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Aum's faq list #98712
11/14/06 20:26
11/14/06 20:26
Joined: Aug 2003
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Bucharest, Romania
George Offline OP

George  Offline OP


Joined: Aug 2003
Posts: 2,008
Bucharest, Romania
This post will (hopefully) contain a list with all the questions (without the answers) that have appeared in Aum's faq section. This way, if you need to solve a coding problem quickly, you will be able to locate the needed magazine without having to go through the entire collection.

Here's my first contribution; I hope that others will get involved as well.


Q: I would like to display several pictures in a random order, matching the value of a random variable.
Q: Can you tell me what is vec_rotate? Where and how do I use it?
Q: Do you happen to have the code for a particle effect which will be created at a model's vertex position and will move upwards?
Q: I need a bonus score bitmap that appears on the screen and then moves upwards but fades away before it gets to the top of the screen.
Q: I need a function that reads a text from a file and copies it into string. Can you help?
Q: Is it possible to allow the player to walk on a sphere?
Q: How can I rotate a model around a certain vertex?
Q: How can I input some text? I mean like a text for player's name beneath his health bar.
Q: How can you position anything on an entity's coordinate axis instead of the world axis.
Q: In my game I have created a swamp. If I touch the swamp block and the player is moving, I want to hear the swamp.wav sound. How can I make this possible?


Q: I am using the flares from Aum37. I'd like to give them the ability to bounce off walls and entities - can you help?
Q: I have tried to use the shader from Aum XY but it didn't work; when I run the code I get the error "Malfunction ...". What should I do?
Q: How can I set the speed of the animation the way the animator wanted it to run? I want to play the animation at 25 fps no mater what the current frame rate is.
Q: Can you tell me how can I prevent the rifle from Aum58's workshop to go through the walls?
Q: How do I get my player to move regularly over an mdl surface? Right now the player just falls or walks through the terrain and doesn't detect it all.
Q: How do I turn off the creation of those annoying *.sav files?
Q: How can I have a light that glows systematically (like a red alarm)?
Q: I'd like to have an animation that starts slow, but goes much faster in the end, like a power hit with the sword.
Q: How can I synchronize lightning effects and thunder sounds?
Q: I need a key that can be picked up and a door that automatically opens when the player walks up to it (and has the key).

Re: Aum's faq list [Re: George] #98713
11/14/06 23:49
11/14/06 23:49
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mpdeveloper_B Offline
mpdeveloper_B  Offline

Joined: Feb 2006
Posts: 2,185
Q: i need to work on some ai, where can i find some that can work with my game?
Q: i need car ai, where can i find a working example?
Q: how can i work on making a lens flare, where when the player gets closer the flare gets smaller, and if he backs off it gets bigger?
Q: how can i make a sun flare that works like the default one, without using templates?
Q: how can i blend animations correctly using ent_blend?
Q: i want to know how to play an animation through after the player has pressed a button, even if he releases the button the animation should play all the way through, how do i get this effect?

i could also use a little help with the animation stuff and the sun flare

glad to help out george, seeing as this is your area of expertise

Last edited by Manslayer101; 11/14/06 23:55.

- aka Manslayer101
Re: Aum's faq list [Re: mpdeveloper_B] #98714
11/15/06 08:28
11/15/06 08:28
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vlau Offline
Serious User
vlau  Offline
Serious User

Joined: Aug 2005
Posts: 1,558
Here is the list for Unanswered questions (quesions only)
from Aum51 to Aum58 :

Aum 51

Q: I use the access code from Aum33 in my game and it works ok.
What should I change in order to make the door move upwards?

Q: I want to use your exequte function from Aum37 by attaching it
to a clickable entity. How do I do that?

Q: I'm using your camera code from Aum2's faq. When the player turns,
the camera turns with the same speed, but I want the camera to turn
slower. Can you help me?

Q: When I run my game after building the wmb, the splash screen stays
there instead of my game starting.

Q: Your serious grass script from Aum50 is great, but is it also possible
to recreate it as a action and assign it to an entity? For example, if the
player comes close to a entity, the entity random creates the grass models.

Q: I have a question concerning your Aum21 "Thanks" game. How can I shoot a
rocket even if there is another one in the level already?

Q: I have a large sky cube because I want high detail, but I have noticed
that it consumes a lot of memory. What would be the best method of keeping
good detail but not killing the game?

Q: Is there a way to display the movement of an entity on a panel?

Q: How can I use "bounce" to set the orientation of a bouncing object?

Q: Can anyone give me a sliding doors script that I can use in together
with my non-template wdl? I need to open a number of different doors by
using the space bar.

Aum 52

Q: I enjoyed the "elevators for skyscrapers" code from Aum36. Can I use
the keys on the keyboard to go to a certain floor? "1" would take me to the
first floor, "2" would take me to the second floor, and so on.

Q: How can I move objects using the mouse? When you click an object and
move it around the object should follow the mouse.

Q: How can i have a multi-language game (English / German)?

Q: How can I create a simple 3D side scrolling player and camera snippet?

Q: I'd like to know how to set the frame rate directly. I tried setting
fps_max at 60 but I was getting 56 fps. If I set the fps_max at 70, it was
running at 66.7 or so. Classic games, like Sonic and Mario, run at 60 fps and
the frame rate is kept as is. It's either I run at 56 (too slow and a little
jerky at times) or 67 (too fast). How do I set the fps at exactly 60?

Q: I'd like to have a switch that turns on / off a light; more than that, it should pop up a text when the player is touching it with the mouse. Is this possible?

Q: I want to place a panel on the screen (2d coordinates) exactly over a special 3d position. How can I do that?

Q: In my game I have a gun model. I don't want a player model but I want the gun to be attached to the screen like in a fps game. Can anybody help me?

Q: Has anyone tried to run the engine in a frame? I can see how it would be done using panels, overlaying the areas you don't want showing - but isn't that a waste of resources?

Q: Can I display the engine version on the screen? I am a beta tester and I'm not sure what version I'm running at a certain moment.

Aum 53

Q: Have you got a small clipping range example for us?

Q: I can't figure out how to run the older Aum scripts in full screen mode. They keep appearing as a large window. How do I fix this?

Q: How can you make an entity face another entity that triggered an event? The rotation should be progressive, using the pan angle.

Q: I am trying to make a simple 'collect 10 items and win' type game but really don't have a clue about coding. I would like an audio file to play every time I collect an item and I'd like a music file and splash screen to appear when all the items are collected.

Q: I have spent hours trying to figure out how I can add jumping to your code from Aum52's workshop. Can you help?

Q: How can I let 3DGS check if the game has been started with a specific command line (parameter)? If the parameter is missing I'd like to show a panel which says that the game wasn't started with the needed shortcut.

Q: Is there any way to stop my character from going through parts of my models? if I make a table the model goes through it until it hits a certain point or it can't get around the model because it's like a barrier around it.

Q: I've made a menu for my game with an "options" section. What's the best way to save the settings so that they don't reset back to the defaults every time the game is run?

Q: I want to play a sound with a random change of frequency. When I do that, the frequency of the other sounds that are played in my game is changed as well. How can I stop that?

Q: I was wondering how do you create a button that plays a full screen movie and then, only once the video is finished, loads a level.

Aum 54

Q: How can I play several music files in a loop, one after the other?

Q: How can I highlight an object in my strategy game by moving the mouse over it?

Q: How can I run a "while" loop (every frame) for a specified number of seconds?

Q: How can I create a decent looking torch effect?

Q: Can I play an animated movie (my logo) at the beginning of the game, and then display the main menu?

Q: How can I have an object that follows the player at all times? I'd like to be able to specify the distance to the player as well...

Q: I'd like to control the ambient in my game using the mouse wheel. Is this even possible?

Q: Do you know of a tool that can create robotic speech?

Q: I want an entity to become "player" if I click on it.

