Today i buyed some nice mocap files.
Also some nice models.

Now iam looking for somebody who would rig my models to my bones.

For now its only one file / one rigging but i guess around 5 will follow.

As its all for fun and Underground game a small Price would be nice of course.

The MoCap's and 3d Models are in FBX Format.
The final format should be FBX again ( but have to test before...u all know the possible Errors you face while converting 3d data ).
The FBX files, mocap's and models, both containing bones already. So its more a re-rig if that makes any difference.

I only need one animation mocap rigged to the 3d model ( mocap.fbx + 3dmodel.fbx = 3dmodel riged to mocap.fbx ). Thats all. In short words, a single riging process is requierd ( maybe +-5 more than, later ).

Please PM me.
Thanks in advance.

edit 11.5.18:
Retargeting of the animations would be enough btw. Both mesh- and anim FBX files already have rigged bones.

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