Iam still fighting around with the combination of my mesh and my animation mocaps.

I already managed to retarget the bones ( well at least it looks so )

I exported the mocaps from FBX to BVH via Blender. I opened them and played around with BVH Hacker. All looks ok for my mocap noob eyes.

But when i try to merge the animation in Fragmotion its looking really strange. The arms seams to be animated correct, but are gigantic huge. The other bones looking messed up.

Does anybody know whats going wrong here? Any helpful tips of retargeting mocaps ?

Thanks in advance for ALL HELP.

Maybe somebody knows a retargeting workflow with other apps?
It drives me crazy, cause i already saw People retargeting the files i have ( with other Softwares like MecAnim or Unreal ).

I noticed when opening the BVH in blender again, bones are totally messed up. But why does BVH hacker Show them correct then...iam really stuck with this bone sh*

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