Q: How can I animate a sprite using ent_animate? I can't see the animation frames!

Aum 55

Q: How do I change the "eball" snippet from Aum14 so that I can fire the energy balls by clicking a panel?

Q: How can I put a looping avi in my space simulation game, inside the level?

Q: How can code it so when the player touches a model, that model plays an animation?

Q: I am trying to create menu that isn't using the mouse. How can I "click" a button if the cursor is placed over the button and I press a key on the keyboard?

Q: My player character is blocked by an invisible box around the objects, and not the objects' shapes. I seem to remember reading that A6 has polygon precise collision; how can I activate it?

Q: Is it possible to copy the value of a variable into a string?

Q: Is there any event that happens if an object doesn't touch any other object? Or is there any possibility to script that?

Q: How can I activate a switch using the middle mouse button?

Q: How can I create a panel at runtime using the new pan_create function?

Q: How can I attach a non-animated sword to my player model?

Aum 56

Q: How do you create a button that once clicked, loads and plays a full screen movie and then, when the video is finished, loads a level?

Q: Is it possible to make the player move only to the left and right side of the screen? When I press the left and right keys, the player rotates and I don't want that to happen.

Q: How can I stop a sound which was started with media_loop?

Q: Is there a way to run an external .exe from within a 3DGS panel? If so, how?

Q: I want my "stand" animation to start playing after 10 seconds, if no keys are pressed.

Q: I have downloaded several DLLs from Acknex Unlimited, but I don't know how to use them. Can you help?

Q: What can you do with those "positions" that can be added in Wed?

Q: How can I detect the distance between the player and a 3D sound source?

Q: I'd like to have a hallway that leads to several doors; each door would load a different level. Can you help?

Q: How can I create the code for an intro / splash screen movie that can be skipped using the "Esc" key?

Aum 57

Q: When my player shoots the walls I'd like to have a bullet hole effect.

Q: Can you show me a radar view example?

Q: I have a question about the customizable user interface from Aum 39. How can I move and keep the panel where I want it even after the engine is shut down?

Q: How can I check the name of a model from within the engine (like "pizza.mdl")?

Q: I need to use two sets of controls; the movement would be done with WSAD and the camera movement with the arrow keys.

Q: I would like to add a login module to my game so that the players can create a profile with different settings. These settings would be written out to a text file so that nothing is lost.

Q: Is there a way to hide the mouse pointer while I am using inkey to input some text?

Q: I want to have a model that behaves differently if it is shot or if the player is near it and presses a key. Can you help?

Q: How do I set up a key trigger? I would like to open a door by pressing space when I am near it.

Q: I would like to have a camera that follows the player and turns with it.

Aum 58

Q: How can I have an entity that rotates towards the player slowly if the player comes closer than 300 quants to it?

Q: I'm using the compass from Aum45. Is it possible to add a little wiggle to the needle when the player moves?

Q: I'd like to create day / night transitions using a fading entity. Can you help?

Q: I'm using your maniac-script from Aum3. Can you help me by adding gravity to the evil plants?

Q: How can I lock the player inside a big room with several doors that close one after the other?

Q: I need to have a box that can be pushed by the player. Can you help?

Q: Can you show me an example of a camera that turns slower behind the player?

Q: Do you happen to have a typewriter snippet example?

Q: How can I create a health pack that can be used by the player, as well as by its enemies?

Q: Is it true that the speed of the c_scan instruction depends on its scanning range?

Re: Aum's faq list [Re: vlau] #98715
11/15/06 08:58
11/15/06 08:58
Joined: Aug 2003
Posts: 2,008
Bucharest, Romania
George Offline OP

George  Offline OP


Joined: Aug 2003
Posts: 2,008
Bucharest, Romania
Thank you for the post, Vlau. I appreciate your effort; let's hope that others will add the missing questions.
Manslayer101: this section is supposed to list the questions that were answered in the previous AUMs. I collect these questions from the forum and I answer them in the magazine if the needed code requires a reasonable amount of work and can be used by many users.

Re: Aum's faq list [Re: George] #98716
11/15/06 11:18
11/15/06 11:18
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PHeMoX Offline
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PHeMoX  Offline
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Joined: Sep 2002
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|| AUM 50 ||

Q: I use your text engine from Morrowing. How can I have a different number of answers to choose from (1, 2, 3, or 4 answers)? Your code works fine, but I can’t have more than 2 answers at once.

Q: How can I show this message in my game: "Hello guardian, who are you?". The message must appear when I click an entity.

Q: How can I find the distance from mouse_ent to the camera?

Q: I have tried to create a dll but I can't use the function inside it; I keep getting this error message: “function not found in dll” although the function is there. What should I do?

Q: How can I have a weapon (in the first person mode) that affects the amount of light in the level?

Q: I'd like to have a weapon that needs to be reloaded after firing 30 bullets, using ammo packs. Can you help?

Q: How can I tell if a certain model exists in the game's folder?

Q: How can I pass an entity and the RGB colors as parameters? I'd like to create several colored entities using the same model.

Q: How can I make it so that when I touch my entity, it gives me this message: "Hi! I am darth vader"?

|| AUM 49 ||

Q: How can I create a main menu that includes a fire effect like in Quake3?

Q: I'd like to have a fly through, as well as a player's camera in my game. Can you help?

Q: Anyone knows how can I resize the in-game view" I have the game running at 1024x768 resolution, but I want to have a panel with a size of 1024x200 at the bottom of the screen and have the game running inside a 1024x568 window.

Q: How can I add several actions to one entity?

Q: I'd like to have entities that react when "space" is pressed, if they are "touched" by the crosshair. How can I do that?

Q: How can I create a sky that uses a sprite and the "cylinder" flag?

Q: I have captured video inside one of my games and I edited it with Windows Movie Maker, adding some cool effects to it. How can I take that file and use it in my game?

Q: Is it possible to make a quiz with A6?

Q: How can I get the closest vertex to the point where I have shot an enemy?

|| AUM 48 ||

Q: I use your split screen shooter from Aum 30. I was wondering how to change the firing rate; the weapon should fire every 1.3 seconds.

Q: What is the easiest method of creating a game like Virtua Cop? I want to use a lightgun so very simply put I need to just be able to "mouse click" on an enemy to kill it.

Q: I use your Star Wars text script and I was wondering how can I load a different level after the text has passed the screen?

Q: I don't like it when all files are in a single folder so I would want something like this.
- scripts
- graphics
- models
I don't want to use absolute paths, because the game can't find the scripts if I move the published game to a different folder. Can you help?

Q: Why does the engine think that my models are at a different place than where I put them in Wed?

Q: How can I attach a fps camera to an entity, say a car for example?

Q: I am having some difficulty clipping my particles in my level; it seems that no matter how I change my script the particles are not clipping.

Q: How can I remove all the entities from a level, even if they don't have an action attached to them?

Q: If my character starts the game facing one way how can I make it so she only walks the way she is facing and can't turn?

|| AUM 47 ||

Q: I use your forest script from Aum12, but I'd like the trees to be placed beside the road. Is this possible?

Q: I'd like to have some particle sparks appear where an object makes contact with the level geometry. Can you help?

Q: Just wondering if you may have a health bar script handy.

Q: I don't know how to trace forward (in player's looking direction). Is it possible to have a code that that is doing this?

Q: How can I create the code for a blurred view effect that doesn't use too many resources?

Q: I can't use "sleep" to count big time intervals because it isn't precise enough. Can I use sys_seconds instead?

Q: How can I create a simple login / password system for my game?

Q: I'd like to have only 3 objects appear randomly in 9 predefined positions. How can I do that?

Q: I'd like to see how my game performs on low end PCs, but I've only got one PC and it is pretty fast. Is there anything I could do about this?

[more to come, just posting this for now in case I mess up]

|| AUM 46 ||

Q: I'd like to have a tv that turns itself on / off depending on how close the player is to it. Can you help?

