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Posted By: MINER

Strategy Improvement - 01/10/19 08:15

Hello Community,

I have a strategy producing the plot attached, I would like your thoughts on how i can improve the strategy so as to avoid the series of losses as marked on the plot.

Your contribution will be appreciated.

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Posted By: Brax

Re: Strategy Improvement - 01/10/19 16:26

Well, you havenīt posted your script but based on your chart i assume it is a typical EMA trend trading strategy.

In general, i think the best thing you can do to improve your results is just diversify between assets and strategies. Appling equity curve trading will help you to avoid large losses and filter unprofitable periods. Trying to find an indicator to filter these periods is not an easy task, just let the equity tell you if you must stop.

Another resource is maybe changing your entry/exit style with limit orders instead of market orders, using trailing stops, etc.

Study the workshops in detail and pay special attention to the tips and tricks and tmf examples.

Also, read this:

Thatīs all i can tell you.

Posted By: MINER

Re: Strategy Improvement - 01/11/19 07:35

Thank you brax, thats all i needed to know. I appreciate.
Posted By: tuuPaul

Re: Strategy Improvement - 03/04/19 05:52

hello,how profitable your script that results this picture?
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