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AUM 61 to 65 [Re: JazzDude] #98722
07/11/07 22:49
07/11/07 22:49
Joined: Mar 2007
Posts: 197
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Joined: Mar 2007
Posts: 197
Might as well put these here, even though they're compiled already (except for 65) How about putting this on the WIKI so it can always be an up to date compiled list?

AUM 65
Q: I want to modify the surveillance camera code from aum10. When the player stands in front of a monitor and presses the action key, the code should switch between the cameras.
Q: How can I make an object orbit around a specified xyz point from my level?
Q: How can I attach particles to the mouse pointer?
Q: I want to capture a movie from my game and play it on my PSP game console. How do I tell Acknex to run at the needed resolution?
Q: I want to make the camera follow a path in a loop. How can I do that?
Q: In a 3rd person environment where you want the model to display what they are carrying, how do you go about giving a model different things? Weapons, armor, hair, clothes, etc. Better still, what's the best way to manage them all?
Q: My educational game uses 227 panels, but I don't use them all at the same time. How could I save some video memory? Right now my game needs about 160 MB.
Q: Is there a possibility to change the mouse pointer bitmap if it is hovering over a certain panel?
Q: I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to put a looping wav file in a splash screen script. I want it to play over and over until the space bar is pressed to start the game.
Q: I want to display a question on the screen, accept the answer given by the user and store it.

AUM 64
Q: I want a character to face another one when it enters its c_scan cone of vision.
Q: How can I create a panel-based background that repeats itself across the entire width of the screen?
Q: I have tried to come up with a light source that changes its power gradually, but setting different lightrange values didn't work fine. Is there any other method I can try?
Q: I would like to have a model animate using "walk" for 10 seconds, then "jump" for 10 seconds, "walk" again for 10 seconds, and so on. How do I do that?
Q: I'd like to be able to play a random soundtrack in my game.
Q: I have a turret gun attached to a car. The turret needs to move with the car but also target other objects when I move the mouse. How can I do that?
Q: I have a box and I want to be able to push it off of a ledge in a realistic way. Is it possible to do that?
Q: Is it possible to draw several lines from the current position of the mouse pointer to a certain point for as long as the left mouse button is kept pressed?
Q: When I try to change the level using level_load this malfunction appear "Can't save/load in same frame". Can someone help me with this?
Q: I need to be able to sort out which one of my enemies is the closest to the player.

AUM 63

Q: In one of your early AUMs you wrote a script for an eclipse. Could it be possible to update it for us?
Q: I was wondering how I could read a string from a file, process it and then output it to another file.
Q: Does anyone have a sample script showing the assignment of animation sequences to keystrokes?
Q: How can I get a slider to use absolute values such as 1, 2, 3, 4 instead of 1.1 1.2 ... etc?
Q: Is there a way to disable all the audio playing in an A6 game,if some other application window is in focus?
Q: How can I program two cameras within the game engine merged together, so that you can have one camera rendering through the game as a right eye and the other camera rendering as a left eye?
Q: How can I rotate (pan) an entity in a specified direction with a specified speed?
Q: Is there an easy way to have something happen when you push the left mouse button and something different when you release it?
Q: I'd like to click a button on the main menu and take the user to a sub-menu (here it would be a log-in screen).
Q: I have noticed that my high-speed flying arrows tend to pass through the target sometimes. How can I avoid this?

AUM 62

Q: Is it possible to have a spinning object that decreases the health of all the entities that approach it?
Q: How can I make an object "glow" while the mouse is placed over it, without clicking it?
Q: How can I play an explosion as a stereo sound?
Q: I want my gun model to display an animation when I press the left mouse button (fire). How can I do that?
Q: I have a model that only has the "stand" animation, but uses bones. How do I get it to loop just this animation?
Q: I would like to display several pictures in order, matching the value of a variable.
Q: Is there any way to save a string to an external .txt file? I need this for a question and answer / essay type of game.
Q: I need an action that makes the player die when he touches a model. How can I do that?
Q: I have a problem with my character; it moves quite fast. How can I slow it down and where can I customize the moving options? I use a 3rd person camera and PlBiped01 for my player.
Q: How can we create particles that flow over a certain area, just like a bridge?

AUM 61
Q: The lap counter for the car AI code from Aum35 doesn't work with the new A6.4 - can you help?
Q: I use your countdown timer from Aum23's faq. Would it be possible to change the code, allowing the timer to display minutes and seconds separated by a ":" sign?
Q: In workshop 34 from Aum 59, would it be possible to edit the code so that the bullet holes don't hit the skies?
Q: How can I calculate the size (in quants) of my terrain?
Q: What are the ways to quickly manufacture a non interactive background for a game?
Q: Why isn't 3DGS playing all the wav files from my game folder? They work fine with Media Player...
Q: I'd like my player to trigger a level change when it enters a certain area from the current level. How can I do that?
Q: How can I use animation blending? I try to use it for transition animations, for example from "wait" to "work"
Q: I am looking for a quick example of a shooting game like moorhuhn. It is a game where you are supposed to kill birds that
Q: I know that you can create view entities, but can you create view particles? Otherwise it's a trigonometric nightmare trying to get the particles to the same position as the view entity.

Joris Lambrecht
My Contributions: Relative Rotation, Window Sizing
Re: AUM 28 and 27 [Re: JazzDude] #98723
08/19/07 16:06
08/19/07 16:06
Joined: Nov 2002
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Berne, Switzerland
elsewood Offline
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Joined: Nov 2002
Posts: 791
Berne, Switzerland
@JazzDude: You put two times aum63 in the list...

Last edited by elsewood; 08/19/07 16:07.

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Re: AUM 77 - 66 [Re: elsewood] #225359
09/04/08 06:23
09/04/08 06:23
Joined: Oct 2005
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picoder Offline
Junior Member
picoder  Offline
Junior Member

Joined: Oct 2005
Posts: 57

AUM 77

Q: I want to display a string just like a typewriting machine does, so that each letter or character is displayed after a little break.

Q: I would need a lite-C camera that always shows the player from its side.

Q: When a player gets a high score, I'd like to be able to prompt him to type in a name and then write it to a file. So far, I haven't discovered any Lite-C mechanism for doing this.

Q: I know that the goto instruction doesn't work in lite-C. Can you show me a good example on how to replace goto in lite-C?

Q: I would like to have a looping sound fade in / out as a player gets closer / farther to it.

Q: I'm making a subway and I want the doors to move along with the subway. How can I do this?

Q: How do you create bullets for a gun? I know that you can ent_create them, but how do you make it so that they will always end up coming out of the gun?

Q: How do I make it so that when the bullet hits the target, the target dies or an effect triggers?