Q: I haven’t been able to update the intelligent elevator script to work with the later updates of A6. Can you help?

Q: I need to display a picture when the player approaches an invisible object at the end of the game.

Q: I was wondering if you could tell me how to create a star wars lightsaber effect.

Q: I use the starfield code from your "Planet Survivor" series. Is it possible to modify the code so that the starfield is always in front of my spaceship, even if I change its pan and tilt and I move it?

Q: I'd like to be able to go back and forth in my levels, while keeping the initial player pan angle. How can I do that?

Q: How can I create a cylinder of particles?

Q: If I have a panel with 3 buttons, can I hide one or two of them at times and show them again at another time?

Q: Can you show us how to use the mouse wheel in order to zoom in and out smoothly?

|| AUM 45 ||

Q: In Aum 21 the tanks have no gravity and if they are up in the air they will not go down the bottom. I know that this code was written for A5 but I'm trying to get it to work for A6; can you help?

Q: I was wondering if you could show me how to set up a rotating camera? Say you are in a room and you press 's' to start the camera rotating in around 360 degrees and then press 's' to stop it.

Q: I'd need a little jump-pad type code. I've positioned entities throughout the level, and when the character runs on them I'd like him to be thrusted about 30 - 40 scaled feet into the air. I'd also like to have a sound file associated with the trigger.

Q: I want to determine exactly where the bullet hits the entity. How can I get the closest vertex of the model?

Q: I'd like to have a panel that can be closed by clicking a small "X" in the upper right corner. Is this possible?

Q: How can I create a cone of particles?

Q: How can I smoothly fade one view into another?

Q: How can I replace all the "a" characters in a string with "b" characters?

Q: I'd like to be able to create objects (trees) at runtime and place them in front of the player. How can I do that?

|| AUM 44 ||

Q: I am using your security camera from Aum22. How can I scan for entities every second instead of using a random value?

Q: I'm using your security camera (Aum22). What can I do so that whenever the camera scans for entities, a small red light on the camera will be turned on and off?

Q: Can you please modify your force field code from Aum26? If I would set skill3 to 5 in Wed, the field would be on for 5 seconds and off for 5 seconds, and so on.

Q: Can you tell me how can I use health packs for the player from Sword Combat (Aum12)?

Q: How could I create an abyss which would kill the player if it falls into it?

Q: I was wondering if you can attach a sprite to a model and turn it on and off, depending on how close the model is to the camera.

Q: I'd like to have a pulsing crosshair: white cross - red cross - white cross.... Can you help?

Q: How can I create a shootable target that spins when you shoot it?

Q: How can I create a swarm of particles (bees, whatever) that keep rotating around the player?

|| AUM 43 ||

Q: I'd like to be able to rotate the camera around a specific entity (the target) when I press the left and right keys on my keyboard. Up and down should take me closer or farther to the target. Can you help?

Q: How do they do the movement in games like Prince of Persia? The prince is grabbing onto poles and swinging around; how do they make sure that the hands are placed perfectly on the pole every time, even if the distance you jumped from wasn't the same every time?

Q: If I would kick a box, how would I program it so that it moves in the opposite direction without losing its original pan and tilt angles?

Q: I want to create an inventory panel with four guns; the pcx image won't show up until I have picked up the corresponding weapon. Can you help?

Q: How can I create a splash screen that pops up before loading a level and disappears after a key is hit? The code should work for several levels.

Q: In some games, if there is an object that should be picked up or examined, the player will turn its head as you move near the object. How can we do that?

Q: I have a problem scripting the movement of a spacecraft that can go forward and make turns (it's a 2D game). I need the ship to 'slide' in turns, just like a car riding on ice. Can you help?

Q: I use your "intelligent music" snippet from Aum38. How could I assign that action to as many entities as I want without having each of them playing their own instance?

Q: Can you attach a typing sound to inkey somehow or do you have to write a new input function?

|| AUM 42 ||

Q: I'd need the code for a camera that allows you to fly freely in the level, and yet use collision detection. Can you help?

Q: Can you please tell me how can I use my models as a "resource"?

Q: Is there a simple method that would allow me to compute and display the number of frames per second? I can't use the default debugging panel in my game.

Q: I'd like to be able to control 200 different actors for my strategy game but I don't like the idea of defining 200 separate pointers for them. What can I do?

Q: I need to place many trees at certain positions on my terrain and doing that in Wed takes too long. Is there an alternative method?

Q: I'd like to show an "Alert!" panel on the hud whenever one player's enemies can be seen. How can I do that?

Q: Is there a simple method to create a "hot" floor that would decrease player's health?

Q: Would it be possible to turn on the lights that are close to the player automatically and turn them off as soon as the player gets away from them?

Q: How I create a fire ring that follows the player all the time?

|| AUM 41 ||

Q: I use your cutcam.wdl from Aum6 but I'd like to be able to look around while the camera follows the path. Can you help?

Q: I use the 3rd Person movement code from the Aum37's faq. It works great, but I'd like the camera to pan around the player when the mouse is moved to the left or right. Can you help me?

Q: In Aum6 there's a car demo script. How can I remove the damage code to make it invincible?

Q: I started to create a game. When the player changes the level I want to play a cutscene movie, then a level1.wav file, load the second level and then play the level2.wav file. How can I do that?

Q: How can I attach a weapon to the player in 1st person mode if I can't use a "entity" definition?

Q: When we shoot between the enemy legs we will hit the enemy instead of the ground. Can you help, please?

Q: How could I create a splash screen? The player would have to press the "Space" key in order to continue to the game.

Q: I was wondering how I can use the multidimensional arrays in A6.3.

Q: How I can make a part of a house transparent, so that I can see the Soldiers inside it?

|| AUM 40 ||

Q: I'd like to have a dynamic light source that changes its color gently between 2 specified RGB colors. How can I do that?

Q: I have a question about the force field code in AUM 26. Could I shoot the force field to turn it off?

Q: How would I go about writing a code to make a door open vertically kinda like a garage door? Also with some kinda switch to activate the door?

Q: I have a question about your code for Thanks, the tank game from Aum. When I drive forwards I can drive thru all the walls. I use A6 commercial; can you help me?

Q: I'm having some trouble with some particle effects; on startup the engine is showing the error 1517 - no level. After clicking OK, the level is running as expected. Can anyone give me a solution?

Q: I was going through George Pirvu's pathfinding tutorial from Aum. I used the code in Aum31 exactly as it was. If you try to use the code in any level other than the one that was provided with the tutorial, during runtime, you keep getting "invalid array index" errors. Has anyone used the code from that tutorial and made it work for themselves?

Q: I understand that A6 has a limit of 8 dynamic lights at the moment. I was wondering if it would be possible to use more lights by monitoring player's position in the level and removing the lights that are far away from it.

Q: I'm trying to figure out how to get a model of a person to respond to contact like a bruise.

Q: Any pcx file shows the black color (RGB: 0,0,0) transparent. Is this a problem with my computer? How can I fix it?

Q: I have trees, bushes and grass textures. How do I turn them into tga sprites with transparent backgrounds?

|| AUM 39 ||

Q: I liked the "Intelligent music" article from Aum38; how can I make the music change from gentle to tense and back every time I come close to / get away from the entity?

Q: I would need some code for an actor that waits until the player has come close to it and then rotates towards the player, plays a sound and creates 3 entities. Can you help?

Q: I liked your "Editable texts" article from Aum38; I was wondering if I could use that code to display some numbers for my game.

Q: I am using the race script that was developed in Aum. How can we make player's car create sparks when it hits the wall?

Q: I am using the access code from Aum 33; how do I edit the door script to make it open upwards?

Q: I haven't figured out how to make a script file for my models when I use the A5 export from milkshape. Can you help?

