UPDATE 2: I have actually found a different issue I cannot explain. One object in my game seems to render incorrectly when running with the WRS file. I cannot reproduce this in the game when run through WED, or when published in the standard, non compressed format. I checked that all the files are being exported when published, so I don't think it's a missing file... Again, any Ideas why something like this might happen?

UPDATE: False alarm. It was a problem in the game itself ... but it would only have shown up under very strict circumstances, which is why I never saw it happen before laugh

I recently upgraded to A8 Professional, and I am trying to use the WRS resource file instead of having all my assets in the game folder.

So far so good, it seems to be working mostly. However, I have encountered a couple issues.

One model I have showed up without the correct texture. I dropped the texture files (skin and normal map) directly into the game folder. Now it loads with the correct texture, but somehow the shader does not work, and it shows up as translucent, instead of having a mtl_specBump as it is supposed to.

Can anyone understand why this might be happening and how to fix it?

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