Q: I would need the code for a rabbit that can detect obstacles (walls) and can jump over them automatically.

Q: How can I detect (inside the enemy code) if the enemy is hit by player's bullets and not by the other enemies' bullets? I need this for my shooter game.

AUM 76

Q: How can I attach a "real", working headlight to one of my models?

Q: I would like to have a task strip below the screen that rises when the mouse is placed at the bottom of the screen and includes clickable pictures.

Q: I have a function that shows a panel and activates the cursor. If I trigger it with event_impact, the cursor freezes. If I call it with a keystroke, the cursor works. What is wrong with my code?

function barrel_event()
       if (event_type == EVENT_IMPACT)
               snd_play(gong, 40, 0);
               ent_remove(me); // disappear when hit

Q: I have an fps gun which animates using the left mouse button; however, if I release the mouse button, the animation will stop without completing the cycle. Can anyone help?

Q: My code uses the c_move instruction; however, the model penetrates the wall partially, just like in the picture below. What is wrong?

Q: How can I use the code snippets from Aum's faq? Do I save them as separate files, and then copy the files to my code folder? Or is there a step that I am missing?

Q: I can't get a flash sprite to animate at the gun muzzle. Can anyone help?

Q: I would like to be able to blow up a barrel with flames and smoke.

Q: I have a car and I would like to blow it up with smoke, flames and have it roll over on its side at the same time.

Q: I would like to have a flash (smashing like) appear in random places on my model. How do I do that?

AUM 75

Q: I want a camera that can zoom in and out, rotates around the player but always faces it. The left and right arrow key should do that; the up and down arrow should move above and below the player.

Q: How can I use baked textures?

Q: I would need some code which allows a player to ride upon a moving train on a path, but while the player is on the train he can move around also.

Q: I use the sys_trial code from Aum 74 for a demo. The code works correct, but I've got an ent_create instruction in a different file, which is included in the sys_trial file. The problem is that even after the demo expires, the ent_created model is still created. What is wrong?

Q: I'd like to have a machine gun that creates hit hole panels with random orientation on the walls. How can I do that?

Q: My script includes two gun entities. Setting their positions works fine, but I want to be able to change the gun model as well, depending on the value of a variable named currentGun. How can I do that?

Q: I am making my own version of Guitar Hero. I have already made a simple level and some note models. The level and the songs work, but I don't want to make a new level for each and every song, on each and every difficulty, on each and every instrument. Is it possible to make a file (like a text file, a script file or whatever) that contains the positions of the notes and how many neckboard pieces are needed, which can be opened by a script that loads the information and displays the notes and neckboard on the screen and also assigns the notes and the neckboard their actions?

Q: I want to create a different starfield effect; I want to have tiny white pixels. Creating a skycube produces blurred pixel dots; I want to have sharp white points. The stars cannot move while I move my ship, since they are very very far. So I need them to be created and just blink a little, following the player but without any trail.

Q: How do I make an object that when you walk up to it and press a key, it displays a message?

Q: I have a 3D map and little dots to show the enemy ships' positions. I am using screen entities for the cube map and the dots; is there any way to assign a function to the dots?

AUM 74

Q: Is there an opposite event for EVENT_SCAN? I want to display a text when I "see" an entity and let this text disappear when I don't see the entity anymore.

Q: I use particles for my waterfall; when I move away from my particle effect I can only see a few particles and this doesn't look natural. How can I fix that?

Q: I'd like a function that fades in a music track, plays it for 1 minute and then fades it out. Can you help?

Q: I'd be happy to make an aimlessly moving AI that changes direction at a random interval between 4 and 10 seconds.

Q: In my car simulation, I want to make a log file that shows what the driver does at a certain time. Can anyone help?

Q: I'm trying to add scripts that come with GameStudio to my project, but there are a few scripts which can not be opened, even though the files are already there. Did anyone else encounter this problem or knows a way to overcome it?

Q: Four entities share the same action. In a separate function I set one to be the active entity using a pointer; if I set its skill1 to any number, all the entities with the same action get the same value for skill1. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here? Have pointers changed under lite-C? Skill1 is being treated like a global variable here.

Q: I'm interested in reading out the sound volume for my music track. Anyone knows a variable or is it possible to get a handle with the volume to a sound or anything else?

Q: My game includes 5 important entities; I'd like to display their health values on top of their heads at all times. Can you help?

Q: Can I have an entity that is controlled using the arrow keys and acts like a magnet for some other entities?

AUM 73

Q: Is there an "official" semicolon counter for the "100 lines of code" contest?

Q: Do you have a snippet that allows me to control my model using the arrow keys (walk and attack)?

Q: I have made a simple educational game that runs at 800 x 600 pixels. When somebody stretches the window from its corners my button are not working anymore. Is there a way to lock my window?

Q: I need the code for a starfield that generates particles in the background. Can anyone help?

Q: I've got a box with a cylinder in front; it looks like a dial that can be rotated by pressing a key. I'd like to play a sound when the dial reaches a certain postion. Can you help?

Q: I recently noticed that the shadows in my level aren't as good looking as I remembered them. I say "remembered" because I'm starting to think that I imagined it since I never payed too much attention to the shadows.

Q: I have a bitmap that contains an animated sequence of heart beats. How can I play the sequence as a 2D animated sprite?

Q: How do I change (for collision detection purposes) the hull size of an entity to its "real" values?

Q: I have two entities but I'd like to switch the control from one to the other, using the same player action instead of creating several player actions. How can I do that?

Q: My player should turn towards a place (vector) on the map, start walking in that direction and stop when it has reached the proper spot. Can anyone help?

AUM 72

Q: How do I add movement to my player and put the camera behind it, so that when I press W,A,S,D the player will move and the camera will be kept always behind the player?

Q: How can I add pixel & vertex shaders to entities (the easiest way)?

Q: How can we create code that places bullet holes on surfaces?

Q: How can I program a character that changes its size every time when it is shot?

Q: I have encoded an animation to avi (Indeo 5.1) but when I play it in 3DGS it doesn't look good (bad image, sometimes bad frame rate). How can I play good quality videos using media_play?

Q: How can I destroy a little part of a wall using a bullet?

Q: How can I activate an "if" branch only if the model is, for example, "model.mdl"?

Q: How can we program a 3rd person camera that stays behind the player and rotates around the character if the player doesn't move for a while?

Q: How do you use FXA_Mirror? It doesn't work anymore! I am using A7 professional.

Q: My npc is supposed to rotate towards the player and say its line once, but only when it is looking directly at the player. How can I do that?

AUM 71

Q: Anyone got a snippet that makes a text appear when you touch something and makes it disappear when you move away?

Q: I would need a script that makes the camera follow the mouse pointer gently, but stops the camera when the pointer is close to the center of the screen.