Q: I need a script which makes an entity invisible and visible every few seconds. If you shoot the entity and it is visible the player will get some points. Can you please help me?

Q: I need a simple level changing script when I move over an entity and then I want to play a movie file for a cutscene. Can you help me?

Q: I wish to create a game involving combat where 2 people fight each other using swords. It would be neat to be able to show sparks flying when swords meet. Is it possible with the physics engine to get the position of the collision (or some other smarter technique) so I can see which parts of the models collided?

|| AUM 38 ||

Q: How do you get one actor to follow another?

Q: I'm trying to write my own weapons. How can I attach particles to the trace instruction? I don't want the script written for me just an idea.

Q: I have a model of a tree. I want to be able to walk right up to the trunk, but the bounding box won't allow me to do that because of the leaves.

Q: How can I close a gate (as a trap) behind the player if he's walking through a laser beam?

Q: I need some simple level changing code for a project that includes 9 levels. A simple box and a figure that shows the level number will do the job.

Q: I'm making a game and I was wondering know can I insert a movie (avi) file. At a certain point the movie would be triggered.

Q: How would I go about reading the names of planets from a text file into an array, set random x, y and z coords for each planet, save these to a new file, and then load them as the player approaches?

Q: I tried the project from Aum37's faq ( and I'd like to ask you to make a small change to it: when I turn and want to go in that direction I'd like to push "W" for forward, whatever direction that is.

Q: How can we make big levels with terrains but don't lose performance ?

|| AUM 37 ||

Q: I tried your physics demo from Aum36 but it didn't work with A6.20 commercial. Am I doing something wrong?

Q: I'm trying to use different panels for different views. Let's say that I use panel1 for 1st person view, and then, when I press F7 to the next view (say 3rd person view) it turns off panel1 and changes to panel2. How can I do that?

Q: How can I create an analog clock?

Q: I like your physics code in AUM36, it is quite impressive. I was wondering, though, how you made the movie?

Q: How do I create a ball that picks a random speed and a random direction? And how do I make it bounce off the walls in a random direction?

Q: We use the chopper code aka takeoff.wdl to make our own in-game cut scenes. We are wondering if you can tell us how to make the chopper fly away and return to the game without shutting down the engine.

Q: Can you add the code for speed boost to your AI car demo? When a car collects some item it gets a speed boost for a few seconds.

Q: I use your car AI and when I crash the car into walls, I'd like it to move a bit backwards, like in a real crash.

Q: What I am trying to achieve as far as player movement seems to be a standard movement among most 3rd person games (Maximo, Metal Gear Solid, Rygar, Devil May Cry, etc). When the player pushes forward the character moves forward. When the player pushes back the character turns and moves backwards. The character will rotate and basically move in the direction the player desires. Can anybody help?

Q: In Aum18 there's an inventory workshop; it has a ring which's used to cast a fire that's so great, but the fire doesn't hurt anyone...

|| AUM 36 ||

Q: How can I move just a single row of vertices in a certain direction in Med?

Q: I'd just like to know how I can find out how many guys are touching an entity.

Q: Is it possible to code your full screen flare effect from Aum34's faq in such a way that it will work ok if the pan angle for the sun isn't zero?

Q: I'd like to see some code sample that moves the player like in modern games (WS = forward / back, AD = strafe left / right, mouse rotates the camera view).

Q: I'd like to use your Splinter Cell code from Aum32 with shootable lights. Is this possible?

Q: How can I make the player scan for entities?

Q: How do I get a model to constantly look at the mouse cursor?

Q: Can anyone tell me how can I create a bullet for my 3rd person character?

Q: I use your car scripts as a base for my driving script, but I ran into trouble with handling slopes and aligning the vehicle to slopes. Can you help?

|| AUM 35 ||

Q: How can I display the status of a flag using the instant debugger from Aum25?

Q: I would like to have a much bigger size digits for my Ammo / Health / Armor panel (original digfont.pcx). How can I achieve such a thing?

Q: How can I switch and fade between two cameras?

Q: I have a game over screen that currently fades in and out until the user presses a key. I was wondering if it was possible to dynamically scale the bmap so that it gave the impression of it going from small to big and back again.

Q: Has somebody done any working example playing an avi file on a mdl entity?

Q: How can I make cursor visible on a panel and allow user to enter string in it?

Q: I would like a code to attach to all decorative entities (plants, trees), so that I can place them in Wed and the code will have them move down vertically so that they are on the terrain

Q: How can I make a light move throughout a level? I want the light to follow a certain path.

Q: I want the player to be able to load and save his position during the game. It's a short game, so a simple quick save / quick load would be enough.

|| AUM 34 ||

Q: Could you please show me how to use a first person view camera with your Sword Combat code in Aum12?

Q: I would like to have a looping sound attached to one of the robot-scripts. How can this be done?

Q: How could I implement a panel that will fade in and out depending on the player's pan angle? The panel would simulate a fullscreen flare effect.

Q: I was able to associate the problem I'm having with a .sav file that is created when I run my project. When I delete it, everything works ok. Is there anything I can do to turn this thing off?

Q: Is there anything that would cut off the display of a text object? I mean out of nowhere, it justs stops displaying the string even though there is plenty of room left to display it?

Q: How can you create a panel that only appears under certain conditions? For example a special panel coming up when you reach full health.

Q: I was wondering if there was any way to have my character smoothly go from the final frames of the walk cycle into the first frames of the standing cycle.

Q: Any tips on how to make my game panels have the same size on all resolutions?

Q: I'm wondering what I would do to change the camera from the path it's on to the normal 1st person view.

|| AUM 33 ||

Q: I'm using the stationary-gun code from Aum30. How do I control the weapon with the mouse (not with the arrow keys)?

Q: How could I edit your Perfect AI code? I want the player to come as close to an enemy as he wants; as long as he is hidden in the shadows, they won't see him.

Q: I use your minimap from Aum27, but I'd like it to rotate when the player changes its pan angle. Can you help?

Q: I've just started the code for my player. By default I want to have it playing a "stand" animation; when you press a specific key, I'd like it to play another animation, but only once through the cycle of frames.

Q: I would like to display something like a one way portal that allows the player to teleport to another part of the level. Is it possible?

Q: Could you show me a simple event_trigger example?

Q: Is there any script that corrects position of the pistol if you change camera to 3rd person? The pistol used in A5's templates has a weird position...

Q: I was wondering how you can get your guy to start with a weapon...

Q: I want to output to a text file and am looking for a tabspace character; \t or 'tabspace' do not work, although line feed (\n) works! Help me!

|| AUM 32 ||

Q: How can I pass a parameter to the A6 executable?

Q: I use the splitscreen shooter from Aum30 but the players don't have gravity. Can you help?

Q: I use your timer.wdl from Aum11. How should I modify the code if I want to be able to disable the bomb by clicking it again?

Q: I'd like to have a bomb that starts ticking as soon as the level is loaded and explodes after a specified number of seconds. Can you help me?

Q: How can I add an action to a map entity if I want to be able to change its angles using the four arrow keys?

Q: I'd like to be able to display a long text letter by letter, not all the text at once. Is this possible?

Q: How can I get the names of the entities, as they appear in Wed, at runtime?

Q: How can I have a different crosshair for each weapon please?

Q: In the game World War III you can change the graphics in the options menu and it will tell you after 10 seconds the performance that game would play in. How would I do something like this?

|| AUM 31 ||

Q: I read Aum 26 and really enjoyed the force field code, but I can't figure out how to move the particles up and down, just like the lift in the office level.

Q: One of the codes that I like most is John Wayne from Aum 9. How can I make the weapons bob?

Q: Trying to set up a simple fire effect for torches is beyond my comprehension. Can you help?

Q: Can I have a simple health pack code, please?

