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looks nice, im currently working on a td game too only for android.wondered what your doing for describing a path? I know i struggled with how i wanted to implement it. i ended up with a very unconventional way of doing it i think that still makes the game fun, but also works better form mobile phones.

There are two types of towerdefense in my game: the one's with a preset path and the one's where monsters can decide which way they choose.
For the first type I used the path tool in the wed editor... every level has its default path!
The second type I implemented the Dijkstra-algorithm, where the monsters choose the shortest path to their goal.
How did you implement youre way of "pathing" ? laugh

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@dice :
You should change the textures in the final version, they look like having too much noise perhaps ?
Or use some Bloom filter to have more homogeneity on graphics,
it looks like all elements and textures was not in the same ambient lightor not lit.
Event if you don't use lights you can adjust luminosity of textures to matche better ?

just my personnal taste.

Anyway great game , a tower defense for 3DGS laugh !
Keep it up.

Hehe, I know the design looks horrible! Ill improve it when game mechanics work correctly. I dont know much about good texturing and lightning... at this time my game only uses the standard texture pack from 3DGS laugh
I also want to implement some terrains to let the environment look and feel better... I want to do so much!!! grin
But thanks for the hints wink


ah. i missed this. i have several nodes that have "distance from entry" value most levels have about 6 values. once a character reaches a value, they choose a random next node of the next value up. this only allows seperate paths to have a 1 node depth before remerging onto a main path but as my maps are not big at all it shouldnt make a difference laugh just have to do some creative level design laugh