My goal was to create configuration window similar to Unity's Configuration window.
I wanted to be able to set screen resolution, display mode, quality and input keybindings right before the game starts.

This tool uses imgui wrapper/plugin which was originally made by Patrick Jendral (jenGs), edited by forum members Txesmi and EVO.
Original sources can be found here: and here:

This tool IS NOT a standalone tool, but a 'template' that shows how to setup imgui in order to configure your game settings.
This tool uses WinAPI to find all supported resolutions of the primary monitor (big thanks to forum members Superku and Emre).

Known issues:
- no gamepad support for keybindings (only mouse+keyboard) as I don't own xinput device. I might add support in future;
- video resolution in windowed mode can't be higher than the desktop resolution.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

Download from repository:

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