I've started with something that was almost A4 a long time ago, I just now posted in the forums, but I got an A6.60 commercial and it came with the SDK so I can program the game almost entirely in C++.

I love the WED from A5 with all those nice windows and features, and hated the old old A4 WED with a passion. But I hate WED again since it doesn't have quite the look and feel of the A5/A6 WED anymore.

If I do get A7 it will be for the engine, and I hope the A7 map compiler works with A6 files and I'll mess with the GStudio folder to somehow replace the A7 WED with the A6 WED (there's actually A7 stuff already in my WED it just doesn't work yet of course).

My project is written in C/C++, so it's either going to be really easy with upgrading if I do upgrade, or much worse than if it were written all in C-Script >_<

OMG that's awesome ^^ texture pixels were still squares instead of blurry dots back then~

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