Q: In your Shoot 3rd project (Aum14), after enemy's death, the player and the bullet can move through the corpse easily. I want to do the same thing in my project, but it isn't working, even after setting "passable" for my enemies in Wed! What I am doing wrong?

Q: My game uses several wad files. I'd like to have a single wad file that contains all the textures used in my game; if it possible to do that without extracting the textures manually?

Q: I have built two sky spheres for my level. I'd like to be able to control their rotation speed and transparency under "Properties" in Wed.

Q: I can't seem to get "exec" to work; can you show me an example?

Q: I like the sword combat code in AUM12 but I'm having a hard time making it first person. I've altered the camera so that it rests inside the player but when you attack the model lunges forward and you can see it.

Q: I have an animated sprite of an explosion, but I need it to cycle thru the animations slower... how do i do this?

|| AUM 30 ||

Q: I made a terrain in med, but my model will only move about 1/2 way across it and either stop or act like it is against a wall or something.

Q: How do I make good textures without borders?

Q: I know that you can change the values of color depth and the video resolution using " video_switch ", but how can I restore the initials values of the system?

Q: How can I create a level block that has a specified size in quants, for example 20 x 30 x 40?

Q: Could you please give me a draw_textmode example?

Q: I have a skysphere model that follows the player around as he walks. Since the sphere is smaller than the level, the player can't see objects that are farther away than the edge of the skysphere model. Will this allow the computer to run faster, or is everything outside of the skysphere still rendered?

Q: Is it possible to have one model react to fog #1 and another model react to fog#2?

Q: How do you make the player move to the next level when he has accomplished all the mission objectives?

Q: How can I activate something with several triggers? Let's say I want to open a door and the first button needs to be off, the second button on, and the third button off to open the door.

|| AUM 29 ||

Q: I'm using the sword combat wdl in Aum12 and I need help adding gravity to the player and enemy. Please help!

Q: How can I set the strength of the fog in my levels? I use camera.fog = 1..100 but I get the same effect.

Q: Can someone please explain how to make a movement similar to Counterstrike. As in normal walking is running and shift halves the speed. I'm using the templates.

Q: I'm trying to program a block where you step on it and a door opens, but I don't want to handcode each door, so for each block I just want it to point to a door so I can open it and give it a generic function. Is this possible?

Q: I have a gun and I can walk. If I fire a bullet I walk very slowly. Is this normal?

Q: How can I play AVIs on a sprite?

Q: Can anyone please tell me how to replace the sprite used by the rocket launcher with particles?

Q: Is there a way to change patrol_path so that it uses a 3D path?

Q: I've seen people do some really incredible terrain with lod and grass etc. Just wondering if someone has the patience to share a clue with me.


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AUM 28 and 27 [Re: George] #98717
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||AUM 28||
Q: How do you merge models in MED?

Q: How can I avoid being detected by the enemies if the player has morphed to another model?

Q: I use hit_smoke and hit_sparks for one of my weapons to make it look like a cloud of dust if you shoot the ground; my problem is it also does it if I shoot
a human there an easy way to stop this?

Q: I just upgraded from demo to Extra... all the actors now have a white square at their feet where they touch the ground. Any ideas?

Q: How many events can an action have?

Q: I have created a 2D / 3D side scroller game and I want the camera to track a point X distance in front of the player.

Q: How do I use handle and ptr_for_handle?

Q: When I start the level, my warlocks turns around and walk back against the wall. How can I make them just stand? I use the premade action actor_walk_fight.

Q: How do I get a health bar to be displayed above an enemy's head?

||AUM 27||
Q: Can I create an entity, assign it an action and when my player touches it the engine will play an avi file with sound?

Q: I use your dart game from Aum23. How can I prevent multiple darts from being fired when the player clicks the mouse quickly several times?

Q: How can you display a bar in the top left corner which shows how much armor you have left (like a health bar)?

Q: How can I keep only the 1st person view and not change views when the player presses F7?

Q: How can I place a panel on the screen which changes its bmp automatically for the three main resolutions (640, 800, and 1024 pixels)?

Q: I would like to be able to reload my weapons when I press the "R" key. How can I do that?

Q: I am making a game that needs to play a sound when the player collides with one of the level blocks, but the sound keeps playing while you are colliding
with the block. How would you change it so that the sound only plays once when you hit the wall?

Q: I have no idea how to do this thing about defining the width and height of my font. Can anybody help?

Q: I am working with a lot of panels on the screen, and I need to be able to move them around the screen. Is there a way that i can find out which panel was clicked? Kinda get the panels name...
A: The next engine update (A6.1) will include the panel pointer. Read more about it and see a code sample in "Hot features".

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|| AUM 26 ||

Q: I'm making a model of a helicopter, but I want the player to be able to go inside it (similar to delta force). I have found out that the bounding box prohibits this; I'm sure there's a way around it anyone know?

Q: When I run my map all I get is nothing but a black screen with "A5" written in the far top right corner and nothing shows up, even after about fifteen minutes.

Q: I use your Resident Evil camera from Aum4 in my game and everything works swell until I move to the 2nd floor of the building. If my player gets closer to one of the ground floor cameras, it will switch to it (even though I am still on the 2nd floor above the camera). How can I fix that?

Q: Some models (quake2 mdl files) don't run properly in 3DGS; when I assign them the function "player_walk" they don't show walking animation when I walk with them. The models include walking animations.

Q: I would like to have an enemy generator; when I kill an enemy, another one should replace it and so on. Is it possible?

Q: If you want mipmaps on your model, do the skin measurements have to be a power of 2 and / or be square?

Q: How can I change the keys to jump in player_walk_fight?

Q: I get an error 041 - lightmap space overrun, but I don't see this anywhere in the manual. What does this mean?

Q: I have a var defined this way: var force[3]; let say I execute this line force = 4; will the content of force be 4, 4, 4 or 4, 0, 0?

Q: I would like to know if anyone has an example for custom acknex.wdf files.

|| AUM 25 ||

Q: I need a simple action that does the following thing: when the "W" key is pushed, the entity should cycle through its "wave" movement once.

Q: I have an animated texture on a block and it is really slow.... does anybody have any idea how to speed it up some?

Q: Can you tell me what is the function and in what file is the function that is activated by right click?

Q: I have added an entity to my level and it is named lampe_mdl_020. How can I get the values of its skills using C-script?

Q: Once you set an entity as something, can you clear it, so that character no longer equals you?

Q: Is there a way to have a sound follow an entity around as it moves?

Q: How can I create vars for entitys, like my._stupidhat?

Q: When I use the inkey command to accept user input, how can I position it?

Q: I am using ent_move for my player but anything that is set to passable will act just like a solid. What can I do?

Q: I want to make a little triangle above the enemy so you can see if he is mad or not.

|| AUM 24 ||

Q: How can I see the bullet marks created with hit_hole on all the walls, regardless of their distance to the player?

Q: How can I make that the crosshair visible at game start, without having to press the "K" key to show it?

Q: I was wondering if I could change a model's mesh depending on the video resolution that was set in the menu. This would increase the frame rate on weaker PCs.

Q: How can I create a flickering light?

Q: How can I speed up or slow down player's walking speed?

Q: I would like to change the bitmap for a panel at runtime. Is it possible?

Q: How can I get unlimited ammo for one of my weapons?

Q: How do I make the player invulnerable for 20 seconds?

Q: How do I assign a name to a player in multiplayer mode?

|| AUM 23 ||

Q: Please give me an example for a particle effect that uses beam!

Q: I would like to have different sounds for every template gun - is this possible?

Q: How can I use the mouse wheel to scroll through the weapons?

Q: I'm still searching for the code where the smoke trail for the rocket launcher is defined. Can you help me?

Q: I would like to have a counter that starts as soon as the level loads and counts down from 120 seconds to 0. How can I do that?

Q: Does anyone know how can I control the sounds volume of a certain sound? I know about sound_vol, but it controls the volume of all the wav sounds.

