Is for any 3D work people are making and that is towards A8, it can be Programming , tool, 3D art, in game or experiment with A8.

One rule , should be to post only one or two shots each time, and not a lot in some few days.
It's like a brief and quick snapshot (or flash preview) on what you are working on !

It's a thread where people want to see lot of different things going on , and not a WIP of a project only on several pages !

@losticmate :
It's ok like that, but next time you could post only one or two screenshot each time like all people laugh
Or you could post when your model will be final or when it will be great differences on your progress ?

And you can open for lot of lot of feedback and put 5 or 10 or more screenshots each time in few days, perhaps open a new thread dedicaced specificaly to your model, to improve it and show your progress each time ?

I'm not against, but i think it's better to keep this thread
like a real snaphot preview of what people do.
Some 1 or 3 screenshots each time , and when things have progressed a lot or new things have been done !

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