Hi Folks !

While trying to create a good rock in MED, with a seamless texturing, I found a way to
at least create a nearly perfect skinning.

1. First create a simple box (Yes, not a sphere !)
2. Subdivide the box once.
3. Move the outstanding vertices into the sides of the box so you get a flat sided box
again, but now with more polygons than before.
4. Load a rock bmp for a skin.
5. Perform a 6 sided skin mapping. Be sure that you have each side of the box
selected when taking a shot of it while keeping the rest unselected. This is importand
to avoid unwanted long poygons from the box, which can sometimes be taken
6.Go to the skin editor. You should now have a skin mapping where each side of the
box's map lies over the other.
7. The rock's skin should be made seamles with Corvitextu's (Texturecon) feature to
make a texture (here 512x512 pixels) seamless with the blending option. Each border
of the texture will be copied to the opposite with alpha transparence and mirroring. If
the mirror FX ist too strong visible on the rock, reload the rock's texture again into
Corvitextu and perform some Fuzzer action to make the mirroring less strong (Dont
use Auto fuzzer here !)
8. Move single vertices of the rock to make it look more "rocky"/rounded, unlike a box.
Then perform SUBDIVIDE 2 times again. The rock is now pretty round and has a good
skinning. If you still see some borders from the skin on the rock's surface you may
need to detach some polygons and find a better place for them on the skin. Or use
Corvitextu to harmonize the texture as you need it.
9. Corvitextu can be downloaded from this forum.

You con download the Rock.mdl from here:

Download example rock from here

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Best Regards !