Hi everybody.

Iam working just for fun on some "cross over sandbox" project.
I played a lot xbox One the last days and felt to start some project, without the preasure of making a new game.
Playing around and testing some stuff, having fun with acknex. wink

For now iam really happy with the results of the last weekend...
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

First of all i made a basic 3rd person controller. The camera already takes care of obstacles and moves.
For collisions (except of cars) cube models are used with the passable mesh attached.
Later i want the player to be able switching between different characters.
Also cars are functional already. I based my work on the great Knights on Wheels demo.
Fuel, damage, smoke and other stuff implemented. It was very funny to setup and enter different cars in my own acknex project grin
It took a while to script it, but now its fun.

The hud i took from DeadTaste (my old 1st person/topdown project...maybe this script becomes deadtaste v3).
Compass is from ver1. So i guess hud will look like energy ammo and fuel stuff.
The speed display is still from Knights of wheels demo.

The map / terrain is pretty big. For now its just flat with some hills, not much done. But already tested
the full size with plants and trees via a seed map with good 60fps in fullscreen. So far so nice. Maybe next
we ill invest some further work on the map lets see.

Here you can see some beta wip of the cars in Action

I also played around with a weather system. For now script can randomly produce really bad weather, rain or
a sunny day. Day night change working ok for now too. On bad weather or in deep night player cant see very
far. Rain takes influence on the car behaviour ( grip ).
Normally it starts raining after the clouds came etc. but it started randomly to rain while i took the video grin

A fast view of the day night change

Maybe ill work on this project further. Of course, like always, in the Zombie direction. Some kind of open world
zombie project.

Thanks to 3run i have nice explosions. I combined them with my ragdoll-force-apply-script. Now cars can fly
away from explosions. But still working on this no vid yet.
Crashing other stuff already works. Trees and rocks using the physic sleep function when not active.

edit: Because of the bad res of the Videos you may hardly see the rain wink
edit2: Would be nice if somebody could tell me or give me an example how to get more textures in terraintex3 shader.

Greets to everyone!

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