Q: I would need a 3D arrow that points downwards, moving up and down, in order to show the player the following task.

Q: I want to play footstep sounds in time with my walking animation, I was wondering if it's possible to find out what frame is being played in the current animation and then play a sound.

Q: I want to place several sprites in the game but they have a background that I don't want to be visible. How can I tell the engine to ignore a certain color of a bitmap?

Q: I want the closest camera to be set and look at the player as soon as the player approaches it.

Q: I'm wondering if you can help me creating a crosshair that is controlled with the arrow keys, while the player can be moved using the WSAD keys.

Q: How can I create a particle glowing effect, surrounding a 3D model?

Q: Is there a simple way to display several tiny colored dots on top of a map? My best try is to use lots of 1x1 pixel panels.

Q: I have used WED to design the first level of my game. I build the level but when I run it none of the sprites are visible. What is wrong?

AUM 70

Q: I would like to create a 2D game that uses 4 different car sprites (for the 4 movement directions) and allows you to control the car using the arrow keys.

Q: I want to move my model using the WSAD keys; the script uses c_move as shown below. How fast (in quants) will the model move in the level? Is the speed dependent on the fps of the computer?
speed.x = 5 * (key_w - key_s);
c_move (my, vector(speed.x, speed.y, speed.z), nullvector, GLIDE);

Q: I'd like to create a radar that scans around it and highlights all the entities that are within its range.

Q: Is there a way to decrease the texture quality? I'm having a small frame rate in my game, and I narrowed it down to the texture quality, so if I could decrease the texture quality, that would really help.

Q: I'm currently making an outside level in which I would like some water the player can enter. I have set the passable flag for my water entity but when I enter the water the player just walks on top of the water and does not enter through the surface. What am I doing wrong?

Q: How can I read and display a very big string from a file? Right now, any separator (comma, etc) will break the string so I'll only get to see a part of it.

Q: I would like to have my player pick up the diary pages by colliding with them, like walking up to them and they go into the inventory.

Q: I have a hard time setting the proper size of the entities in my level; is there a possibility to change their size at runtime?

Q: I am creating an adventure game and I would like to have a "tooltip", a small text that appears at the top of the screen and explains what an object is or does when that object is touched by the mouse pointer. How can I do that?

Q: I need a function that writes the date and time to a log file (appending them to the existing info) and then shuts down the engine.

AUM 69

Q: When I run my wmb level, it uses about 65 MB of ram, but when I run it using the script it needs about 255 MB! My code loads several entities and scales them using values from an xml file. Is there a problem with my code?

Q: I was wondering if it is possible to make a door open and stay open when the player comes near it and close when the player moves out of range.

Q: I'm trying to create a character selection snippet; the player should go through all the available characters by clicking a model. How can I do that?

Q: How can I have my enemies detect me from far away when they can see me and also detect me when I'm behind (but very close to) them?

Q: Do you have some code for a bird that would fly randomly in a big outdoor level?

Q: I can't assign an action in Wed from an included script. If I create actions in my main script, they appear in Wed; I have no errors and I can call the included actions in my main script, but I want to attach them to my entities using Wed. Does anyone have an idea?

Q: I am trying to make a ball toggle its 2 skins when it collides with the wall.

Q: I would like to know more about the inner works of the "wait" instruction. When the number is positive, what is the time that the function pauses? What can "wait(50)" be replaced with using "wait(-x)" ?

Q: I'd like to have a panel that is barely visible (only a small edge should be visible on the screen) but slides until it is displayed completely when the player moves the mouse pointer over it.

Q: I have a puzzle in my game in which the 1st person player can only get past a door if he has found a hidden key. How can I do that?

AUM 68

Q: How do I make my entities to react to bullets only and not to the actual player?

Q: I am trying to get collision events for entities. Can someone show me a small example?

Q: I'd like to have a camera that swings out a bit, just like a boat riding a small wave.

Q: I have a bmp file (grid.bmp) and I would like to show it just a few pixels above my terrain. How I do to it?

Q: What action do I need to create (using lite-C) to get a model to follow a predefined path?

Q: I need to close the level and after one second load another level. I have used game_exit but this doesn't work.

Q: My player must move from the far left of the screen to the right, facing the proper way of course. Any press of the left or right keys should rotate the player in the direction he is walking.

Q: How can I swap the bmap of two panels?

Q: I have a car code that works ok, but I'd like to attach it sprite-based lights that move and rotate together with the car. How can I do that?

Q: I'm trying to set up a small game with a ship that is controlled using only the space key (press to give the ship some gas, release the key to cut it). Can you give some advice?

AUM 67

Q: How can I create the code that displays a menu when the player has clicked a building?

Q: Is there a special way to divide numbers? If I try to divide 6 / 4 I get "1" as the result.

Q: Could you please give us a snippet that's as simple as possible and includes all the needed lite-C code for a standalone 1st person player / camera combination?

Q: I want to change the model when the player dies; this way, I could use an impressive death sequence.

Q: How do I get an entity to blink when I move the mouse over it (like fading in and out white)?

Q: I have a countdown timer and I would like to put a 3D bar on the screen and connect it to the timer. As the time decreases, the bar would become smaller and smaller. Is this possible?

Q: I want my boat to pan / rotate when turning but only move to that new angle after a slight delay, creating a sliding effect like you would see when a car attempts to turn too fast or on a slippery surface.

Q: I'm trying to get a cool waving effect for my leaves

Q: I'm trying to make a gun fall to the floor without using physics. How can I do that?

Q: I want the camera to rotate as soon as the level is loaded, giving an overview of the level; after that it has to come back to the normal view, so that the player can move.

AUM 66

Q: How can I get a function to spawn particles in a circle around my character?

Q: How can I fade out a sound that is played by snd_loop?

Q: I need a 3D "button" which gets colored to red when it is clicked and returns to its normal color after the second click.

Q: I have created some pcx panels which use the overlay flag. When I run it the project, my panels still have some residual black spots around them. Has anyone found a fix to this?

Q: How can I change the X position of a model using the keyboard?

Q: I have an entity that should display a new string above its head every 3 seconds, reading it from a text file. Can anyone help?

Q: My model includes an animation named "dance". How can I call this animation when the player hits something, then restore it to "walk" when the "dance" frames end?

Q: I want to display a question on the screen, and then to accept the answer and compare it with the predefined answer in the code. If it is correct, then the code should display the next question and accept the answer, and so on.

Q: I'd like to have a turret who can detect friends and foes. If a friendly entity comes near the turret, the turret should just follow it. On the other hand, if the player approaches, the turret should rotate towards it and fire at it.

Q: I want to fill a test-tube with a given liquid. During runtime the test-tube has to be filled using mouse press or using arrows on the keyboard.

