thanks. your not wrong about the armor, just early laugh still working on it :)im making a club for him right now and then im doing some leather straps for the armor. as far as the smile, his face will be rigged and im still working on an inner mouth piece for him since im modeling that seperate (seemed like it'd be a pain to do it with the character in sculptris)

its for a game that im not sure which engine im going to use for it. thinking a8/7 then was going to use torque but then i lost use of my good computer so i might be back to a8/7 with it. its more of a side project and demo that i do in between other projects, but im releasing all the art for sale as i finish it (same game i made the kobald for) I've already done some a7 engine renders, and they are turning out nice, much nicer than those blender screens laugh