Hey guys,

I was trying to get mipmaps working, and decided to create them via DirectX Texture Tool (DTT). It creates 9 mipmaps and saves textures into .dds format (in tool itself I can toggle mipmaps so I can see that there are there). After editing all textures, I use MED where I set the skin to use extern texture and selected newly created .dds texture with 9 mipmaps, but it doesn't seem to work (same performance as if I didn't use mipmaps at all)? BUT if I create/update mipmaps (for the same .dds textures created via DTT) in my script using bmap_to_mipmap, and then set skin manually with ent_setskin it starts working (almost) 2 times faster (even if I used ent_cloneskin). What could be the cause? Maybe acknex somehow doesn't work (support?) mipmaps created by DTT? What do you think?

Edit: for some reason, it seems that setting skin in MED with external flag somehow results in not using mipmaps... which is weird. I just tried to set skin manually without even bmap_to_mipmap and it works 2 times faster.

Here is a screen of texture (with mipmaps) being set in MED (with extern flag)
[Linked Image]
Here is the same scene with skin being set manually (same texture files)
[Linked Image]
Also, when I set skin manually, I call ent_cloneskin, maybe it's causing this?

Edit2: damn, yes it's ent_cloneskin making it 2 times faster... But I can't really understand why. If you guys have any ideas, please share.

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