Re: AUM 77 - 66 [Re: picoder] #225385
09/04/08 10:30
09/04/08 10:30
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George Offline OP

George  Offline OP


Joined: Aug 2003
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Bucharest, Romania
Great effort, thank you!

Re: AUM 77 - 66 [Re: George] #330108
06/25/10 19:23
06/25/10 19:23
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Laurentius Offline
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AUM 92

Q: I found this nice code for a physics car, but it doesn't have a camera that follows the car. Can you help me?

Q: I would need the code for a simple bike that moves and lean as it turns.

Q: I would like to put an animated water texture inside a WAD file. How can I do that?

Q: I want to retrieve the distance between a ball and the floor and have a continuous update of its distance displayed on my screen. The ball is moving up and down.

Q: can someone show me working, tested code sample showing a sprite attached to a model?

Q: I can't figure out how to have things move towards specific entities, for example a rocket that appears and moves towards an enemy.

Q: With a "if (key_1)" instruction the player has to press 1 in order to continue. But this "key_1" only works with the "1" above the "A" (on AZERTY keyboards, or "Q" on QWERTY keyboards) and not with the 1 from the numerical keys at the right side of the keyboard. Is there a solution to make it work with the 1 above the 0 key as well?

Q: I'd like to know if the zero key was pressed and I can move the camera using the WSAD keys. Of course that I can test that by pushing the keys, but I'd like to know that just by looking at the monitor.

Q: I am not able to trigger the EVENT_SHOOT event. I'd like to have a text displayed when the moving "ent1" hits "ent2".

Q: How do I write a snippet which makes sure that a dead player doesn't react to mouse button clicks, pressed keys, etc?

AUM 91

Q: I started to make a little space game and I'd like to use a sprite for the engine exhaust, not particles. Can you help?

Q: How can I make c_scan to detect only a specific group of entities (for example only entities with skill14==1) and ignores all others ? SCAN_FLAG2 is perfect for that purpose, but I needed that tag for other group of entities and there are no SCAN_FLAG3, SCAN_FLAG4... unfortunately.

Q: What is the license of the models and code included in the AUM? I'd like to use them to create a commercial game and sell it.

Q: I can't create a passable entity (water) in A7; the “passable” water / terrain is handled as an “impassable” / normal floor.

Q: Can I mix *.wdl and *.c scripts in a project? I normally use the template6 *wdl scripts, but I can't find a “shader.wdl” like mtlFX.c in those templates. If I include mtlFX.c, I get lots of errors!

Q: I'd need an enemy that follows a path and if the player comes close, it starts chasing the player. When he is close enough to the player, he must shoot the player.

Q: I want to create a sprite that fades softly in when I come near it and fades out gently when I move away from it.

Q: I'd need an enemy that shoots the player and creates a health box (that can be picked up by the player) when it dies.

Q: I'm working on a high score table; how do I let the player input his name and then attach it to his score so that the score is next to his name?

Q: How do you create a mouse sensitivity snippet that allows you to see the change in real-time?

AUM 90

Q: I want my enemies to attack only when they can see the player. How can I calculate something like this ?

Q: I have upgraded to A7.82 but now I'm getting an error with your multiplayer Aum workshops (shooting from the wrong player). How can I fix that?

Q: I have found the cubemap rendering script at the wiki page. Can someone explain what does it do and how does it work?

Q: I have tried to add a sound to my fireplace entity, but I can't hear it. I am using this snippet:

Q: I'd like to press a key and have an animated sprite show up, go through all its frames and then disappear. The things should repeat when I press the key again.

Q: I want to have certain NPCs track the player and other objects using their heads and eyes. Should I use vertex or bone animations?

Q: I'd like to attach a rotating entity to the player, but it must perform collision detection as it rotates around the player. Can you help?

Q: Rarely, the game window goes to the background without any reason; this happens even if my game is running in full screen mode. Why is this happening?

Q: I would like to include an NPC script in my rpg level. Can anyone give me an example?

Q: I would like to know how can I get the coordinates of a point on an entity's surface that was clicked using the left mouse button.


Q: The code from Aum88's Player -> Car article has a small bug: the gun can fire even if the player doesn't pick it up.

Q: I try to make a snippet that allows my enemies to respawn; when one of the enemies dies, another is created. Can you help?

Q: I use your function from Aum88's faq to detect the best resolution for my game; however, when I change the resolution by pressing the F5 key all the panels lose their positions. How can I make sure that my panels are properly aligned at any resolution?

Q: What event type do I have to choose (impact, push, etc) if I want a ball to trigger an event when it passes through a passable sprite?

Q: How can I split the big bitmap used as a heightmap for my terrain in several tiles?

Q: I've got two spheres and I would like to create a 3D line that connects them. How can I do that?

Q: How would you detect if the player is entering a certain room?

Q: How can I disable the camera movement when the user presses the zero key? And how can I enable the camera movement without having to press the zero key?

Q: Is there any way to scan all the entities and check their skills rather then stopping at the closest one?

Q: Does anyone have any suggestions for a simple gravity system that works effectively? I need the objects to fall but also be able to slide along the floor and down the slopes under the gravity's effect.


Q: I am having trouble converting the enemy code in workshop 32 from C-script to lite-C. Can you help?

Q: I've made a game that runs at 1024 x 768 pixels but when I've tried it on a wide screen monitor (1440 x 900 pixels) I noticed that the image doesn't look sharp.Is there any way to restore the sharpness of the images, regardless of the resolution of the screen?

Q: I know that in C-script you could determine the width or height of characters in a particular font using the .char_x and .char_y properties. I cant find them in the lite-C manual though; has this been dropped from the language? What is the lite-C way of determining the height of a character for a font?

Q: I need an enemy that comes towards the player until it is 100 quants away from him, and then maintains that distance. Even the player runs toward it, the enemy should retreat in order to keep those 100 quants between it and the player.

Q: How can I make a circle on the ground around an entity?

Q: I am programming my weapons and I would like to know how to animate them correctly. If I keep the left mouse button pressed, the gun should animate correctly and only shoot one bullet per second. Can you help?

Q: Does anyone knows how to put a muzzle effect in front of an animated weapon model?

Q: I know how to use the ent_animate command, but I don't know how to set up the animation scenes in Med. My model has 101 animation frames; how do I set them up in order to use them with ent_animate?

Q: Is it possible to change the texture of a block in a certain area of my level?

Q: When I move the player with its face close to a wall (a BSP block) I'd like to check the wall texture and if its name is "steel", I'd like the player to turn its back against the wall automatically. How can I do that?


Q: I want to make a bullet destroy itself when it hits a wall. It sounds easy but I didn't manage to make it work.

