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But again this is general head, it some some people havign eyes in the borders really :), or some having them near the noze and large head, really you should observe people of any age !

Nonsense. It isn't even anatomically likely or possible at all.
Just have look on group fotos.
Just as one of thousends: http://unity3d.com/company/
Measure the distances between the edges of the eyyes and the side of the head, between chin and head top, between chon, mouth, nose (lower end), eyes(height) and top.
You will see that all of the faces within those group fotos are very close to the standard proportions. (Maybe, this foto is a bit too small to actually measure th eproportions, but there are enough fotos that are very large.)

I mentioned 'anatomy' - that's a different point to consider when modelling or painting.
It is not identical to proportions, although proportions depend on anatomy.

It is a point that came to my mind when looking at your model, lostclimate. I thought about what I'm missing in your model. I'm missing details anatomy.
Anatomy is about our expectations how the body of the given model 'works', it is about where we expect to see 'hints' through the skin about the muscles and bones and ligaments and joints of them, and it is about 'weights', means, that we expect that a big muscle is connected to strong ligaments and strong bones that are able to bear the strength of the muscles.

Hints of anatomy is that what comes additionally in when we are forming cartoony characters, because their forms are often anatomically impossible.
The exaggeration of certain parts is compensatd by anatomical details. Additionally, there are conventions of drawing (expecting) cartoony characters, that you have to consider, too.
Nontheless, cartoony characters and, even more, caricature have some different rules, too.
The following picture from the wiki is a nice example: