I learn the use MT4 broker plugin. I begin with easy but I found first problem:

function run()
	LookBack = 0;
    BarPeriod = 1;
    printf("\nSS: %d SC: %d",SET_SYMBOL,SET_COMMENT);  // show SS: 132 SC: 180

    brokerCommand(SET_SYMBOL,"EURUSD"); // also I trying the "EUR/USD" - the same
    brokerCommand(SET_COMMENT,"Pokus 1");


I trying send the COMMENT to chart with symbol "EURUSD". Plugin I have load in chart symbol "GBPUSD".
Comment every time show on the chart "GBPUSD" not "EURUSD"

Where I have bug?

Thank's Milan


This command is not implement / SET_SYMBOL / int the zorro.mq4 - because mql4 fce comment("string ") can be use only for current chart
First problem is problem MQL

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