I'm running Z12 and have been letting it trade since end of March 2019.
2 new versions have come out and updating to the newest version has always meant stopping the current version, and then restarting the new version after running a backtest with the lastest capital slider setting of the old version and making sure I have about the same capital required when choosing what capital slider to have with the new system.

In the ""What's new" overview for Zorro 2.15/2.17 it says that "You can update a live trading Zorro instance without interrupting the trading process. Please see under Trading how to update a live system."

I don't seem to find a description in the Trading link of how to switch from a an old to a new version of Zorro without interrupting the instance. Is this something that's ll be implemented with the next update, i.e. after Zorro 2.15?

Many thanks!