Yes, the hitzone system is already finished. Acknex has this feature, too, at least since A6, it's called c_updatehull and reloads the (invisible) collision mesh from a certain frame. As the function is, of course, pretty slow, you should avoid every call when possible and thus I've made some optimizations

@Sodoku :
strange how A6/A8 engine works, in others engines you just access the nearest triangles to the ray and perform some math
detection collision between rays end triangles.

The reconstruction of some Hull is typical to 3DGS, taht's why it's slow ! In some other engines you have the general character collision shape for the level, and with raycast you can check on any polygon when the character is animated directly laugh

Well, this Hull system should be removed in A9 ! Just do like other engines , you create a capsule independant and just "attached to your character".
Any collision ray if hit a character bounding box would perform more accurate math collision detection :
Ray Vs List of triangles.


Well i'm also very interested in your new solution laugh

Your Hitbix ssystem was great also , caus we could check what limb was hit and perhaps make custom reactions or lacunh custom animation (the ennemy drop teh gin when hit on the hand or foreharm for example) !