good start (sounds are pretty good, models are nice, movement seems good), but there's a few points I think need work:
a) way too much sliding around. Try to get the animations and the movement code to fit!
b) you almost always use the same jump-to-the-side to avoid the attack, which works because the guys only do one attack. I know it's WIP, but the guy should at least have a sideway slash and a forward thrust animation as well. Check out some of's combat movies.
c) I know it's a game, but people shouldn't be standing upright after having been hit with a sword once, or when having an arrow in their chest. This is something that bothers me with pretty much every RPG though.
d) the jump's too high.
e) it would be cool if you could make the shield block even when not in blocking stance. For example, in the video, almost every hit you get on the enemy goes through his shield from the side.

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