So, I know 3DGS/A8 has been pretty "static" for a while now, and who knows what the future holds for it. However, I've decided to pick it up again anyway. Why? Well, I like the all-in-one game creation setup, and I know it's still capable of creating fun games; certainly the kind I'd be wanting to make with it.

I can't find my original A7 info, unfortunately, so I'll have to repurchase a new license. I bought the Extra edition for now. Can always upgrade later as necessary/appropriate.

Anyway, I'm wondering if there's any good tutorials out there that have been created in the last several years? Preferably in English. I've searched around for some, but only find all the same ones that I remember from last time I used 3DGS. Anything new since then maybe?

Time to dive in and re-learn lite-C and how to work with the tools.