OK, oldies but goodies this time.

There is an old DOS program called BLOB SCULPTOR or also DOSBLOB. This program creates organic shapes from groups of spheres which will be covered with a hull resulting an very organic shape, which can be saved as a .dxf file. Because I found it still very easy to use (its
freeware also) I tested it to create a cave for Gstudio. I searched some programs before which might have blob capabilities like truespace or others but didn't find anything which fitted my needs.
BLOB to me is very easy to understand and is powerful enough to create nice caves as long as you set the right parameters. DOSBLOB runs fine in DOSBOX. The .dxf file then should be converted to a .3ds file, imported in MED, skinned, normals flipped and saved as a .mdl.

In my small Cavedemo.cd world I used a 2048x2048 skin for the cave. That means that you need a good graphic card to let the cave skin be displayed correctly. I tested the demo with a laptop onboard graphics shared memory card of 128 MB VRAM and the cave skin was not displayed correctly, but blurry an with no structure. However i think a normal 256/512 MB Geforce or ATI Radeon should have no problems to let you enjoy this little demo.
A last "Tip of the day" : You can use a dynamic light with a wide range and put it outside the cave to shade the whole cave in a certain color nicely.
The demo was created with GSTUDIO7 EXTRA.
DOSBLOB can still be found on the net, as well as DOSBOX.

Enjoy the demo and "god bless my friend" :-)



Some shots and here:

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Download the demo here:

The demo has been removed by me, NeoDumont, because of quality reasons.

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