Hi there! Good to hear from you all. I joined the A5 bandwagon in 2000, but I'm afraid I drifted away for a while due to pressures from other projects.

Bit of a downer to see Keebo ranked as a Newbie, but I remember there were problems in migrating rankings when the forum changed - shows how long its been since Keebo posted!

A7 tempted me back, and boy does it look good! Some of my old projects (1000 multi-poly tree entities) really stretched the earlier versions to the point where I started just treated GameStudio as a prototyping tool. But now those old out-doors programs really fly.

Big thank you to JCL and the developers for keeping the code reasonably compatible between versions.

I have lots of ideas on how I'd love to use all the facilities of the new version, but I need to find out how to work 48 hours/day first!

v A7 Commercial