Looks like I am the only one here starting with A3? Hell, I am getting old...

Dan Silverman is here, although he mostly lurks (can't you just feel him ), and he started with A3, so you have some company. I remember the A3 days, but I was never a customer or on the old white forum with big archives section.


I am looking through the new-to-me A6 templates and doing the trial and error thing.

That's probably the best way, but A7 templates are supposedly going to be completely different, so if you are going with A7, I don't know what to suggest. A6 temps will use c-script and A7 will use Lite-C, as well as something else (can't recall...XML files???). Anyway, that's something to keep in mind.

While there are some pretty significant changes between A6 and A7...they pale in comparison with where 3DGS was with A3-A5. A7, at least here at first, seems to be bringing the core engine up to date and getting all of those old standard features in place and laying down the groundwork for more next gen features. The fact they are going to push the FBX path (although you have to have Pro to really do anything with it) is a step in the right direction.

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