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Posted By: sitrep

Blender to 3DGS8 - 09/06/19 07:35

am creating 3D houses in blender for a game in 3DGS studio 8, I’ve tried exporting the houses as obj and fbx from blender, however the player can’t enter thru the open door, also the player seems to penetrate part of his head thru outside wall, but he still can’t get inside the house.

Anyone know what can be the cause? or is there a fix or trick to this?

Posted By: Dooley

Re: Blender to 3DGS8 - 09/06/19 16:23

I use Blender for all my models. Yes, export as .obj should work. I assume you are then using MED to import the .obj and save as .mdl?

For the structure to be entered by the player, make sure the "POLYGON" flag is set in WED. Otherwise it will be considered a solid object.
Posted By: sitrep

Re: Blender to 3DGS8 - 09/11/19 05:01

Hello Dooley!

Thanks a ton for your help!!!

Yes i exported out of Blender in obj, and imported into med to create mdl, and clicked on polygon flag in wed’s model settings.

I got the player to be able to walk into the house by 1. Grouping the model parts and 2. applying .05 solidly modifier to the house in blender.

Is there another way to create house models in blender that will allow that a player can walk in?

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