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Worst Case Z
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Poster BME Offline
Posted 09/08/18 19:35
2 years ago we have released Worst Case Z on Steam:

Worst Case Z is a first-person survival horror game.


Worst Case Z is a first-person survival horror game, in which you take a role of security worker in a nuclear power plant in the middle of a city. After a meltdown and a huge explosion in one of the reactors during the night shift, you are under shock. As if that were not enough, the radiation caused unexpected mutations in the genetic material of many people. This is the beginning of a fight between life and death, and there is a mystery to unravel.


The player has the main task to leave the nuclear power plant. But there are a lot of things to do. First you have to find some important objects. You will need a gas mask, a geiger counter and other things. You will also be pursued by mutated Zombies that will hunt you all the way through the power plant. Unfortunately, you are only a security worker with no experience in fighting. So there will be situations when escape is the only option for survival. Another problem is that you have only one contact person, a german guy from the Office for Emergencies.


A pure survival horror experience
Scary and schocking moments
Dark, creepy atmosphere with different light effects
A capturing soundtrack to underline the dangerous atmosphere
Mysterious sound effects

The graphics were not made to be realistic.
The game has it's own old school graphic style, it's own kind of atmosphere.


Dimensions 1280x720
Size 112.92 KB

#474023 - 09/08/18 19:39 Re: Worst Case Z [Re: BME]
BME Offline

Registered: 05/26/11
Posts: 32
Loc: Austria
Worst Case Z is not only a horror game like all the other ones.
No, you also have to solve a lot of different and difficult riddles and situations. So it is not only a run through game. Please think about that, before you buy or play this game. It is not easy. Good luck.

And here are 10 Steam Keys for the community:


Please grab only one key wink
And don't ask for more laugh

Greetings to the community.

Edited by BME (09/08/18 19:39)

#474024 - 09/08/18 19:42 Re: Worst Case Z [Re: BME]
BME Offline

Registered: 05/26/11
Posts: 32
Loc: Austria
Change the resolution of the game in the main menu before you start a new game.

You can use F1 and F2 for an extra menu during the game. But the resolution can only be changed in the main menu.

Edited by BME (09/08/18 19:43)

#474098 - 09/20/18 14:44 Re: Worst Case Z [Re: BME]
PadMalcom Offline
Serious User

Registered: 03/08/06
Posts: 1993
Loc: Karlsruhe
Thanks BME!

#474106 - 09/20/18 21:51 Re: Worst Case Z [Re: PadMalcom]
3run Offline
Senior Expert

Registered: 05/05/09
Posts: 5105
Loc: Caucasus
Thank you BME!

Edit: played for a while and have to say, it felt good when you can recognize contributions from the forum! it made me feel like I'm back home after a big vocation grin great project!

Edited by 3run (09/21/18 08:37)

#474129 - 09/24/18 07:12 Re: Worst Case Z [Re: 3run]
PadMalcom Offline
Serious User

Registered: 03/08/06
Posts: 1993
Loc: Karlsruhe
I tried it, too and felt like in the year 2000 (which is good laugh ). I found the gasmask, learned to hide in locker and container and deactivated the alarm - but I could not figure out how to go on since a door on my way to the outside was suddenly closed for no reason?

#474150 - 09/25/18 00:02 Re: Worst Case Z [Re: PadMalcom]
BME Offline

Registered: 05/26/11
Posts: 32
Loc: Austria

Edited by BME (09/25/18 10:53)

#474213 - 09/30/18 07:30 Re: Worst Case Z [Re: BME]
CocaCola Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 03/04/14
Posts: 359
hi! thankyou for the steam key!

I found a bug in level geometry in these room

If I jump over the broken pipe and go to the left wall, i am blocked maby by a invisible boundingboxwall and i can`t go back to the middle of the room
soon my games on

#474216 - 09/30/18 16:11 Re: Worst Case Z [Re: CocaCola]
BME Offline

Registered: 05/26/11
Posts: 32
Loc: Austria
Oh, tank you, we will have a look into it. And yes, it's true. There is an invisible block. Normally you can jump over the pipe or choose the left or right side and there should be normally no problem.

#474500 - 10/20/18 08:53 Re: Worst Case Z [Re: BME]
Aku_Aku Offline

Registered: 09/25/09
Posts: 926
Loc: Budapest
When I clicked on this game picture in the Latest Screens panel I have got a new page generated by a virus. I am not sure, it is my computer's problem. Maybe the host of the website worth to start an investigation, how could this happen...

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