Hey there,
sorry for my late reply.Here are the answers to your questions :-)
Terrain work was done in earthsculptor, and was completly shaped and painted from from flat. the terrain shader is a multexture shader with normal maps.

The game is supposed to be a medieval "bow simulator", but with story in it. The aim was to make the game rough and realistic (the medieval ages weren't a nice place - therefore I use dark, brown color, a lot of fog and smoke.)
The problem is not the level and model creation, but I lack serious scripting skills - for example for player movement, weapons etc. Please feel free to contact me.

Therefore, IS ANYBODY (seriously) interested in joining my "team"? I do believe, that this could turn out to be a very good game, and even commercial.

Ja, lach du nur du haariges Pelzvieh!