Q: I have made a platform (wmb) and the script to drive it, but the player falls through it. Is there any code which I can add to the lift script so that the player will stay on the lift and move with it?

Q: How can I make player's pan angle change depending on the position of the mouse?

Q: I have been trying to make a background picture that doesn't move. The camera is fixed; how can I use a picture that is 512 x 256 pixels so that it's behind everything all the times, stretched from 0,0 to 1024,768.

Q: I'd like to have my entities stop their animations if they aren't visible on the screen.

Q: I am trying to create a weapon that fires bullets when I click the left mouse button, but doesn't allow the player to fire a new bullet until the "shoot" animation is 100% completed.

Q: In the A5 templates there was a function called msg_show( ) that shows a message when it is called like this: msg_show("I AM AWESOME"); I was wondering if someone could create a new version that uses bitmapped fonts.

Q: I need help with creating a countdown timer that will work while the player is running, and if the timer <= 0 the player is not able to run any more. Also, the timer must recharge so that the player can run again.

Q: Does anyone know how I can make props that only animate when they get destroyed?

Q: Does anyone has an idea in implementing an entity passing through a tunnel and exiting on another tunnel? It's like a portal in Quake 3; when the player enters the portal, it'll exit somewhere else in the map.


Q: Anybody knows what the lite-C equivalent of "my.oriented = on;" is?

Q: I'm trying to make a text zone, using a panel as background, and a text to show some text lines, using a ttf font. I want to show the text with "hyperlinks", that is, if the text is black over a white background, some of the text words are highlighted on blue, and so on. I think that the way to develop this is by using more text controls, depending of the number of words or lines to show. Is there an easier way to achieve this?

Q: I'd like to get started on a simple 3D breakout game. Do you have a small sample?

Q: Does anyone have a script that allows me to play a movie on a surface in a level? I would like to be able to click the surface in order to replay it.

Q: I am using the variable "PI" in my Lite-C code but get an error that says it is "undeclared identifier". Maybe I am missing some "include" to be able to use it?

Q: I'm having a problem with the menu code from Aum69. When I click on new game it gives me a notification "Empty prototype called in." The game starts and you can play it but you have to click on ok for the notice window to disappear. I would like to use this menu system as the base for my game but I have been unable to fix this notification problem.

Q: I want to make a tower defense game. How can I tell the tower to fire at the enemy with the smallest health value?

Q: I have a light switch, and somewhere else the actual light that needs to be turned on by that switch. How can I do that?

Q: If I create a string such as STRING* MyString = "Hi out there"; is there a way I can retrieve individual characters such as the letter H, and then the letter i, etc?

Q: Does anyone have a code snippet that would send one entity to the position of another entity, but also over shoot its position and correct itself? This way the entity would look like it's jiggling its position when it gets to its target position.


Q: I'd like my camera to tilt when the player is going through a slope on a mountain. Can you help?

Q: How can I trap the mouse pointer in a rectangular area located in the center of the screen?

Q: How can I make it so that an entity moves for a specified number of seconds when I press a button?

Q: How can I make a sound play once as soon as a comparison instruction is successful?

Q: I want to attach the camera of my game to an object (sphere, etc) so that the camera has a physical behaviour and doesn't go through walls anymore.

Q: For my tests I'd need a snippet which, with the press of a button, writes camera's coordinates to an ini file. Then, with the press of another button, the camera would load those coordinates from the ini file.

Q: I'd like to be able to pick, move and drop an object using the mouse cursor.

Q: I have developed a small project where the player has to guess a number from 1 to 9. I can enter the code using the keyboard numbers from 1 to 9 but nothing happens when pressing the numerical keypad numbers. I have the num_lock on. Why does this not work?

Q: I'd like to have a dynamic light that can be picked up by pressing space near it and follows the player. The light should always be on, even after a level changing instruction. How can I do that?

Q: I'd like to create a mini math quiz with a text like 5 x 2 that appears on the screen. The users enter an answer and press Enter in order to move on to the following question. If they are wrong their score is decreased.


Q: Is it possible to create a high precision timer for my racing game?

Q: Does anyone know a way to make an entity appear at a spot on the level where a user clicks?

Q: Is there any other way to detect entity collision other than using event_type? I'd like to track a collision only with a particular door.

Q: How can I make an entity move to the specified location?

Q: I have a car model; how do I make it follow the direction of the path smoothly?

Q: How can I make a bitmap stay full screen, regardless of the screen resolution?

Q: I wonder if it is possible to make an installer of the game I created. How can I do that?

Q: I want to have a light moving on a path. How can I do that?

Q: I'm looking for a jump-pad snippet like in Quake.

Q: How can I create a 3D menu, with 3D buttons that can be clicked?


Q: I want to create a crosshair who will rotate the camera and also move around the center of the screen as I move the mouse around.

Q: Assuming you had a wmb file (a simple level) with lights in it, is it possible to programmatically change the light in the level in order to make it darker or dimmer?

Q: I want my character to play its "attack" animation whenever I press the left mouse button. How can I play the entire "attack" animation by clicking my left mouse button only once?

Q: What is the key mapping for double click? Is there any key mapping for this?

Q: Imagine a plane flying towards a destination that is out of view; I need a needle to point towards the destination. Can you help?

Q: Is there a way to scale my sky box texture (skybox+6.tga) so it doesn't get so stretched when it is created?

Q: Is it possible to have collision detection between a hmp terrain and snow particles?

Q: I want to make a particle that can rotate together with the entity that it is attached to.

Q: I have a entity that walks onto a path but I want him to move off that path when the player comes into his scan zone.

Q: I'm not sure what about the numerical scancode values that are returned on my PC. How can I check the values for my joystick?


Q: I really like the collision camera from Morrowing. I tried converting it to lite-c but I'm having problems. Can you help?

Q: How do I get a mirror to be on a wall and see yourself (not a floor reflection)?

Q: How can I make a model transparent if the player is behind it (less than 60% of it is visible)? I need to make the buildings transparent if the player steps behind them.

Q: I'd like to read some names from a text file and sort them alphabetically. How can I do that?

Q: How can I create a timer that runs faster that sys_seconds? I'd like to have a clock that runs a day in 20...30 minutes.

Q: After starting my game, I can hear the music that I've placed in the level. As soon as I leave the area, the music stops abruptly. What is happening here?

Q: Is it possible to disable the window border (so that my panel is the border) and use the exit button designed by me?

Q: I'm trying to implement a simple sky-cube in a lite-C loaded level but I just can't seem to get it to work.

Q: I need the code for a level loading progress indicator in my game. Can you help?

Q: I'd like to know how is it possible to make my character visible to the camera even if there's a block between the camera and the character, blocking the view.