Q: I can open a file and write the data in it, but the new data always overwrites the old data. How can I fix that?

Q: I would like to create a camera effect; the camera should rotate around the player when I press a key. The center of the circle is the player and the camera should move around it, always facing the player.

Q: I have created an attack animation for my character; I want to play the entire animation when I press the left mouse button.

|| AUM 22 ||

Q: I can't make the emit_fish function emit in the users view direction. We want it to shoot like a gun, but it will only go in a straight line.

Q: I'm using the blades from Aum in my level. How can I make them come out of the floor? I want to have them active all the time..up and down.

Q: I like the tank code in Aum21 and I want to improve the AI for the enemy tanks. How can I compute the tilt angle for their turrets if I know the distance to the player?

Q: How can I make entity1 to look at entity2?

Q: I need some code for a fighting game. The camera should look to a point between the player and the enemy.

Q: I would like to load several levels using different strings that are set at runtime. Is this possible?

Q: How can I backup my flags and skills, before I do a level change?

Q: Does the file packer pack everything into one file, or can you set it up to create multiple files?

Q: Why and how should I use trigger_range and event_trigger?

|| AUM 21 ||

Q: Did anybody have problems with sky domes? I can see them in the list of the models in Wed but when I place them in the level they don't seem to appear.

Q: I have some hanging lights in my level that I want to look red and emit red light as well. How can I achieve realistic lighting on mdls?

Q: How do I make it so when I fall inside a hole I go to the next level?

Q: Is it possible to press a button to skip a splash screen?

Q: The sword combat script in Aum12 uses vec_for_vertex to get the vertex for player's sword. I want to use vec_for_vertex for the enemy sword as well. How does vec_for_vertex know whose vertex is it referring to: player or enemy?

Q: I have created a level with some warlocks. When I change their health and start the level, they turn around and walk back against the wall. I use the action actor_walk_fight.

Q: Is there any way to mix map entities and sprites in order to create a prefab?

Q: Is there a way to replace the skill numbers in WED with alpha - numerical text?

Q: How can I change the frames for an entity using the keys "+" and "-"?

|| AUM 20 ||

Q: I need some code that will play a specific animation when certain events occur.

Q: Why do you put this line in some of your functions?

Q: Can someone tell me how can I use Q2 models in A5? When I try to use them they animate the whole sequence.

Q: I would like to link 3 models under one action, to make a vehicle kinda like those in HALO.

Q: How do I create a switch that changes the color of a light source?

Q: Are F2 and F3 hardcoded to quicksave and quickload? I would like to modify them...

Q: I've been working on an arena style shooter similar to UT but I can't get the weapons to respawn!

Q: I have scaled my player down to 25%, trying to get a big world look and feel. Now I want to move the camera upwards - how can I do that?

Q: Is there any script to open a door with a mouse click instead of spacebar?

Q: Does anyone know a way to disable the z axis movement in Steroidz (Aum10)?

|| AUM 19 ||

Q: How can I make my player to loose energy when it comes close to another entity?

Q: When I try to build my level I get this error message: "Block outside level boundaries". What can I do?

Q: I want to open a dll in main and then close it before the app exits. When I hit esc the app just closes, how can I catch all close messages to make sure I close the dll?

Q: I know it is easy, I know it is in the manual, but can someone help me with the code to put a panel on the screen?

Q: When I save my model it's like it has a save snap that moves some vertices to the closest snap measurement.

Q: How would one scale a 250x250 panel, which only contains a bitmap of the same size, 3 times its normal size at runtime?

Q: I have a sword and when the player reaches a certain distance near the sword he can pick it up by pressing the spacebar. Is this possible?

Q: I use the Sword Combat code in Aum12 for my game. Is it possible to jump forward when I press space? If I press the spacebar the player should jump a distance.

Q: I create my terrain as a combination of level geometry and heightmaps. I want to limit the vertical climbing abilities of game characters in the heightmap area of my maps by making an invisible ceiling but leaving the skysphere visible. Is this possible?

Q: How would I use vec_to_mesh or vec_for_mesh to emit particles from say, three different vertices on a sword model?

|| AUM 18 ||

Q: When the player clicks a certain door, instead of opening it he will pass to the next level. How do i do that?

Q: I would like to see a panel with the weapons I've got so far when I press Ctrl. Can I do that?

Q: I have a train model and tracks in mdl; does any one know how to set it to follow the track?

Q: Is there a way to place an object in Wed and have the camera follow the player from that specific point?

Q: I am getting a syntax error when I try to do enemy1[0].y = 0; but it works ok when I remove the array: enemy1.y = 0. Why can't I use an entity property with an array?

Q: How do you use the push value if you want the player to move through an entity but not another entity?

Q: When a gun model emits a bullet model, does A5 automatically angle the emitting object's front position according to the main model?

Q: Is there a way to manipulate the robot2 action so that the distance of the shots isn't very far as if to use a sword?

Q: I want to make a (player) health bar that gets bigger with 5% with every new level.

|| AUM 17 ||

Q: How can I add an engine sound to the car code in Aum10?

Q: How do I create a panel that says: "press any key to continue" for every level that is loaded?

Q: How do I make my player disappear when it enters a vehicle and reappear when it gets out of the vehicle?

Q: I use the car code in Aum10 and I'd like to know how to make my player face the same direction as the car after entering it; now the car receives my player's pan value which doesn't look right.

Q: How do I do, that when the player picks up a gun, it actually holds the gun in the third person view?

Q: I would like to use the keys WSAD for movement; is it possible if I am using the templates?

Q: How can I increase or reduce player's health or armor smoothly instead of taking one big chunk of it?

Q: How do I do that when the player clicks "use" on a certain object, it moves to the next level, and restores health and armor?

Q: I'm trying to do a car racing game; what do I need to call the left, right, etc animation frames when I press the corresponding keys?

|| AUM 16 ||

Q: How can I create an action that will give the player some points and when it has over 100 points the player will be able to open a door?

Q: How can I use your cash script in Aum9 to buy a gun?

Q: How can I put in video clip at the beginning of the game and into the loading of the second level?

Q: Help! My player can't climb up the stairs!

Q: Is it possible to change the key_force to be different keys in the movement code?

Q: When my model turns I want it to turn back with the same animation but reversed when I release the button.

Q: Whenever I pick up my weapons, they are placed in a wrong position. What can I do?

Q: How can I rotate a panel?

Q: By default the Game Studio fires a white and grey trail from the enemy weapon to the player. How do you change what the enemey fire looks like?

|| AUM 15 ||

Q: How can I add another animation to your sword combat code in Aum12?

Q: How would I get a sound to initiate when an object passes within a certain radius of a model, and a different event to occur when it hits the model?

Q: Is there a way of making an invisible block which allows the player to pass through but not the enemy actors. The player still needs to be able to shoot through it ?

Q: How can i create flying enemies?

Q: I would like to click the mouse and have the mouse click go through one panel, but be intercepted by the panel below; the mouse is holding an object which is in fact a panel.

Q: I've been working on a little clock script and got all the parts to work pretty well; how can I get the names of weekdays or months to show up?

Q: Is it possible to shoot from two different vertices at the same time?

Q: Is there a script to make the background music throughout the game but I don't want midi, I prefer .wav

Q: I use the campath script in Aum6 for the intro in my game and I need to load a new level when the camera reaches a certain area. How can I do that?

Q: How can I use your random forest script in Aum12 if the level isn't centered in the origin?

|| AUM 14 ||

Q: Ok I got the blade code from AUM. Yeah it works, but it doesn't hurt the enemies. Any help would be welcome.

Q: I need code that will allow me to click and move a panel on the screen as long as I keep pressed the left mouse button.

Q: If you have a text string too big for your panel, will the engine automatically scroll it for you?

Q: How can I create a weapon that fires another model made by me?

