If you are not using 3DGameStudio or Lite-C for your project, please use Morbius' Virtual Answering Machine for it.

Before making topic, decide do you really need help. Be able to fill following:
  • You have at least 3 times more time to spend than you originally planned (unless you are professional and know exactly how much time different aspects take)
  • You have skills to lead people and will keep your cool.
  • Project have low TUSC-rating, meaning that it is developable.

And be sure to understand following:
  • First time posters take extra care of using as professional look as possible. The more posts you have, the more believable (most of the time) you are.
  • Expect low quality from free works
  • Your game will never be AAA and sell millions.
  • If it's MMO, read this. Be aware that you won't be taken seriously without working prototype and you be able to pay for the work.
  • Online games by amateurs fail 99% of the time.

When posting to Jobs Offered, describe your project as detailed as you are allowed to. Note also, that the same goes with the job(s) offered, detailed information about what s/he is going to do and what are his/her responsibilites.

Include screenshots and possible prototypes.

Below is an example post:


Game Company, Inc.
E-mail: address@internets.com
Phone: 1-800-AAA-TITLE
FAX: <numbers here>


Here comes the codename, project name or the final name of the game. I suggest using code/projectnames for early-stage projects.


Here comes the description of the game, which includes the aspects the game will include and what features the game has.


Whether it is going to be freeware or commercial with/out publisher


Here comes formatted list of available positions and details of what the person is working with


Game designer
- Designs game arcitechtures and other major parts of the game.
- Writes design documents that are handed to the lead designer.
- Able to communicate with all artists and scripters.

Enviroment Scripter
- Responsible for the minute-by-minute behaviour and effects of the game.
- Able to communicate with the game designer and enviroment artists to gain reguired assets.

Enviroment Modeller
- Creates the models and "3D-Life" with the enviromental artist.
- Able to communicate with the concept artist and lead designer

Enviroment Artist
- Responsible for skinning models, making sprites and other 2D art.
- Able to communicate with the enviroment modeller, concept artist and the enviroment scripter.

Character modeller
- Responsible on creating high-quality models from given concept art.
- Hands out models for the animator.





- list of previous projects, or link to portfolios


- List your current team, their positions and perhaps their portfolios.


- Is there something that you should let others know, e.g. the stage of the project, number of current workers, what are the personal targets.


list here possible screenshots, publishable concept art. No WIP shots of half of a head or weapon trigger.
These screenshots should not be promotional, but more like informative, giving the viewer (possible candidate) a chance to see what style the game is. Please also add short description of what the screenshot is about


list here possible downloads with proper formatting:
[ url=http://website.com/download.zip]Test level v1.0[/url]
since most addresses are long and don't look good.

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