Q: Is it possible to detect if my bouncing ball has collided with a particular wall?

Q: How i can make a weapon switch snippet?

Q: Is it possible to load skins on my entities at runtime ? What I mean to do is change the clothes on an entity at runtime.

Q: I have been trying to convert the cameras script from Aum4 with an addition from Aum7 (1st person add-on) to lite-C. Can anyone help?

Q: I want to have a bird in my game. It should move along the x axis, and when it is above the player it should drop some models on player's head, just like the enemies from Aum71 (Parallax scrolling), but for a 2.5D game.

Q: I'd like to load the desired level by clicking on its corresponding button on a panel. Can you help?

Q: Does anyone know of a snippet that allows you to touch an entity and makes a text appear? The one at isn't working for me.

Q: Will somebody please give me a treasure chest action code?

Q: How can I create a metallic reflection in GameStudio?

Q: I'm trying to create a simple top down space game and I would like to have the player respawn after its death. How can I do that?


Q: Is it possible to play a movie inside the level when the player comes close to a certain entity (the exit gate)?

Q: How can I generate random passwords using lite-C?

Q: I'd like to create a 2D arkanoid clone, but I hate the idea of defining hundreds of panels. Isn't there an easier way?

Q: My player model has 3 animations: "walk", "stand" and "look". I'd like it to "walk" when the movement keys are played, "stand" when it stops and "look" after a longer period of inactivity. How can I do that?

Q: I'd like my npc to move from A to B, stopping at certain points on the path for a specified number of seconds. How can I do that?

Q: I'd like to have some targets (sprites) that rotate around their pan angles when they are shot. Can you help?

Q: How can I see the c_scan range for an entity? I'd like to have some visual pointers, if possible.

Q: I've been playing Guild Wars and I have noticed that they have intelligent NPCs that walk, stop in front of walls, and then change their directions and move away. Could something similar be achieved using GameStudio?

Q: I've got the player surrounded by enemies, but I'm having a hard time trying to detect what enemy the player is facing. Can you help me please?

Q: Please give an example of showing local variables as panels over entities; there is too much confusion with this in the forum. Example: you have one action attached to all enemies and you want to see the health panel over them?


Q: I am looking for a solution that allows me to check if certain entities are visible in the current camera view.

Q: What is the best way to make a simple lives system? It should start with three lives and every time player's health hits zero, one of the lives goes down and the game reloads. If no lives are left, the game should jump to a game over panel.

Q: I would like to display several parameters for my entities on the screen (for debugging purposes). Is there an easy way to do that?

Q: How can you jump with a character in lite-C? The character should jump only when he is on the floor.

Q: How can I create a convincing police siren sound effect that can be attached to my police cars?

Q: Is it possible to adjust the range of a dynamic light using the mouse wheel?

Q: I have placed invisible blocks in my level but the player is just going straight through them. Why could this be?

Q: I want to create an avatar of the player on screen, filming his face during combat. Is this possible?

Q: I'm trying to make a panel that shows me how much health I have. I want to make something like the Zelda panels.

Q: If I place a model in the level and I set its polygon flag, the collision works as expected; however, if I create the same model using ent_create and I set its polygon flag in the function that drives it, the bounding box doesn't change as expected. How can I fix that?


Q: How can I detect if two particular objects hit each other?

Q: I would like to know if it is possible to put views from one or more cameras to small windows and display them on the screen.

Q: In my racing game I have an object to mark the start and goal. I want to start the watch when the player drives near it.

Q: I have a problem with A7. When I run the level after a build, no matter what script I use, the camera is messed up - it bounces all over the place. Any ideas why this is happening? I am using Windows XP with sp3.

Q: Would it be possible to automatically allocate unique ID's to each entity that is created in Wed, without it being left to the user to find a way?

Q: I'm building a quite big level, but when I want to compile it, I get the error: "Block outside level boundaries! What can i do to avoid this error?

Q: When an object is not tall (like a little box) my player just climbs on it. How can I get rid of that? I'd like to keep the player at the floor level all the time.

Q: I am using some sprites for the wheels of my train; however, the sprites are always looking at the camera. How can I fix that?

Q: Does anyone know how to put a fire particle effect behind the tail of a jet?

Q: How do I make a level take me to another level after getting a key, instead of making the entire game in one map?

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Thank you, Laurentius! I really appreciate your effort.

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Q: I'd like to have a countdown timer that shuts down the game after 10 minutes of play. Can you help?

Q: I'd like to adjust the frame rate through a slider on a panel, thus increasing and decreasing the navigation speed in my level.

Q: Is there any chance to have a door scan its surroundings and slide horizontally when the player approaches it?

Q: I started to work at a racing game and I'd like to have a car selection screen, where the player uses two buttons to go through all the available car models.

Q: Did anyone use the string1 and string2 strings from within Wed? I'd like to see a simple example, if possible.

Q: I'm looking for the easiest way to make drop shadows, that you can see in various games under the characters.

Q: I don't know if this is covered anywhere, but how do I make the number pad keys (2, 4, 6, 8) control player's movement?

Q: How can I create a health bar for my player character?

Q: I'd like to have a camera that can rotate around the player whenever I want it to. Player's movement would be done using the WSAD keys and the camera rotation would be done using the OP keys.

Q: Is there a way to keep a particle under a moving entity? I have fire that pushes out the bottom of my entity, but when the entity moves, the particles stay were they were created, leaving a trail of fire behind.


Q: Is it possible to render a view on a target like a model, a texture or a bmap? I'd like to use that as a mirror, for example.

Q: Is there a way to cut a view into a circle? I'd like to use that for cartoon-style cut scenes, and rectangular views are looking boring after a while...

Q: How can I make to so that my level blocks change their shadows dynamically using sun_light and sun_color ?

Q: I need to display an image when my player touches an object. How do I achieve this? Any example would be helpful.

Q: Can anyone give me a tutorial about making a text box? I need to use a text box in order to ask for player's name.

Q: I would like to know how to make clouds using particles.

Q: I'd like to create a day / night sky system that changes in real time. Can anyone help?

Q: Is there a way to check if a certain entity was found using c_scan? There is only one "you" pointer and when I have several entities in the level, I can't tell if the entity I'm interested in was detected or not.

Q: How can I place a panel over an entity in my game? I can't use pos_x = entity.x it because when the position is 2500 the panel is out of my screen.

Q: I have several panels with individual pointers and I need to change their position uniformly. Is there any way that I can write one function to group them together so that I don't have to write a separate pos_x / pos_y for each panel?


Q: I am trying to build a rocket that increases its speed until it reaches a certain value. Then, it should stop doing that and continue to fly at its current speed.

Q: Could you please fix "Booker" from Aum72? It doesn't work fine with A8; I get an empty pointer error and the books' info isn't saved to the disk.

