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Poster preacherX Offline
Posted 09/14/17 22:05
Hi together! Today I want to show you my newest project, RPG PARTY !

What is the game about:
As the name suggest it is a kind of a digital board game like “Mario Party” combining it with the strategic fights of classic RPGs like the old “Final Fantasy” parts.
Up to 4 players are controlling a party of up to four heroes, with them they discover a huge dungeon in order to find and save the princess who was kidnapped by the boss of the dungeon.
Cause the king is granting a huge reward for the save return of his child, every hero party wants to save the princess before the other hero teams.

How does it work:
When a turn of a player begins, he can choose between four options:
He can use the dice, activating a special ability of his heroes, checking the so far explored dungeon map or could use one of the found items (like health items).

After using the dice he could land on a special field like monster fight, treasure, shop, special event, and so on. After finishing the event of the field, the turn of the next player starts. A big amount of time the game takes place in the “board mode". However, when a player is landing on a field controlled by a group of monsters or a boss, the game will switch to the “BATTLE MODE” in which the fights will work like in the classic RPGs.

But one thing is special: Instead of fighting against the computer, one of the other three players will control the monsters! Cause every hero party wants to save the princess before all others, they will help the monsters to stop the other teams… If the player who is controlling the monsters could create much damage to the heroes, the monsters will also reward his hero team with treasures!

Here I can show you already a small video of how the battles will work:

On the left side one the players is controlling his hero party and on the right side another player gives the commands for the monsters. At the bottom of the screen is the “action bar” showing the players when they can give a command to their units.

When the players dive deeper into the randomly created dungeons, they have to use the abilities of their heroes wisely in order to survive and save the princess before all others.
They have to train them and collect items and should open all treasure chest they can find. However, some of them are locked (also some doors) and they have to find keys first. But they should keep an eye on the other players, otherwise they could open the chests first! If you have enough gold, you can buy useful things in the monster shops or use the gold for some mini-bosses. If you pay them, they will let you proceed deeper into dungeon and the other players have then to fight against them. So there will be enough room for gloating! 😉

I think that RPG PARTY would be great game for the Nintendo Switch. As I said, you can play the game with up to 4 peoples. But cause only 2 users are playing simultaneously (in the battles), 4 people can play even with only two controllers! So every owner of a Switch can play RPG PARTY with his friends without buying any new equipment. Play anytime, anywhere, with anyone! 😊

Here are the games which I already created and which you can buy: (Early Access, will be finished at the end of this year – however, it already won he German Games Award 2017) (Starlaxis Supernova Edition)

This time the game will be developed with two engines: I'm creating it with A8, after that another programmer will bring it to Unity. I think this is the best way to make sure that the game will be the same as I want it to be. I just don't have the time to learn Unity at the moment. So many years worked with A8 and with it I'm really fast...

What do you think about the project?

Dimensions 640x640
Size 101.35 KB

#468061 - 09/15/17 11:58 Re: RPG PARTY ***** [Re: preacherX]
painkiller Offline
Serious User

Registered: 08/23/09
Posts: 1438
Loc: Spain
looks good. I like the visual style and the animations and effects look very smooth.

So you plan you use A8 for the PC release and Unity for Switch?
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#468062 - 09/15/17 14:51 Re: RPG PARTY [Re: painkiller]
preacherX Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 09/09/05
Posts: 341
Loc: Germany
Thanks! ... I'm not sure exactly if it will come to the PC. Maybe it will be exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. The biggest question is at the moment: Online mode yes or no? ... If it will be only local, IMO Switch would be the best platform - I don't think that many people would play such games local with 4 players on the PC. However, with an online mode it could be also interesting for PC. But a game could last about one hour, what happens if one of the online players is leaving the session? Maybe then the player will be replaces by a computer player... I'm still thinking about this.

#468064 - 09/15/17 18:11 Re: RPG PARTY [Re: preacherX]
jumpman Offline
Serious User

Registered: 04/17/02
Posts: 1212
Loc: ny
this looks AWESOME.

So the A8 version is just used as a jumping point while the Unity version is the end product? Maybe you should just make the jump to unity, and have the Unity developer handle the programming while you handle gameplay/art/design. But if A8 is fast for prototyping for you, dont mind my comment.

I like the choice of allowing the other players to control the monsters, Ive never seen that before! Have you tried with 4 players yet? Is 1 hour really the average length of a game?
A8 Pro 8.47

#468066 - 09/16/17 00:36 Re: RPG PARTY [Re: jumpman]
preacherX Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 09/09/05
Posts: 341
Loc: Germany
Thanks! wink

No, I didn't tried it with 4 players yet cause for that there are still too many things missing. I'm still working on a stable prototype with more enemies, bosses, special moves, items, shops, treasures, events, and so on... - After including this the playing/testing sessions with some friends (and of course my kids) will start! laugh

#470440 - 01/14/18 22:11 Re: RPG PARTY [Re: preacherX]
Dooley Offline

Registered: 05/12/05
Posts: 593
Loc: Chicago, IL
Looks fun! My kids loved playing Mario Party games. If you need play testers, let me know!
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