Q: I'm having serious trouble with the level_load command. I have created a level that gives information to the player. When the function that displays this information is finished, it loads another level. The level loads, but the origional function (which is called from main) will not reinitiate.

Q: I'm trying to replicate a church in Italy. I want to have very clear looking images. I'm getting an error that says the sprite file size is too big for my video card. How can I insert these paintings and windows efficiently?

Q: Is it possible to have sprites in a compiled map entity? When I compile a map entity with a sprite in it, the sprite just doesn't show up after loading the wmb file.

Q: How can I use the vbar command?

Q: I start a level, add my terrain to it, save my work and build. I get an error: ca'nt read interim file xxx.$$p. What's happening?

Q: Is it possible to use an animated gif, or any other animated picture file, as a splashmap?

|| AUM 13 ||

Q: I have downloaded some plant models but when I put them in a level they have a strange black frame around their leaves. What should I do?

Q: How can I deform things and persons?

Q: How do you get a pcx file to play without morphing an entity into the pcx?

Q: I am searching for a script which blurs the textures when you come closer to them. When you walk close to a building the wall will blur so you don't see the texture as ugly blocks.

Q: When I test my level and I move upwards, it starts to fly. How do I prevent this?

Q: How go I get each entity to follow its own defined path?

Q: I want a script that will rotate a camera around the origin (0,0,0), 45 degrees per click. Could someone help me?

Q: Anyone knows how to load in a bitmap during runtime?

Q: I attach weapons to my actors; how can I remove the weapons if the actors die?

Q: How can I have a progressive zoom using your code in Aum11?

|| AUM 12 ||

Q: What is the difference between "smoth" shadows and regular shadows?

Q: How can I make it so that when I touch a cd it will take me to the new level?

Q: I have the standard version of 3D Gamestudio so I cant import terrain files. I could use models; is there a way to make my terrain model not passable, so my player can walk on it?

Q: How do you make actors that have skin animations (a character blinks his eyes or opens his mouth)?

Q: Can someone give me a script that moves an entity using the arrow keys, but it does not move the camera anywhere?

Q: I need the cursor to change when I scroll over an npc. Can you help?

Q: I use the "pathcamera" code in Aum6. I need to stop the camera when it reaches the last point in the path.How do I do that?

Q: I'd like to keep the bullet hole marks on the walls - is it possible?

Q: I have a few models and I need them to walk using the walk frames; I also have a character that has a "stand still" animation. Do you have some code?

Q: How do you check if the player has entered a certain street?

|| AUM 11 ||

Q: I try to paste your code from Aum but I get errors about missing vars, etc; what should I do?

Q: I'd like to know how much video memory eats a texture of a certain size:

Q: I need some code that will show a panel above my npc when I click on it. Can you help?

Q: I like your Resident - Evil camera code in Aum4, but I was wondering if you could tell me how I should do if I want the cam to be frozen, and not follow the player.

Q: I have played around with the menu system in Aum8 and it works fine. However, when I include my level named "Level1.wmb" I get player_move - action not found, etc. I'm not sure how you should tie all the elements together for my level to run when you click on "New Game".

Q: How can I make an enemy take more shots to kill than another?

Q: I have created a function which counts the seconds the game is running at the end of the main function. The time already starts running when the splashscreen is displayed. How can I avoid this?

Q: What exactly does animdist do?

Q: What is wdfc.exe and what can u do with it?

Q: I bought the "100 3D Actionmodel-pack" from Sybex, but some models are too big for my project. I have tried to resize them in Med, but when they started their action they suddenly changed back into their "normal" height. How can I make the models smaller?

|| AUM 10 ||

Q: I'm working on a multiplayer game which is working fine starting through WED if I use -sv, -cl etc. How do you go about coding the startup files?

Q: I like your footprint code in Aum9; how can I change it to create footprints only when the player is outdoors?

Q: How can I make that my enemy hear sounds and attack me?

Q: How can you define a variable for a certain entity and then change its properties?

Q: I have started to play a wave file by pressing the space button in my action. The wave file plays once from beginning to end. Can I stop it somehow before it ends?

Q: I am trying to create a speedo for my game. I would like to use 2 panels; the first is the clock, and the second is the needle that indicates the speed. I need to make the needle rotate or 'roll'. Is this possible with a panel?

Q: Can you change a Map entities texture by script?

Q: I was wondering if there is a way, instead of deleting the particle when the particle life expires, but to delete the particle when it passes a certain position or becomes X far away from where it started?

Q: I'm using Geometricks' attach_entity function. I did a generic attach statement, but my models were scaled, so the guns did not line up correctly. Can I scale the guns via script to match a model scaled in WED?

Q: Is there a way for a (template) enemy to slowly fade from existence after a certain time and then remove itself?

|| AUM 9 ||

Q: I need some code for a vertical mirror - can you help?

Q: You make the second level in a game and use the same script as before. When you click run, does it always have to go at the beginning of the game?

Q: In my game the camera passes through some of the walls from time to time and I want these walls to disappear when this happens. What should I do?

Q: I have windows Xp and I tried to run the office level. I did not modify it. I just opened and tried to run it. This is what I got: Engine malfunction w/30/ <OFFICE.WMB>can't open file

Q: I started learning WDL and I made a pong-like game with the help of Rémi's tutorial. I want to make a block that sinks 10 units in the ground or disappears when it is hit by the ball.

Q: I cannot get that 'camera follows path' code snippet from AUM6 to work. Any step by step guide would be much appreciated.

Q: Is there a way to make the m16 bullets travel farther?

Q: I know that you have to press "k" for the crosshair but in which script is it defined so I can change it?

Q: When I pick up a weapon it isn't placed ok. How do I change its position in first person perspective?

Q: Is it possible to have make a multiplayer game where different players are in different levels (maps)?

|| AUM 8 ||

Q: I'd really like to know the best method of setting up my gun so that the bullet has a smoke trail but not the standard square blocky pixels.

Q: I have a snipe action in the main wdl of my game and i was wondering how to go about making it so you could only snipe if you have a gun number 5 or higher.

Q: When I press the right mouse button I move forward. How can I get rid of this?

Q: I want to add infrared vision to my game. How can I do this?

Q: Please help me animate an entity this way: when I press "J" the player would jump and play the jumping animation frames.

Q: When I do a level change, the player does not bring his gun with him. How do i solve this?

Q: Is it possible to have a enemy model blow up different then me? For example i blow up with flames and the enemy blows up with smoke.

Q: How can i create a traffic light that has green, yellow and red lights?

Q: Which is a better format to save textures and panel bitmaps as - BMP or PCX? Is there any display speed difference at all?

Q: I am pretty new at panels; what is a window? I have read the manual over and over and i still do not understand what a window is.

|| AUM 7 ||

Q: How can I add a 1st person camera to your cameras in Aum4?

Q: I've declared a bmap and am showing it through a panel. The bmap is true color but whenever I display it the image looks like it has only 16 colors! How do I fix this problem?

Q: How can I adjust the palette for my models? I have converted some MD2 models to MDL but they look weird when they're in the game.

Q: Is there a way I could play a piano in my game? I could use the numbers 1 - 0 to play it.

Q: I'm a newbie and I don't know how to use weapons. Please help me!

Q: I tried to develop some code that gives the choice of choosing the type of music in the game (for example heavymetal / techno) I but couldn't do it. Does anyone know how to do this?

Q: How many entity monsters (about quake's grunt size) can a5 handle at the same time; 5 -6 or more?

Q: How can I use decals?

Q: I am using Stratego as a base for my strategy game but I can't add gravity to my units. Can you help?

Q: I want my digits (in a panel) to go to the right like this:


instead of this:


Is this possible?

Q: Can I have an entity that says something like "Don't touch the guard dude!" when I come close to it?

|| AUM 6 ||

Q: I have two arch doors on a gatehouse and I want them to open both at the same time going inside in. How can I do that?

