I have been lurking here since the days of A1 before Conitec bought this game engine. I must say that they have brought it a long way forward. The reason why i stay with this engine in the first place because of their hardwork and dedication. I have been on and off this board more times than you can say "Kiss my Arse". I even remember the day when JCL gave me A3 FOR FREE!!!! Thats right for free!!!! I see the work i did certainly has paid off for them wink I was also one of the early beta testers too. My hat of to JCL and the team at Conitec. Hey i dont live to far from the Conitec home Office maybe i might come work for them sometime soon if there is a vacancy in the future considering that now i live in Poland. I once lived in Australia, maybe because i was born there hahaha ;p anyway l8r have to go continue developing my Game Development skills so i can be hired by the big boys wink