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Can someone point me to the pictures from Harry? cant find them o.O
You can find my screenshots in this topic on 22/11/2011 11:19!

I had just posted links to some old screenshots, and not pictures of my current demolevel I am working on. Because the level is not finished yet. And I don't want to publish it before it is completely finished.

The old screenshots are not perfect and they are all work in process. They are only for showing you how the game will look like when it is finished. And I promise that it will look much better when it is finished. And then I officially will present screenshots, videos and a small demolevel.

When I am designing a level of my game, I do this in 3 steps:

1st step: Making photos.
Thousends of photos. Millions of photos. Currently I have 4 terabytes of photo material! shocked

2nd step: Leveldesign by using sprites and simple 3D models.
I think this is the hardest part of the work. I have to check thousends of photos to find the best one. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the photo shooting because important photos are missing or because of blurry photos.

Then I have to combine several photos together, correct the perspective, and correct brightness and color to fit the other textures in the game. Sometimes I have to make them tileable, or remove any unwanted details, or add additional details like static shadows (smooth shadows calculated in 3dsMax).

And I need to think about the perfect level design. The level design must be historically correct, and should make the player feel like he is in a believable environment. But the level design also must be optimized for the artificial intelligence of the NPCs and for many other things (e.g. reduce texture size wherever it is possible, avoid dynamic shadows wherever it is possible, etc.).

3rd step: Replace all the sprites and placeholder models by the final models properly modelled in 3dsMax.
And removing all visible seams between two models by adding semi transparent objects like small plants or dirt.

The screenshots I've shown here in the forum were made in phase 2 or between phase 2 and phase 3. Many parts of the level are only placeholder objects or sprites. And some of my screenshots were only done for testing and are not part of the final game. Or will look a little bit different in the final game.

Okay, here again the links to my screenshots:
Screenshot 1 (indoor)
Screenshot 2 (outdoor)
Screenshot 3 (semi transparent water with reflections)
Screenshot 4 (medieval town)
Screenshot 5 (photorealistic 'panels')
Screenshot 6 (photorealistic font)
Screenshot 7 (sky and clouds)

And here are some of the pictures (In my signature you can find some more pictures):