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Evonet Beta v1.0 : Online Project Development Template
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Poster EVO Offline
Posted 06/06/18 20:50
Over a month ago I hired Peter Soxberger to create a secure HTTPS/FTPS plugin for 3DGS. Since then, I have been developing a personal template that I will be using for my new online projects. But I don't see any reason to keep these things to myself and I am sure there are many developers that can benefit from having a secure connection for their own online projects. Everyone is free to use it.

This template is designed to give developers all the tools they need to get started and to get their project online. It includes many features and tools to help ease the burden of online development. It can be used for games, editors or any other online project. I have also included the link for the original plugin if you just want to build your own from scratch.

Requirements : Before you get started, you should have a server to host the project and knowledge of Lite-C, PHP and know how to work with a mySQL database. This is required to update the template as well as develop your project. You must also own a pro edition of 3DGameStudio A8 to use the online features of the engine.

EVONET BETA v1.0 : This template includes the following features :

* Registration System + formatted data creation + user email verification.
* Login System using 3 forms of security (Name/Password/Local PassKey) (Also includes server-side brute force protection).
* Account Recovery System through Email.
* Online File Manager for Uploading/Downloading/Deleting Project files within the servers main project folder.
* Online Data Manager for Editing/Debugging your php/sql code. (User Database).
* Online Data Builder for creating custom project data.
* Bootstrap 4 Homepage Template that's ready for development.
* Secure User Access Page that's ready for development. (Already includes the form for users to change their secret password).
* Demo/code Examples for all features in the template.
* Lite-C Storefront that opens products in the browser for Basic In-App Purchasing. (Includes fully working fulfillment scripts).
* Online Sales Manager for keeping track of all your sales.
* Help file with details on how to set up the system and how to get started using it.
* Detailed in-app purchasing tutorial that describes how to set up your products and link them to your lite-c storefront.
* Bootstrap 4 XHTML fastspring shop style. (Optional)

This template will stay in a beta stage until further testing is done. Hopefully I haven't made many mistakes along the way. Feel free to use it for whatever you need it for. The template grew larger than I had originally planned and there is a lot to look over and review. The help file and in-app tutorial will cover most of what you need to know. The rest you will need to learn by reviewing the commented lite-c and PHP scripts. I'll continue to update it when I have the time.

NOTE : I won't be able to help when it comes to using PHP or mySQL and the meekroDB library that is used for database management also has it's own tutorials on it's website. You will find links to these in the help file and within the commented code.

LICENSE : A folder is included that holds the license for everything that's used in this project. (Everything is free to use)
I have licensed the Evonet template itself under MIT, so feel free to do whatever you want with it.

Download Evonet Beta v1.0

AcknetSecure Plugin

If there are any problems with the template itself, post it here. If the problem is within my ability to fix, I'll do my best to get it patched up once I have some more free time.

Have a great day,
Brian Pressley (Evo)
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#473000 - 06/07/18 08:15 Re: Evonet Beta v1.0 : Online Project Development Template [Re: EVO]
txesmi Offline
Serious User

Registered: 06/13/07
Posts: 1216
Loc: Hiporope and its pain
Great! Thank you!

Time to test it out

#473004 - 06/07/18 13:03 Re: Evonet Beta v1.0 : Online Project Development Template [Re: txesmi]
Emre Offline

Registered: 07/28/07
Posts: 508
Loc: Turkey, izmir
This is a very generous contribution, EVO. Thank you!

#473005 - 06/07/18 14:03 Re: Evonet Beta v1.0 : Online Project Development Template [Re: Emre]
3run Online
Senior Expert

Registered: 05/05/09
Posts: 5105
Loc: Caucasus
Thank you very much!
Looking for free stuff?? Take a look here:

#473009 - 06/08/18 13:45 Re: Evonet Beta v1.0 : Online Project Development Template [Re: 3run]
George Offline

Registered: 08/23/03
Posts: 2005
Loc: Bucharest, Romania
I had the privilege of testing this project a while ago and it works really well! Brian is a great guy for making it available to us for free.

#473011 - 06/08/18 17:48 Re: Evonet Beta v1.0 : Online Project Development Template [Re: George]
20BN Offline

Registered: 02/08/03
Posts: 123
Loc: RP China

#473013 - 06/08/18 19:05 Re: Evonet Beta v1.0 : Online Project Development Template [Re: 20BN]
EVO Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/09/13
Posts: 95
Loc: Maysville, Ga
Thanks everyone. I hope it helps in your projects.

I also need a little help with a final feature that I was unable to add. For some reason the secure plugin would not make a final connection when using "on_exit". I was planning to add a final security feature that would stop multiple instances of an account from being opened and would also remove IP verification from the database so that no access can be granted to an account without a verified login. However, I could not get it to make a connection when closing the project. I'm sure it was just something simple I was overlooking. If you know what may be causing that, please let me know.

Either way, the template will work fine without it, but it would be nice to be able to add that in.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Enjoy the plugin and have a great day.

#473015 - 06/08/18 20:44 Re: Evonet Beta v1.0 : Online Project Development Template [Re: EVO]
Superku Offline
Senior Expert

Registered: 09/13/03
Posts: 6841
Loc: Kiel (Germany)
You could just write your own exit function that does your final connection first, waits for it and then closes the program (meaning only then call sys_exit). Optionnally, set a bool to false to not allow the execution of any of your other functions once your exit progress has been started.
"Falls das Resultat nicht einfach nur dermassen gut aussieht, sollten Sie nochmal von vorn anfangen..." - Manual

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#473019 - 06/08/18 22:07 Re: Evonet Beta v1.0 : Online Project Development Template [Re: Superku]
EVO Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/09/13
Posts: 95
Loc: Maysville, Ga
Hi Superku,

Thanks. Yes, that would work. I also considered an external logout exe that would change the data. But in the event of a crash, I have to use the window destroy function to make sure that the data is correctly changed. (on_exit does not call the function if certain errors occur, such as "out of memory" or "directx errors") If this feature is added and the exit function isn't called, the code will detect any login as an instance and not allow the user to login.

I can use exec to call an external exe to create this feature, but I was hoping to somehow get the secure plugin to just change it when the project closes/crashes. Which would make things a lot easier to manage. But as stated, it won't make a connection for some reason when the project closes. (standard http works, but secure https will not connect when closing the project.)
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#473049 - 06/11/18 11:12 Re: Evonet Beta v1.0 : Online Project Development Template [Re: EVO]
Quad Offline
Senior Expert

Registered: 10/27/07
Posts: 5165
Loc: İstanbul, Turkey
there will always be ways for it to get stuck if you do it client side.

For what you are trying to do a "heartbeat" mechanism would work better. What you are trying to do is basically check if a user is already online. In a very basic heartbeat mechanism, client sends a simple and small "i am online" message to server in certain intervals. This small message is the heartbeat. Then server logs these heartbeats, and records the last time it got an heartbeat message from the client. Say you send a heartbeat message every 30 seconds. If server does not get a heartbeat message in 30/40 seconds then the client is offline. If someone tries to login in and the last heartbeat was less then 1minutes ago you do not let them in. If the connected client already missed 2 heartbeats(1 mins) you invalidate their session and accept new logins.
If the heartbeats were missed because of connection/internet failure, too bad. their session is already invalidated and they are logged out from the server side.


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