Q: I was making a roallercoaster thing but when I tried to get in to that special designed box I made where I should sit, I could not get in and enjoy the ride.

Q: I'm making a tv in my level and when you press space an invisible sprite apears and plays an animation. Please help me.

Q: How can i make the enemies run instead of walking?

Q: I want to have a reload action in my game. The player has to press a key (like "r" on the keyboard), then the weapon should be reloaded.

Q: I need to know how to program an image that moves on a panel. Can you help?

Q: In the AUM magazines, why do you put "* time" after all of your calculations? What does this do?

Q: I have been racking my brain trying to think of a way of making buildings and people cost gold or money that people or peseants gain with deposits. Could you help me with a script that would accomplish that?

Q: I was experimenting with the code for thief-like sneaking ability for characters. Do you have an ALARM action? What is the best way to write the function?

Q: I am trying to figure out a way to make a mouse pointer that changes according to its position in space. If it is above the player, the pointer should be a small hand pointing up. Northwest, a hand pointing northwest and so on.

|| AUM 5 ||

Q: I am creating a level with a huge terrain that has a lot of polygons. I would like to know how to deactivate the terrain who isn't visible to increase the fps.

Q: Can someone please tell me how to make a hbar that goes down when you get hit, but can also regenerate when you hit a button?

Q: At runtime with no player_move, I press the zero key so I can move the camera around. When I get to certain points all my entities disappear - what's happening?.

Q: I would like to know how to make a light move, change its intensity (range) and color during the game.

Q: It is possible to have multiple objects for the player? Eg. a body, legs and arms, separate objects but part of the same group so that they are controlled by the player-move script?

Q: I want to know how can I make an entity patrol a path and how do I change its patrolling speed ?

Q: How is it possible to turn a bmap on a panel in the direction of player.pan? I want to make a compass-rose.

Q: I have changed some of the template code so that it kills the player if he stays too much under the water but I want him to loose health only when the camera is under the water too. What should I do?

Q: I have an animated torch model - how do I create the code for it?

Q: Is it possible to obtain different water effects? How?

Q: I would need some code that will make the player loose health when he falls into lava.

|| AUM 4 ||

Q: I was wondering how can I create a fixed camera? Just like some shops in Resident Evil.

Q: I was just about ready to animate my model for a gun in first person view and was wondering if frames per second will matter a lot? I was probably going to do maybe around 20 to 30, is this too high or does it even matter?

Q: I need some with the scripts. I want to play a wav file when something happens or just play it anywhere in the level.

Q: How can I run a certain function when I pick up a weapon?

Q: I want to build a level where you can drive a car. I have no clue how to do this.

Q: When I put some textures on to objects (in this case marb_41) it looks fine while editing in WED, but when I BUILD it the colours go wierd... I fix this problem by making it True Colour and then save it but when I exit the WED then go back into it I have to do the same thing again.

Q: If I compile my level with preview off (ie final build) on a seperate P.C. just for compiling, when it has eventually finished which files do I copy across to my other P.C to get the 'final' build version here?

Q: How can I create a panel that says "Loading..." before loading the level?

Q: Is there any way to change the actionoff for a button so that it is triggered with a right click instead?

Q: I need some code for a camera following a path (my view in fact). I tried with patrol_path, but it doesn't work on my entity, only with another entity

Q: I'm wondering how to convert a 3D vector position (from the camera view) into a 2D panel position. Any ideas?

|| AUM 3 ||

Q: Every time I run my level it comes up with 'bad texture animation' '+01elpan' I know '+01elpan' is a texture and I know what it looks like, I just can't find it anywhere. Is there any way to find that texture on my level or to correct the error?

Q: “How can I emit particles from the surface in the direction of surface normal? I know I can get the position from ent_vertex but how can I get a list of all vertices and their normals?”

Q: I was wondering if there was a way to "nullify" the gravity in the game during a certain function.

Q: I'm currently putting together a space simulation. I need a moving starfield that moves along with the player's spacecraft, to show speed and movement.

Q: How do you get a particle to give off light? Can I call it up during the emit function? Or does it need to be a separate action?

Q: Is it possible to convert a .pk3 file to an .mdl file? If so how?

Q: I want to make a 3rd person game and I want my main character to be rather detailed. I decided to try to use sprites instead of a high poly count model. I made a test script with a bitmap and tested it. The problem is that the edges around the character do not come out transparent and any dark areas show holes. How do I get rid of this?

Q: The WDL function random(x) returns a random fractional number between 0 and x. However, from one run to the next, the sequence is always the same. Is there some way to seed the random number generator?”

Q: I'm wondering how to convert a 3D vector position (from the camera view) into a 2D panel position. Any ideas?

Q: I am trying to make a 3d adventure game and my character has a gun that shoots bubbles. How can I make him shoot bubbles?

|| AUM 2 ||

Q: How can I create a script to allow me to click an object in 3D space to select it?

Q: I like the laser code in AUM1, but when I use it in outdoor areas, the frame rate decreases a lot. What should I do?

Q: How can I create a script to pull up a panel (like a browser) to display information such as text, images, animations, etc.

Q: Is there a way to change the control or movement so that the up key is forward from the view? Where left and right were not turning or strafing, the player model faced the direction pressed and went and the camera followed accordingly. This is in a 3rd person view.

Q: I have given an action to an enemy (i.e player_attack); there is a patrol function in the templates, but I want my actor to patrol until it sees the enemy. Now if he sees the player then he should attack.

Q: is it possible to play a wav file as the music instead of midi?

Q: How can I decrease player's health during time. I'd like to decrease the health value when time goes on.

Q: I am working on an adventure game, just using the elevator, door and key actions. It really disturbs me that I can only define 4 keys. Maybe some of the WDL-Gurus can help me.

Q: Has anyone scripted a mouse sensitivity routine?

Q: I just upgraded to A5 and now the particles that used to look really cool with the MY_FLARE flag set to "ON", now look really lame. Does anyone know why this might be?

Q: How do I modify the range for the weapons?

Q: I would like to record all the actors movements (triggered by some start/stop keys) into a file. Any suggestions? What about performance, when continuously (lets say every 100 ms) writing x/y/z/rotation coordinates into a file?

Q: How do I use muzzle_vert?

|| AUM 1 ||

Q: I want to use a multi frame gun in my game like in Deus Ex or Soldier of Fortune but I don`t know how to do it. In default weapon.wdl I can only use a one frame gun.

Q: My problem is that after the game starts the sound resets to zero so that the MIDI-file is not usable.

Q: I need a wdl code for an enemy that dies and leaves a health pick-up behind. Like the enemy goes through his death and as he disappears a health pick-up generates were the enemy was laying.

Q: When I am following the tutorial and select a cylinder I just added, if I am in rotate mode, it rotates when the object is selected. When I am in scale mode, it rotates too! Is this a bug?

Q: Is it possible to make it so that if the player touches something he gets hurt and is there a way to effect how much you get hurt?

Q: Does anyone know of a good way to make rain / snow in levels, so that it will only be raining outside, so if you go in a building it isn't hitting you but you can see it thru a window or something?

Q: When I place my model into the WED it will sink into the floor. I place the origin in the mid-section of the model as shown in the sample mdl. When I remove my script from the model it will not sink I wonder what may be wrong.

Q: If I have building with several rooms, does overlapping the walls with one another help or shall I try to keep them exactly on the same grid line?

Q: How do I increase the walking and running speed of my player as in Q2 or Unreal? I'm using the template scripts for my player action.


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Thank you; I appreciate your effort. I'm glad to see that we act as a "real" community.

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You're welcome, and I'm sure it was worth it. I tend to look through these questions a lot myself too, it's quite amazing actually how much solutions are already given to us.


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I have brought it up thru AUM 64 and compiled the list in order. It's now posted for referencing or downloading at

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