Wow it's so a good feeling to turn back and see that a lot of people are still active here. I started with A5 and the A6 was my latest Version. I haven't been active in the Forums etc, just because I didn't like my "work" hehe but I always watched out to see what the guys made here. It was a beautiful time,with all those Workshops, Projects Plugins etc. that the Members created. I knew that this Engine would become a big thing, thanks to conitec and everyone here that contributed something to the community, without you the Engine would be not at this good point. For me it was after learning wdl and c-script, easier to learn c++, and I think this will be the same in the Future for the Newbies. So just continue this way Conitec and Comunity, and the Future will be even better and better hehe

ps: sorry for my bad english laugh

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