Q: Can you show me how I can create a mini map of a level? I'd like to have a circular view that shows the player in the center of the mini map. When an NPC comes into view the NPC shows up on the mini map as well.

Q: I'd like to have an enemy with a sword that damages the player when the sword gets in contact with player's body.

Q: I'd like to have two panels that stay in the left / right upper corners of the screen regardless of the video resolution.

Q: How do I make the player collide with the walls and not pass through them? I'm not sure where to start.

Q: How can I attach a weapon to one of my soldiers?

Q: I want to have my player leaving a trail behind everywhere he changes direction. How can I accomplish this using the particle system?

Q: I need to know how to open a door if the player has got the security card.

Q: Please help me make a panel fade in and out. I have a main menu and buttons; when I press a certain button, I'd like the main menu to fade out and another panel to fade in.


Q: How can I display strings and numbers on a panel?

Q: I'm making a 2.5D sidescroller game and I'd like to have an enemy that shoots towards the player if it comes close enough to it. How would I do this?

Q: I am making a small simulator with a 2d top down view (country map and sea). What is the best way to implement zoom in / out using the mouse scrolling wheel? I'd like to have 5 levels of zoom: max, 3 intermediary stages, min.

Q: I want to create several models faster and faster, but I can't do it. Can anyone help?

Q: I need to create models in random positions, but I can't get this to work.

Q: I'd like to have an UFO hover above player's head, dropping bombs when it manages to get right above it. Can you help?

Q: I use a separate VIEW* for my cut scenes. I'd like this view to activate and point towards an entity (a spaceship) 3 seconds after the player has come close enough to it. How can I do that?

Q: I want to create a car that has its wheels attached at runtime. How can I do that?

Q: How can I remove a button from a panel after I've clicked it? I only need to press it once.

Q: I'd like to have a looping soundtrack in my main menu. When the player presses a button, the loop should fade out and the game should start.


Q: Is there any way to enter some text in Wed's behavior panel using comment tags?

Q: I would like to know how to terminate all particle and shaders functions before changing the level.

Q: I'm creating a racing game. How can I create smoke particles that are positioned near the exhaust pipe?

Q: I have several panels with buttons on them. When you click on a button, a new panel with buttons should appear. But after the first panel's buttons are clicked, the subsequent panel's buttons do not respond at all. Can you help?

Q: How can I make a countdown timer that will turn into red if its near the end?

Q: How can I make the player return to its initial position when it is eaten by the enemy?

Q: I'd like to have my enemies change their colors to red when the player is coming very close to them.

Q: How can I compare two objects based on their rank? I'd like the one that has a bigger score to win.

Q: I need to display an image when the player touches an object. How do I trigger this?

Q: I have noticed that the memory usage for my game is always increasing (I'm using Windows' task manager to track it). Why do this happen and how can I fix it?


Q: How can I make a simple AI which triggers an event when it is near a specific model or the player?

Q: I am trying to create a virtual dice. I got 6 pictures resembling the numbers of the dice; how can I show them in a random way for 5 seconds, and then stop at one picture?

Q: How do I randomize questions in Gamestudio? I've got 5 different questions and want them to be randomly displayed when a button is clicked.

Q: Can anyone tell me how I cant prevent the camera to show the inside of my model, when i use a gun in the view like a FPS?

Q: How do I set health/hitpoints for enemies? Let's say there are 3 types of enemies in my map; I want all zombies to have 75 health, all mutants to have 100 health and all terrorists to have 125 health.

Q: I can not figure out how to stick an object to the camera so that it stays in front of a camera wherever I go.

Q: Does anyone have a snippet for an input box with "Cancel" and "OK" buttons?

Q: I need a function that removes bitmaps from the video memory. I need to display many panels in my level and I'd like to free the memory after using them.

Q: Would you have an idea on how to make a menu that changes its size automatically depending on the resolution of the resolution using scale_x, scale_y?

Q: Is it possible to interact with a panel that's placed on top of a patrolling entity? I'd like to be able to click a boss enemy and open a menu.


Q: I'm looking for an auto game save snippet; when the player reaches a certain point in the level, the game saves, and if the player dies, he starts again at the save point, and not at the beginning of the level.

Q: I want to check if a video is still being played. Is there any way to do this?

Q: I used ent_create to attach a flare to a key model, so that player can find the key easier in the level. Now I want to remove the flare as soon as the key model is removed. Is there any way to do this?

Q: I am working at a racing game based on the car template and I'd like to have my cars rotate (change their pan) in a car selection screen, but only do that while they are touched by the mouse. Can you help?

Q: I'd like my camera to follow the player at all times, changing to a camera that rotates around slowly, showing the nearby areas, if the player doesn't move at all for 10 seconds. How can I do this?

Q: Do you have an example for a door that opens automatically (sliding vertically) when the player approaches it and closes automatically when the player has moved away from it?

Q: I'd like to have a weapon which fires bullets that don't disappear, but bounce from wall to wall indefinitely.

Q: In my game, the users have profiles to write their data; what should I do with these profiles when I publish my game? If I put them in the wrs file I can't change them anymore, and if i put them out of the wrs file, the users can change them to anything that they want to. Is there any way to solve this problem?

Q: I need a piece of code that will display a sphere made out of particles for my Star Wars clone. What is an easy method to create that?

Q: I'd like an example of code that starts playing a soundtrack and after a specified interval fades it out, while at the same time fading in a new soundtrack, just the way they do it at radio stations.


No questions here


Q: I have a text file with strings like this:


I would need a snippet which reads the text file, switches the columns keeping the data intact, and then writes them to a new text file like this:


Q: Can someone give some help with the VIEW commands since the manual is quite lacking here.

Q: Does anyone have a lite-C version of the Serious Grass code from Aum58?

Q: I want to have an in-game menu that is toggled on / off by pressing the "T" key. Can anyone help?

Q: I would like to use up to 8 gamepads in a single application. Is this possible without using a dll?

Q: I am not sure what I did, but my player model floats up off the map; I can still move it as if it were on the map, though. Anyone has any idea what might have caused this?

Q: I have a tent model has a lamp next to it (part of the same entity). I'm using lightrange and ambient, but I would like the light to come from the lamp, rather than the origin of the model (the tent).

Q: Is it possible to export from Gamestudio to Excel? I would like to write my inventory program in lite-C.

Q: I have a variable var money = 1234567; I need to show this number on a panel like this: 1,234,567. Is it possible to show the number with its digits separated by commas?

Q: Can anyone show me a simple algorithm for camera shaking?


Q: I have a problem with an weapon code from the Aum; it waves as the player moves, but when the player stops the gun will stop at a different position every time.

