: OptimusPrime

Re: Code Repository - 08/10/18 00:29

@dr_panther, thank you .

In Listing 34, I note that SkillLong[0] is not initialized. I believe it would have to be initialized outside the HuckTrend function or as a static within it.


Posted By: OptimusPrime

Re: Code Repository - 08/14/18 11:25


In listing 29: Simple Profit System, there is an error in line 35 where the script is supposed to take on the previously optimized risk management parameters of the Short trade before it goes Short.

The revision is below:
if (hour() == 21 ){
Stop=StopS; // should not be StopL
TakeProfit=TakeProfitS;// should not be TakeProfitL
Posted By: MINER

Re: Code Repository - 11/23/18 12:07

Thank you @dr_panther
Posted By: danatrader

Re: Code Repository - 03/15/20 09:49

I decided to create a public Git.

If anyone likes to contribute you are welcome.
Also I will provide my snippets.
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