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#67979 - 03/24/06 13:01 Wann wollen Sie sterben / when do you want to die? *****
jcl Online

Chief Engineer

Registered: 07/22/00
Posts: 26866
Loc: Frankfurt
Nehmen Sie an, Sie können jetzt über Ihre natürliche Lebensspanne und damit über die Geschwindigkeit Ihres Alterns entscheiden. Sie können diese Entscheidung, einmal getroffen, jedoch nicht mehr zurücknehmen. Vor welchem Jahr möchten Sie sterben?

Suppose you can now decide your natural life span, but can not reverse that decision once it's made. The speed of your ageing will then be determined by the desired year of your death. If you want to die within the next 10 years you'll age very fast, but when you want to die in 200 years or later, you'll age very slow or not at all. In which year do you want to be dead?

I want to die before the year
Only one choice allowed

Votes accepted starting: 03/24/06 13:01
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#67980 - 03/24/06 13:08 Re: When do you want to die? [Re: jcl]
ello Offline
Senior Expert

Registered: 10/28/02
Posts: 8939
Loc: planet.earth
well, it would be interesting to never die. at least if one would not be totaly alone and maybe if one could just travel everywhere without restrictions;) hmm, how unholy thoughts to be godlike?? if we are children of god, well if we grow up we'll be

i'd love to see what happens to the earth, when the sun bursts, when new stars are born. and and and..
and i'd love to have a look at the big attractor beyond
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#67981 - 03/24/06 15:08 Re: When do you want to die? [Re: ello]
Joozey Offline

Registered: 10/04/04
Posts: 4134
Loc: Netherlands
The idea to be able to do everything, witness everything, and explore everything sounds really cool. If I had the choise, I probably want to live forever. I am just too curious. If eventualy 500 mil years passed, I want to know what comes next...
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#67982 - 03/24/06 17:12 Re: When do you want to die? [Re: Joozey]
Hellcrypt Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 09/05/05
Posts: 357
Loc: Florida
We would probably go insane if we live that long. By around 140 years you will be bored as hell and won't care anymore. Why bother working and getting a job, getting a family is kind out of the question since your kids will get older than you, but I guess you still can have a family. Kind of difficult to imagine what will happen if we will drive ourselves insane or not, but still curious at what technological advancements we will achieve.
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#67983 - 03/25/06 00:19 Re: When do you want to die? [Re: Hellcrypt]


When do you want to die?

Tuesday will be fine.

#67984 - 03/25/06 00:59 Re: When do you want to die?
mpdeveloper_B Offline

Registered: 02/22/06
Posts: 2185
as long as i get a wife and possibly have children i can die happily, even in the next 10-15 years.
- aka Manslayer101

#67985 - 03/25/06 04:49 Re: When do you want to die? [Re: jcl]
ulillillia Offline
Senior Expert

Registered: 02/21/03
Posts: 6818
Loc: Minot, North Dakota, USA
Certainly more than 100,000 years. From something I read a while ago, anyone born in the 1970's and later has a sufficient chance of living well past 100 years and those born in the 1980's and later, an indefinite life span is possible. I don't recall where I read it, but this was based on our accelerating technological advances. Heh, just ten years down the road and there could be a cure for diabetes, AIDS, or even cancer and 30 years from now, micromachines that destroy harmful pathogens and replenish damaged cells could be highly possible.

Just look at the combination of technological advances from prehistory to AD 1500. Then look at 1500 to 1900. If we brought someone from 1960 to today (such as through a time machine), they could be confused on what things are nowadays. Bringing someone from 1804 to 1904 would be about the same as someone from 1960 to today, even though there is a shorter time span. It's exponentiating, creating a curve in the graph starting off slow but ending extremely fast.

Edit: Big hazards, like a supervolcanic eruption (Yellowstone), a nearby star going supernova, or even a dead, dark star coming along moving planets out of their orbits could all cause major loss in life. Another case, but several million years down the road, would be the Sun getting very hot (but then again, we could change the orbit of the Earth moving Earth further away to cancel this effect).

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#67986 - 03/25/06 04:58 Re: When do you want to die? [Re: ulillillia]
ICEman Offline

Registered: 08/11/02
Posts: 535
Loc: Michigan
I'd like to live a very very long time, so I can do great things and have as much of a taste of what earth as to offer to my senses and mind as possible.. but I wouldnt want to live forever.

I'd witness world wars 3-10.. all sorts of side catastropes.. and too many relationships of various kinds in my life will live and die when the other parties involved die.

Maybe if I adopted a less personal way of thinking about the mortality of friendships, relationships, family, and got used to the ugliness of mankind's way of existing and coexisting, I might not mind it so much after a while, but I think my emotional self would be too fragile to live more than a millenium or so, even if my body could.
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#67987 - 03/25/06 05:31 Re: When do you want to die? [Re: ICEman]
ulillillia Offline
Senior Expert

Registered: 02/21/03
Posts: 6818
Loc: Minot, North Dakota, USA

I'd witness world wars 3-10..

According to prophecies, we're in the midst of World War 3 right now....
"You level up the fastest and easiest if you do things at your own level and no higher or lower" - useful tip My 2D game - release on Jun 13th; My tutorials

#67988 - 03/25/06 11:26 Re: When do you want to die? [Re: ulillillia]
KoH Offline

Registered: 11/05/04
Posts: 595
all those people who want to live forever:
when the world ends, either you will go with it or you will spend eternity in the vacuum of space. doesn't sound too good to me
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