Q: How do I set up a piece of code, so that when I close the game using Esc it saves the current date to a text file automatically?

Q: Anyone knows where I can download free sky cubes?

Q: How can I pass a variable into an action like I would with a function?

Q: I would like to have a button that toggles my game from full screen to window mode and back. How can I do that?

Q: Is there a simple way to trigger an event when a mouse button is released?

Q: I need the code for an NPC that rotates towards the player at all times, rotating gently until it reaches the final position. Can you help?

Q: I would like to play several sounds randomly, but I don't want them to overlap - is this possible?

Q: I would like to congratulate the player at the end of the level, displaying a bunch of "congratulations" messages. Is there a quick way of doing that without having to create lots of panels, etc?

Q: I would like the player to be attacked only by the enemies that are closer to a certain distance to it. How can I do that?


Q: I would like my top view camera to point towards any entity I'm touching with the mouse pointer.

Q: Does anyone know of a lite-C script for a mini camera? The camera would be fixed somewhere in a level and the movie would be shown at a screen somewhere else at the level.

Q: I would like to get and display the xyz position of an object in a room, on which i am pointing with my mouse cursor. Hope you can help me.

Q: How can I show an entity skill on a panel? I've tried with digits, but it didn't work.

Q: How can I scroll a text that's displayed above a panel? The text is larger than the panel.

Q: How can I make a sprite appear on a key press? The sprite needs to fade in.

Q: How to make a sphere model be filled with mist?

Q: With c_scan, I can only scan static lights... how can i scan for dynamic lights?

Q: I would like to be able to set the colors for the cars in my racing game by clicking them, and the choosing one of the options from a menu.

Q: I'd like to have a ball that moves freely in the level and kills all the enemies that it is touching.


Q: I am trying to find a simple example of a working health bar code for the player and an enemy

Q: I would need a teleport, an entity that teleports you to another place in the level when you walk on it.

Q: I am writing variables to a file via file_var_write and need to play them back in real time the exact same way they were recorded. The problem is that every time I try to do this it always seems to be a little faster on the playback; is there any way to fix this?

Q: What is the best way to display a dynamic text in 3D?

Q: How can I control a robot by reading the movement instructions from a text file?

Q: I would like to know how I can stitch 2 grounds together.

Q: What is the best way to make an NPC disappear at the end of his path and go back at the beginning over and over? I want to create a dynamic city street scene.

Q: I'd like the player to shoot fireballs that get destroyed when they collide with other entities.

Q: I want to create an entity that follows the player. Can anyone help?

Q: How can I make certain entities in my level to be visible even if they are behind walls?


Q: I want a car to go down the street. When the car is at the end of the street, it should teleport at the starting point and do it again.

Q: I need a panel window with a circular shape but I don't know how to do it; anyone has an idea?

Q: I'm working with WED and the shooter template. I made a second level where the characters can buy weapons. When the player enters the second level without weapons, it looks good (no entities equipped). As soon as the player collects weapons in the 2nd level, random entities get equipped as weapons (a random box or plant) and they act as working weapons. How can I fix this?

Q: I'd like to have my main menu buttons slide down and stop at their final positions, but I don't know how to do that.

Q: I have created a shooter game using Gamestudio's template script but I can't get my player to grab the gun. The character's arms move like they are firing a gun but the gun is hanging in the air.

Q: When my player get close to steps (model blocks or level blocks from WED) he automatically lifts and goes up to the block, but I want it to keep always on the floor and only get on the steps when I jump on them.

Q: I'd like to have an mp3 file that plays one time after pressing a key. If the sound is still playing and you press the same key, the sound must start over.

Q: How can I use ptr_for_handle to make an entity pointer save-proof?

Q: I need a menu to pop up when I right click a button on a panel. Can anyone help?

Q: Is there any way to use the mouse button to move the barrels in my warehouse one by one to another position?


Q: I have followed the 6 first workshops of the GameStudio Online Tutorial. Now I am trying to make my own button with 3 different images of the same size, but it doesn't work.

Q: How can I get the coordinates of the model which was hit by a c_trace ray?

Q: How do I manage to have collision using only 2D bmaps? My collision script is so buggy...

Q: I have a panel that pops up with a button on it. The button closes the panel correctly, but it doesn't disappear together with the panel. Can anyone help?

Q: How can I build a circular mask using two different panels? The first panel would be the one of the front and the other one would be the background.

Q: How can I restart a level and all of my codes? As an example, I remove an entity using ent_remove during the game and I'd like it to be created again when the level is restarted.

Q: I want to build an object that rotates. On this object another object should be placed, acting as a flickering light.

Q: I have a 3d model and want it coming out of the ground little by little, like a line of grass growing up on the ground.

Q: How do I make my models have shadows on terrain entities? I've tried everything...

Q: I'm struggling with a piece of code that lets an entity turn and run towards the player. Any ideas how to achieve that with a smooth movement so that the entity won't turn first, and then start running towards the player?


Q: I am experiencing low frame rates with very large scenery in 3DGS. Could you tell me what techniques I should use in order to optimize the process of very large scenes in 3DGS?

Q: How would you assign an action from the script that you have created to an entity in Wed? I have copied the script inside the game folder, but I don’t see it inside Wed’s “Resources” tab. Is there a tutorial for this?

Q: I want to use 'inkey' to type a string to the screen and more importantly then save it to a txt file. This is explained in AUM 74 using a booker database as an illustration. When saving to a txt file AUM 74 gets into structs and pstring which I want to avoid; is there a simple way of saving the inkey data to a text file?

Q: I would like to have snow falling down from the sky, and when it collides with the ground I would like it to make a white pixel. Is it possible to do that?

Q: I am trying to make a dynamic loading level, with an entity that rotates while the level is loading and disappears after the level was loaded. I hope that this is possible.

Q: I am trying to get a spear to appear in my player's hand and move and rotate with it, but it wasn’t animated together with it. Is there any chance to do that and make it look nice?

Q: I have several entities that are parts of a single ship. How is it possible to treat them as a "single" entity (e.g. move and rotate the ship with all attached entities)?

Q: I'm trying to make a panel A with a button that (when clicked) will display panel B. Also, panel B will have a button that (when clicked) will display panel A, and so on. How do I do that?

Q: I have had 3DGS for awhile now but have never had the time to devote to a project until recently. Before I get started on any development I wanted to know if there are any tips anyone can give me to help me not lose my way and get distracted by little details. Should I be setting myself goals or making some kind of development plan or something? Really anything that you find helpful when you want to stay focused.

Q: Is there an opposite for enable_scan, like disable_scan? If the answer is negative, how do I disable the scanning for a specific entity, which was sensitive to scanning initially?

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Thank you a lot, PriNova!

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